Is The Evergreen Recurring Income System a Scam?

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I have a ton of experience with making money through evergreen niche markets, which is why I decided to review the Evergreen Recurring Income System and find out if it’s a scam.

While my rating for it isn’t very high and I’ll explain why, I will be showing you what a better option to make money from evergreen niche markets is, which happens to be the same one I’ve used for years to do it (more on that coming up shortly).

Quick Report on Evergreen Recurring Income System:

Creator: Unknown.

Price: $39.95 (plus potential up-sells)

Overall rating: 2 stars out of 10 (Red flag).

When I first stumbled onto the Evergreen Recurring Income System, it was through a website I commonly look at to spot copycat scams.

However this same site I looked now instead of linking me to another one of those shady place now linked instead to this place, which is also known as Anytime Profits. So here’s what you need to know:

evergreen recurring income system alternative

Evergreen Recurring Income System in a nutshell:

The main focus of this place is that you get 4 supposedly “evergreen” and “recurring” websites that are focused on highly profitable niche markets. These sites are said to be done for you and you just “take the reins” as they claim.

The sales page is very good at convincing you that there is little/no work involved with signing up for this program and let me say, that’s a major red flag if you understand how the business works (which I do).

They say that evergreen is basically a term for online marketing in which a product never gets old and is constantly in demand, while recurring is the ability to keep selling the same item over and over again to generate a stable income.

Speaking from personal experience, the theory is definitely true. In fact, I have my own personal list of 50 or more niches here, all of which are evergreen, meaning they’ll always be popular.

But there are a number of reasons I simply cannot recommend the Evergreen Recurring Income System program.


5 major reasons I will not recommend this program:

There’s a big distinction between legit theories of making money and the programs that say they’ll teach you about it. And these 5 reasons in my opinion do not say good things about the program:

1) It was linked to me from a known scam site.

As I said before, I check this particular page (it’s a fake work at home special report site) on a weekly basis and see if the scams being promoted there change. Once they do, I immediately let my readers know.

Prior to this site promoting ERIS (Anytime Profits), it was promoting a program called Online Profit Stream which I rated as a complete scam. The point I’m trying to make here is that when a known scam site promotes scam products, I tend to be vary of any program/product it promotes, ERIS included.

2) The get rich quick mentality.

In 99.9% of all programs I review who like to try and sugar coat making money online as being an easy task and you only need to use their “super” “easy” system to reap the rewards, it is almost always never true or is GREATLY exaggerated.

While the sales page of ERIS (Anytime Profits) likes to make it sound easy, that they’ll basically give you profit generating websites (Done For You), it raises my suspicions. It has to if you’ve been in this business for as long as I did and see one failed promise after another.

3) The pitch to sell the program just doesn’t make sense:

Why would anyone want to give away profit generating websites for such a low cost when they could make so much money of using these websites on their own?

The only reasons I can see are this:

A) The sites aren’t that good to begin with and they’re just trying to sell you the idea.

B) There are likely going to be up-sells once you purchase the initial product. In my experience, products which sell for little and promise big almost ALWAYS have up-sells. I can’t stand them personally because I feel it is highly deceptive.

4) If you use these sites, it has the potential to be penalized by Google.

The sites in the sales page are said to be ready made for you. If that is the case and there are multiple people, dozens, hundreds or even thousands buying and using the same websites, you’re looking at tons of sites with the same duplicate content.

In online marketing, one of the BEST ways to succeed is to do SEO in which the site you create gets ranked highly on Google. This leads to traffic (visitors) and ultimately monetary rewards.

However, when too many websites carry the same content, it gets flagged for containing duplicate content which Google punishes severely by removing the site off it’s search engine or de-ranking to such a point that trying to get back on the high horse is nearly impossible or takes an overwhelming amount of time to do.

I strongly believe that this is the case with Evergreen Recurring Income System and in my 9 years experience with making money online, I would never do nor recommend this approach to online business.

5) When you try to leave the site, they’ll try to keep you there.

I often see this happen with sites I find “questionable”. If you try to leave the page, they’ll try to keep you there by having a pop up appear offering you some sort of discount or extra bonuses in order to keep you.

Now I use exit pop ups on my website, but I don’t bombard people with it to desperately keep them there. I think the Evergreen Recurring Income System site tried to do this 3 or 4 times when I tried leaving. 

Sure businesses want to make sales, but in my experience, when they go to these lengths, it’s usually a sign they want you to sign up so they can pitch their up-sells to you. 


  • The theory of having evergreen products and recurring income is technically true.
  • 4 evergreen niches is not a bad number, but there are even more (And it’s better to pick one that suites you, and make your own online business from it and not be “given” one, as that poses the risks I mentioned above). Read this affiliate marketing article and I’ll explain how you can find your own, unique evergreen niche and enjoy building a business from it.


  • Was linked to ERIS site through a known scam site.
  • Too many red flags on the sales page.
  • The done for you approach pitched to you is just hyped and in my experience not realistic.

Final Rating: Evergreen Recurring Income System (Anytime Profits)

2 stars

Red Flag (Not recommended)

2 out of 10 stars. I wouldn’t bother with it. If you want a REAL way to succeed online, check out my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.

My Final Thoughts:

Programs like ERIS are pitched to people who know next to nothing about internet marketing, thus when someone who is completely new and wants to make money online sees a site like this that says they’ll do everything for you and you just take over and enjoy the profits, they easily believe it and are ready to fork over their hard earned money.

But I’ve personally be in situations like this where I was pitched similar promises like ERIS and was thoroughly disappointed. Not to mention the fact that I’ve reviewed countless other programs which also had similar promises and in every instance: It was hyped.

Here’s the truth:

The ability to make GOOD money online is possible. I have been doing it for years thanks to places like Wealthy Affiliate, but it’s not simple and no one is EVER going to hand you a blank check or a golden ticket.

With ERIS, why would ANYONE in their right mind ever hand over a profit generating website for so little? It just doesn’t happen in my experience, certainly not for the price they are charging. They is ALWAYS a catch and I am not going to be digging enough into ERIS to find out what it is. I’ve seen enough times what the mentality of looking for lottery tickets and not working hard ends up doing to people: It gets them scammed.

I simply don’t trust the Evergreen Recurring Income System and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. If you agree/disagree with me on this, please let me know in the comments section below!

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