Online Profit Stream. An Absolute Scam in my Opinion.

online profit stream scamAs it turns out, I’ve actually reviewed Online Profit Stream before and it turned out to be a scam.

So why am I writing this twice? Well because the first time, the name of this program was different, but they’ve changed it, probably because too many people became suspicious.

So let explain what you need to know about this program.

Online Profit Stream in a nutshell:

You basically sign up and are told you’ll be placing product links for large companies and earning money. This is absolute BS as I learned before and there’s tons of complaints you’ll find below that prove it.

This program goes by many names, yet is the same scam. Here are some other names I’ve found that I believe are basically Online Profit Stream:

Online Income Access. I was actually looking for reviews on this company, stumbled onto an affiliate website promoting it, clicked to see the main website and it took me to Online Profit Stream. So I guess we can safely assume it’s the same site. Here is a screenshot:

online income access goes to online profit stream

Work at Home University (WAHU): This is another name I am almost certain is associated with Online Profit Stream (let’s just call it OPS). If not, it uses a nearly identical form of advertising which is a scam too.

I’ve actually reviewed WAHU before (it’s not really a university) and when I found OPS, I immediately though they were the same. In fact, if you look at both websites, you’ll see they look alike, but most notably:

A) They ask you to enter your name/email/phone in a box below to gain instant access. I entered 4 different credentials, NEVER my real email or phone. In fact, I entered letters for numbers at one point and still had the same answers:

B) Both programs told me there were the SAME amount of limited positions in “my area” (which I didn’t even tell them) and led me to an almost identical sale’s page telling me about how I can make so much money posting links for companies.  Here is a screenshot:

online profit stream screenshot

C) In this program, the sales page was written by someone name Michelle Withrow. In Online Profit Stream, the name of the person is Cindy Carter. The same MO is used in both sites: The single mom who found a work at home opportunity but I honestly believe neither person is real. 

Now that we’ve established that this company uses other names, let me explain why this happens and…

Other things you need to know about Online Profit Stream (OPS):

From my experience programs like these are basically copycat websites. What happens is that a person or company comes out with this sort of scam, makes a website out of it, puts the “As seen on…” labels to give you the impression that it’s credible (It is not).

But eventually after the program/website gets too many complaints, the owner shuts it down, re-opens it under a different name/different website, but still keeps the same business model and promotes the same scam all over again. This fools people into thinking it’s not the same company. 

Such I believe is the case with Online Profit Stream. I’ve seen way too many examples of this kind of stuff to know better (At least 7 other examples). It is my advice that you should absolutely avoid this program at all costs.

what truly works

Even if OPS is a unique company (which I doubt), there are WAY too many red flags to watch out for. I could repeat them, but you can find them all in my review of Work At Home University. The same red flags apply because both that and OPS have tons of similarities. Sometimes I think they are made by 1 person…

They sorts of sites come and go very quickly, but keep repeating this same business model because unfortunately it works. People fall for the glamorous promises of easy money and that it takes no experience to earn it. That is why it’s suitable and cost efficient for companies like this one to:

  • Keep remaking & changing the site/product name & selling the same type of product.
  • Raking in the money.
  • Closing it down when it gets too many complaints.
  • Re-opening it under a different name.
  • Repeating the same formula all over again.

I honestly don’t think I need to go through any pros/cons of this program because frankly there are no pros to be mentioned and far too many cons which you already know. With that in mind, let’s give this scam a rating:

Final Rating: Online Profit Stream

O Stars

Red Flag (Scam!)

0 out of 10 stars. Worst possible score. Scam. Too many copycat companies like this one. If you’re looking for a truly legitimate way to succeed online, see my #1 recommendation.

Final Thoughts: 

Rarely do I ever give a program 0 stars unless I have absolute confidence in that it’s a scam. With Online Profit Stream, I believe it absolutely is and that you should stay away from it. 

In fact if you ever encounter a company who has the same type of labeling on it’s website but looks or is labeled similarly to this one or the others I mentioned above (Online Income Access, Work At Home University), I think it’s safe to assume it’s all the same and should be treated as such (a scam). 

Update: 3/28/14

I recently noticed the OPS website changed it’s look with a new image of “Cindy Carter” which is a completely different woman than the original one. My guess is that the picture was taken from somewhere and is not the person itself. So be careful and on the lookout for this sort of stuff! 

As I’ve been saying before and will continue to: Do not fall for get rich quick schemes like these. It’s so easy to fall prey to these programs with all the fancy sale’s tactics they use, but don’t let your emotions overcome your rationality, otherwise your wallet will weight less. 

I do also want to mention that in my review of one of the copycat companies like this one, I also saw that people may even get sales calls from third party companies trying to get them to buy certain products and training. I’m not sure if this will happen with this program, but I would NOT be surprised if it did. These programs rarely change their business model and I believe they do get paid for giving out your email/phone number to other companies. More reason to stay away from it.

I could keep going on about OPS, but there’s no point in beating a dead horse here. The company is a scam in my opinion. Avoid it and any others like it. That is the bottom line. There are honest ways to make money online, but Online Profit Stream isn’t one of them. This is.

If you have experience with OPS OR know of any other copycat companies like it that I haven’t reviewed yet and would like me to take a look, please let me know in the comments section below! The more informed we are about these places, the less chances we’ll get scammed by them!

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  1. So I was just wondering, how does it work when it comes to filing taxes for the year? How do you submit a w-2 for this type of job? New to this sorry. Don’t want to be audited.

    • Most of the time, you’ll have to file a 1099 (or the form will be sent to you). Other times, you have to report the income manually.

  2. Hi! I attempted to register for the Wealth Affiliate and when I opened and/or saved to Adobe Reader, it gave me an error message. I have tried different avenues such as Microsoft Word but no luck. Can anyone help on how I get registered? Thank you.

    • Hey Kate, Wealthy Affiliate is a membership website, not a PDF. In order to gain access, you simply need to fill in the registration info (no cc/address required!) From there, you should be good to go :).

      Simply visit this page.

      Click on any link and it will take you to WA’s homepage and there you’ll be able to sign up.

      Let me know if you any issues arise in joining and I’ll personally help you. Cheers!

  3. I’m soo glad I found this article. But now I realized I entered my real credentials (name, email & phone). What will happen now? Will I get tons of spam and phone calls or worse? Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.

    • My best advice is to block the email, thereby making every email they send go into your spam folder. If you start receiving spam emails from sources you never heard of, odds are they shared your info with them in which case, getting a brand new email would probably be best.

      As for potential phone calls, although it’s unlikely, if it does happen, I believe you can block your number somehow. Let me know how it works out for you!

      • Thanks! Luckily, the email from Cindy Carter went directly to my spam folder. I’ll wait and see if more come.

        • Sounds good! Usually the forms they use to collect emails will automatically go straight into your spam folder. If there’s any future problems, you know what to do! In the meantime, I would recommend checking out my #1 recommendation if you’re looking for legitimate opportunities online.

  4. 4/29/14 I just filed a complaint with the FTC – Consumer Protection Agency and advise everyone else to do the same about this scam Online Profit Stream

    • I’m glad you’re taking this action against them Jersey, but I fear very little will come of it. The problem is that this program isn’t really the name of the company, but is part of another one. I think it will be difficult to find the source/place where all of these scams are originating from.

  5. It’s funny how people fall for things like this. Programs like this scream pyramid scheme. You pay for an online program and don’t get a tangible product in return. Why don’t they want to give you a refund? because the guy running the scam is trying to milk it as long as he can before having to shut the whole thing down and start over. I personally dislike these kind of things because they make legitimate MLM, online marketing, and affiliate marketing companies get bashed on.

    • As far as I know, Online profit stream is not an MLM, but it’s a gateway to other “offers”. But it is true so many people fall for this BS because of the promise of riches. The truth is, everyone at some point in time wants to believe this stuff happens and I’ve experienced this when I first got started online, but as long as there are people reporting on what these places really are and customers are doing proper research, we can help solve a lot of these problems.

  6. Wished I would have done my research first. I purchased sort of a whim (which is very unlike me), then had a bad feeling in my gut when I was redirected to purchase domain names, etc. THEN the links in their confirmation email didn’t work after many attempts. Thankfully I found this review along with a few others and took the advice and called my bank. They were very helpful in stopping the payment and issued me a new card.

    • Same thing happened to me. I was fooled by an ad from a local woman who claimed to be bringing in $6000 a month. I signed up and immediately received the email and the links were broken. Only then is when I found this site, contacted my bank immediately, had the funds reversed and the card cancelled.

      • It’s amazing how all the reviews on this program I get are all in agreement. It’s unanimous, it’s a scam. I’m glad you were able to avoid it!

  7. I went to the site and was going to sign up but that inner voice told me to check them out first and each time I tried navigate from the page the price kept dropping. It went from $97 to $47. That’s a whopping red flag in my book.

    • They’ll go to great lengths to keep you on their page. It’s actually also one of my personal red flags. I’m glad you listened to your inner voice Renee.

  8. I received my “confirmation email” and in the email it said it was a one time charge and I wouldn’t be charged anymore. But im afraid, like what was said above, that I will be charged again. HOw do I file a dispute?

  9. Does anyone know how to cancel the membership on online-profit-stream? I purchased the 97$ package and I’m afraid that they will continue to take money from my card if I don’t discontinue my membership. Thank you.

    • Hi Denise. Unfortunately based on what I’ve seen with this program, it’s going to be difficult to cancel with them. Your best bet is to contact your CC company and let me them know about this.

      They may put it on hold or perhaps an even better option is to dispute the charge. You may have to get a new card in the process, but it’s worth it to longer run.

    • Absolutely nothing to apologize about Ray. A scam is a scam. The best thing we can do is inform people about it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I recently paid $97 to Online Profit Stream and received absolutely nothing. They tried to get me to purchase websites and domain names from 3rd parties, and when I told one of them that their ads didn’t say anything about that, I was told that “everybody knows there is more money involved than that.” I only signed up because they had endorsements from several television stations, and testimonials relating how easy it is to get your money back if it doesn’t work out. All lies. They were very rude and disconnected the call when I asked for my money back.

    • Hey Sandra, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately this kind of stuff happens a lot and not just with this company. They like to post that they are endorsed by those big network stations, but this is simply NOT true. They put up videos on news reports talking about making money online which give people the impression that it’s legitimate, but that video has nothing to do with the program.

      Plus if you read their disclaimer at the bottom of the page, they even say they aren’t endorsed by those places. My best advice would be to file a dispute with whichever method of payment you used. Be very careful with these places in the future! Let me know how it goes.

    • I did the exact same thing! I called for a refund because they say you can et a refund within 2 months and they told me I have to put in an honest effort first before they give a refund. The webpage kept sending me to different sites to buy this and that to “make sure I get money”. I was so lost.


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