Profit Web System. When Will These Copycat Scams End?

Just when I though I would stop finding copycat scams, in comes Profit Web System. And no, they aren’t going to stop unfortunately.

I am really getting tired of seeing these programs pop up left and right, but as someone who is trying to help steer people into legitimate ways to succeed online, I feel it’s my duty to keep finding and informing people on what works and what doesn’t. 

Profit Web System in a nutshell:

Another copycat program which says you can make money online by posting links for companies. It’s so easy they say! Well this is absolutely false, again.

I have already done reviews on at least 3 other companies (and many more here) which have the same method of operation as this one. I don’t know if they are all connected in that 1 person makes them or it’s different people using the same idea.

One other thing which I’ve seen happen before was when researching Profit Web System, I found that it actually doesn’t go by that name anymore, at least not through my searches. What I did find was that a website promoting this program linked me to a different organization which I assume was originally called Profit Web System. This kind of stuff happens more often than you can imagine! 

From what I assume based on previous experiences on this subject, Profit Web System did have an “official” website before, probably had way too many complain about it, got a bad rep, remade their website, but under a different name. This is standard procedure with places like this. 

When I did find a website promoting Profit Web System and clicked through, I was taken to this page: 

profit web system scam

So I think it’s safe to assume Profit Web System is Automated Paydays. Now we can make assumptions all we want, but as I said before, I’ve seen this formula used before and it keeps repeating itself again and again.

I strongly believe that both of these companies (really 1 company) are the same. One of my most recent reviews: Online Profit Stream was almost identical to this formula. 

Warning signs:

In addition to seeing this approach used before and by that I mean:

  • The whole “get rich quick” approach. False.
  • The claim you don’t need any experience. False.
  • The logos of popular companies listed above to make you believe they endorse this program. This is FALSE.
  • Ect…

I’ve seen what this translates into so let me give you the warning signs you need to watch out for whether it’s with Profit Web System (Automated Paydays) or any other that looks like it: 

1. If you click on the Privacy Policy page at the bottom of the Automated Paydays website and read it carefully, there’s this section:

automated paydays scams

Just in case the text is too small, I outlined the most important words which are basically that the information you provide this company can be shared with “third-party” companies. What does this mean?

It means you’re probably going to receive calls/emails from companies which will try to sell you online marketing products and training. I’ve seen from previous experiences that this may cost up to $1,000’s. My advice is never to enter your real information, otherwise this may very likely happen.

Note: I did notice however that further down below, they say you can “opt-out” of having your information shared with these companies. Even if it’s true, I would still avoid joining this company altogether. I just don’t believe them personally. 

2. The logos on it’s main page give you the impression this company is endorsed by big name companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube, ect… This is also false. 

In fact here is the proof. Again another screenshot from the Automated Paydays website if you look carefully enough:

automated paydays scam 2

If the text is too small to read again, it basically says that the big name companies do NOT endorse this program. Yet if you look at the homepage, it does show them. This is false and basically misrepresentation to make you think it’s a credible company. 

Now ask yourself: Would a legitimate company do this kind of stuff? I say no.

One final thing before we wrap this review up: I did say I have reviewed at least 3 other companies like this one before. After looking further, it turns out that number is close to 5. While looking through previous reviews I did, I found another one called At Home Income Package which basically advertises the same way Profit Web System does. The similarities are astounding…

automated paydays at home income package


  • None. Unless I missed something, it’s a scam.


  • This company doesn’t have a website anymore, probably because it was shut down.
  • Opened under a different name (Automated Paydays) which usually signifies a scam.
  • Gives out your info to third party companies. 
  • It’s not a get rich quick scheme. 
  • It isn’t endorsed by the big name companies you see on it’s homepage. 

Final Rating: Profit Web System (Automated Paydays)

0 stars

Red Flag (Scam)

o out of 10 stars. This score is only awarded to companies I am sure are absolute scams. Congratulations Profit Web System, you’ve earned it! If you’re tired of scams like these, see my #1 recommendation.

My Final Thoughts:

It is very unfortunate that scams like these keep happening again and again. From what I gathered, they keep working for 2 reasons:

1. People who are new and interested in making money online are quick to believe these get rich quick programs. As long as people keep falling for this, programs like these will keep popping up again and again.

2. Programs like this implement the same style of promotion, gain popularity and when eventually too many complaints arise, they just change names and do it all over again, giving many the impression it’s a completely different program.

I’m not saying all these scams are associated with 1 person/program, but there are probably many using this approach. This is why you see SO many sites that look the same. 

I have a feeling this will NOT be the last time I’ll be reviewing a program like this. We’re up to 6 programs like these in total now, but as I said before in the other reviews, stay away from companies like these. Never fall for promises that you can make money easily, doing pretty much nothing and earning so much. 

If you’ve either been scammed or had prior experiences with Profit Web System (Automated Paydays), please share your experience/s below. If you were scammed, make sure to dispute any/all charges with your CC company. 

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