Is Zero Traffic Income Reliable or a Scam?

zero income traffic siteOut of all the programs I’ve reviewed so far, Zero Traffic Income has been one of the most difficult to explain.

This is mainly because the way it works is VERY different from what I’m used to. Though the system is a form of online marketing and I don’t consider it a scam, it isn’t traditional SEO, website making, ect…

With that said, I’m going to try and explain how it really works without over complicating anything. 

Zero Traffic Income in a nutshell:

The concept of Zero Traffic Income is that you can make money online without having any traffic. Crazy yes, but this is this is mostly true after you dig into it.

You learn to find people in need of something, whether it be a service/program/product. You then connect those people with other people who DO offer that same service/program/product, charge the one looking for them a higher price, and keep the difference.

The Basic Idea:

The system works like arbitrage. In essence it comes down to this: 

  • I (Vitaliy) find someone looking for say…SEO services. Let’s call him Bob. 
  • I then find someone who offers SEO services. Let’s call him John.
  • I will then contact Bob (via email) and tell him I have what he’s looking for. 
  • Let’s say John is charging $50 for SEO services, but I’ll charge Bob $100.
  • I then connect John with Bob after Bob pays me the $100, keep $50, and the other $50 goes to John. 
  • I then repeat the same process, with different people and earn money for each transaction.
  • That’s basically the whole system in a nutshell.

Now this example doesn’t just apply to SEO services. Again it could be ANY product/service/program that people are looking for. As long as there is someone looking for something, there is always going to someone/somewhere who has that and is looking to sell it.

It is your job to be the middleman and connect those 2 parties together, charge a higher price and keep the difference. This is how you make money with Zero Traffic Income. The good news is that as the program claims, you really don’t need any traffic to make this system work, at least not in the traditional internet marketing ways. 

Now the irony of explaining this program is that while it’s easy to understand in theory like I showed you above, when practice comes into the picture, that’s where questions arise and the difficulty in explaining it starts to occur, like:

  • Where do I find these people looking for something?
  • Where do I find people who are selling that something? 
  • How sustainable is this business model if many are using the same formula? 
  • Ect…

To answer those questions, we need to go inside of the program itself. And while it’s VERY difficult to find honest reviews on it, I did manage to find 1 that went deep enough for me to understand it, although it took me a LONG time to find it…

Inside Zero Traffic Income:

Here is a screenshot of what the members area looks like: 

zero traffic income inside

To get there, you will first have to buy what’s known as the Zero Traffic Income starter kit which has 3 steps to get you ready to access the system. Now there are up-sells with this program:

  • G4 Members: I don’t really know what this is about.
  • T10X Coaching: It’s some kind of training that goes on for a few weeks in which you learn traffic “secrets”.

While I can’t give you anything specific on the up-sells, in my experience any program which doesn’t talk about up-sells until you buy their product is shady in my opinion and I don’t recommend it. I’ve had bad experiences with this before from a program called Bring The Fresh

But besides these up-sells, the main members area features a lot of quality instruction. The most important which is 4 modules. Within these modules, you will go through video training which details step-by-step what you need to do in order to utilize the Zero Traffic Income System.

This is where questions like “Where do I find people offering services” comes into play. You will register with programs like:

Fiverr and Micro workers where you can find people offering services of all kinds for fairly cheap prices, giving you an opportunity to earn more when you find people looking for those services. Here is a screenshot of Fiverr:


But what about finding people who need these services? Well this is where my personal speculation comes into play.

I didn’t purchase Zero Traffic Income mainly due to doubt and the fact that I couldn’t really find their main website. I saw different affiliate pages leading me to different websites so I couldn’t tell which was legitimate or not. There is currently a .us site which appears to be the main one, but I can’t vouch for it so if you choose to buy this program, I would be VERY careful where you buy it from.

But back to the main point on finding people…I believe you can find plenty of people looking for products/services through places like Craigslist & E-bay and then connect them with people in the above sites I mentioned. I’m fairly certain this is the case here and there are probably other similar sites where you’ll be able to find them.

What you will then be doing is utilizing done for you email templates provided by Zero Traffic Income’s creators: Jani G & Gavin Stephenson. 

What happens here is once you find a person looking for something, you’ll basically email them a copied/pasted email saying you basically can hook them up with whatever they’re looking for, charge them a price for it and hopefully make the sale.  

While the bulk of the program comes down to rinsing and repeating the above process, there are also bonuses offered within the members area. One is Webinars you get access to and the other is a bonus eBook called Pin Your Income which is associated with making money on Amazon.

There is also training on outsourcing this kind of work and paying others to handle it for you, while you keep a chunk of the profits as well as a guide on selling the profitable business (if it becomes that) for a high price. 

That’s basically what you get within Zero Traffic Income. 


  • Very detailed training. 
  • You can make money with this program.
  • High quality instruction (Video tutorials).
  • Decent support.
  • No real traffic needed to succeed within this business.
  • Doesn’t follow traditional SEO approach.
  • You are given “homework” assignments in each model. This is great to force you to take action.


  • No text instruction. Only video. 
  • Potentially saturated approach to business if many are using the same system.
  • May feel like a scavenger hunt at times to find customers. Not everyone will buy from you if you email them. It’s really an numbers game. 
  • Uses 1 form of online marketing. Doesn’t cover other aspects of it. 
  • I couldn’t find their main website.

Final Rating: Zero Income Traffic

4 stars

Yellow Flag (Use Caution)

4 out of 10 stars. Borderline. It can definitely work, but it does have sustainability issues in my opinion. See #1 recommendation.

Final Thoughts on Zero Traffic Income

I like the idea, but being in online marketing for over 8 years, I question how long this approach to business can work. While it sounds all fine and dandy from a theoretical point of view, as I said before in action, there’s a lot of questions that arise and while in this review, I feel I’ve covered most of them, I can’t help but wonder if these answers are enough.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that you can find people who are looking for something and people offering that something. That we have nailed down. Ok what’s next? We email them right? Yep. But how many people will reply, or take us up on the offer we give them? This is why I say it’s a numbers game.

It also sort of feels like a “scavenger hunt” as I said before. You having to find people looking for something. Whose to say there aren’t others emailing the same people offering the better deals and such? The answer is it’s VERY likely. 

So again while the system does touch upon an interesting approach to making money online, I honestly cannot give it a green light because of these issues which can be summed up into this phrase: Sustainability issues. How long can you make this work for you? Can you really make a lot of money doing this? I can’t see it happening for most people honestly…

I could be wrong and this could be because I’m used to a more traditional approach to marketing online, but my experience in this field has made me see the reality of other methods and how realistic it is to make money through them and frankly, most of them aren’t nearly as good as they say. 

I recommend a traditional online business model instead:

If you want to find that stability online, you absolutely need to have a website and consistent traffic coming to it. While this approach is not simple to succeed in, it’s nowhere near as hard as you think either. With proper guidance and the will to succeed, absolutely anyone can have a thriving online business.

I feel in the end this approach offers more rewards, more so in the long run because instead of constantly “scavenging” for new customers looking for something like you would with Zero Traffic Income’s approach, you can have a website doing all that for you and in this example, it’s the other way around: People will be looking for YOU instead. Now which option sounds more comfortable? I think we can both agree it’s the latter. 

I hope this review has helped clear up a lot of questions you have about Zero Income Traffic. In all honesty, I will be trying out this formula in the near future (if I can actually find their website). If it works for me, I will be giving my approval to this program. But even in that scenario, I do/will recommend the more traditional and what I consider to the more stable route. If you agree/disagree with me on this, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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  1. Hi Vitaliy,

    I have to agree with you. Zero Traffic Income does seem to not be a scam, however it seems to me if you could key in on traffic of people who needed “things” you could have a better chance of success. I can’t see a lot if income with this program. So in a way the name of it says it all. 🙂


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