Automated Paydays Review. Does it Still Work?

Automated Paydays had a lot of positive attributes when it first arrived to the online marketing scene. From what I’ve gathered, this was years ago. We’re talking 2009 to maybe 2010. But does it still work?

Honestly, it’s a mixed answer. What I can say is that I don’t find this program be a scam (good news!). You do get a lot of information, but most of it’s approaches to SEO probably won’t work in 2014 in my opinion.

Automated Paydays in a nutshell: 

This program was created by Jamie Shaw and is basically a “road map” of how to get started online through basic training such as keyword searching, niche picking and creating a website designed to attract visitors. Basically everything I lay out in this updated article and I would recommend reading that free info over Automated Paydays.

2 Important updates: 

Update 1: Apparently the domain name for Automated Paydays is no longer available. I tried finding the site again to see if there any changes since I last checked it out but only found that the page no longer exists. They could be upgrading. They could be out of business, but either way, I want to help you understand what this program is/was about. 

Update 2: I once did a review on a program which was also called Automatic Paydays, but unlike the one created by Jamie Shaw, this version is completely different and a complete scam. There’s more details, but in case you look up my other reviews and see another one with the name Automated Paydays, don’t get confused. They are not the same companies. 

How Automated Paydays works:

Once you join it, you will gain access to it’s members area. Within this place, there are 10 different sections, all featuring different guides/strategies ranging from SEO to list building content. There is also a section where you get a lot of PLR articles/guides you can copy/paste to your site or use as incentives to get people to sign up to your email list, if that’s the path you wish to take.

Even though there’s 10 sections to the site, the overall mass of information on this site is gigantic. If you’re a beginner, you may find difficulty in where to go and what to do. The good news is that Jamie provides a getting started section on his site where you learn the basics:

  • Build a website.
  • Find keywords.
  • Get traffic and make money.

It sounds easy, but in truth there’s a lot more details than that. It’s one of my complaints with Jamie’s product, but I’ll get to that later. 

There is also a section to the site where you can make WordPress websites. The rest of the site is “decorated” with other guides and strategies to supplement your online business. Overall the member’s area is decent, but not great. 

Issues with Automated Paydays: 

1. Outdated information. While there is a lot of great information, unfortunately a lot of it is outdated and may even cause negative SEO side effects like utilizing PLR articles on your blog.

This is considered duplicate content. It is suggested by some people to take those articles and re-word them, but I honestly feel like you’ll just be wasting your time. In my experience, it’s far better to write your own unique content than try to re-word an article that isn’t yours. What I’m getting at here is that you’ll likely be stuffed with tons of content and unable to use a lot of it because of the potential for negative SEO results. 

You can certainly try to do things such as email marketing, build a website, collect a list, but a lot of those guides are also outdated, not to mention email marketing isn’t something I recommend for beginners. Personally I wouldn’t bother giving out outdated info to my subscribers. It does more harm than good. 

2. Is he using PLR guides to supplement his membership site? As I mentioned earlier, a large part of the site is filled with PLR articles/books including additional strategies with SEO/List Building.

Some of those extra features are basically e-books. Some are created by Automated Paydays, while there are others which I did not see have the label, giving me the impression they are not written by Automated Paydays. Could those other e-books be PLR products? If so, then there’s an issue I find with this…

The issue is that with so much information and a lot of it not being from different sources brings up the potential for confusion, especially if you’re a beginner. Sure everything those books say sound great in theory, but if you’re getting different sources saying different things, you may have a 1,000 ideas and not a single plan of action to go with.

See my point? I certainly hope I’m wrong on this, but it doesn’t appear to be the case.


  • Lots of information.
  • Some of the training is still practical.


  • A lot of outdated info.
  • Information overload possible for newbies. 

Final Rating: Automated Paydays

3 stars

Yellow Light (Caution)

3 out of 10 stars. Still has some uses, but overall not recommended in my opinion. If you’re looking to succeed online, especially if you’re a beginner, you need updated information and a step-by-step approach so you don’t get confused. Here is my #1 recommendation for that.

My final thoughts: 

To some extent the program still does work, but I personally believe you’d spend more time figuring out what works/doesn’t work than make actual progress. There’s too many ideas and the e-books they offer as well as the PLR content isn’t something I’d personally use. I believe in making my own content. That’s just a personal 

If I were to summarize this entire review, I would say this: The program is not a scam. There’s tons of information, but I believe if you were looking to find what still works with Automated Paydays in today’s world of online marketing, you’d have to “scavenge” the entire program. This is why I simply cannot recommend Automated Paydays.

I’m pretty certain you came here because you’re looking for the most updated approach to online business and don’t have time or money to spend on experimenting. Completely understandable! 

I hope this review has better helped you understand the program. Just because it’s not a scam doesn’t mean it’s automatically good. If you have any questions or have tried this program before, I’d love to hear your experience with it! 

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