Backlinktopia: A Scam or Can it Really Get Your Site Ranked High?

backlinktopia homepage screenshot

Because it does what it says it does, Backlinktopia is not a scam. As for the question on if it can get you great SERP results, the answer is both yes & no.

But in the long run, I will advise against using this program or any other like it. There’s far too much risk in using this approach to online marketing.

Backlinktopia in a nutshell:

It’s a program which utilizes common backlink approaches to SEO. We’re talking anchor text keywords, content gathering abilities and other standard methods.

One thing that I find which does separate this program from other backlink programs on the market is that it takes content, transfers it into PDF documents, those rank on Google and link back to your site which is technically supposed to boost your site’s rank. That’s really the whole program. 

In fact, here is a screenshot taken right from it’s homepage which pretty much says it all: 

backlinktopia what it does homepage

I will give credit where it’s due. The man behind the program, Clint Faber is pretty transparent in explaining what his program actually does. Usually when I do product reviews, I am left guessing what the program/s are about since most of them never actually explain it, but rather stick to hyping themselves up. 

However in spite of this compliment, there’s absolutely NO way I can recommend this program. 

Reasons why:

1. Backlink packages like this are VERY risky for SEO. No matter what they claim to do or how “Slap proof” they are, backlinks in their purest form within this cntext are designed to try and beat the system instated by search engines.

They do NOT like this as it’s an artificial approach to marketing and in the past many low quality websites (junk pages) have been using this approach to getting their pages ranked high. This led places like Google to make updates to their algorithm which ended up “slapping” websites down in the SERPS. 

If you are using this form of artificial backlinks on your websites, meaning buying programs/services which are supposed to “help” you with this, you are playing a VERY risky game. Sooner or later sites that use this tactic will get caught and be penalized in the process.

This means your sites will lose their high rankings and with that the profits and to get back on top will take a very long time. If you want to build the the GOOD kind of backlinks, read this.

2. You will get results, but ONLY in the short run in most cases. That’s the funny thing about backlinks. Because of how they function, they initially give search engines the impression that your site is good. 

But that’s really smoke and mirrors and once it’s uncovered about what’s really going on, that’s when the slap comes. I’ve seen so many people time and time again brag about backlinks only to see their site’s lose their high positions months later. Is it always guaranteed to happen?

I’m not sure to be honest with you. But what I can say is that search engines, especially Google is getting better and better at spotting sites that use this kind of stuff and cracking down on it. 

I’ve seen first hand what happens when you use backlinks when I tried it from what I though was a reputable place called Bring the Fresh. They still are to some extent, just not their backlink packages. I’m telling you guys, it’s just not worth the risk! 

3. Doing things like putting in keywords as anchor text in comments is probably not going to work anymore. There are still programs that keep preaching about this kind of stuff. Give me a break! 

I’ve said before (using my site as an example) that if someone (and this happens a lot) tries to comment on my website and leave a link back to what I know is a promotion or worse a link in the form of a keyword, that is going straight into the spam folder. 

I can promise you this, a lot of website owners are probably also doing this kind of stuff as well. Long story short, this method which is one of the ways backlinks work isn’t really going to succeed. 

However, if you want to know the right ways to use them, read this.


The program is transparent about what it does. I respect that.


  • Backlinks are a VERY risky and bad approach to long term SEO success.

Final Rating: Backlinktopia

2 stars

Red Flag (I advise against it!)

2 stars out of 10. Can only provide short term results, but this will not work in the long run. The solution is legitimate methods of SEO. Here is my #1 recommendation for that.

My final thoughts:

It’s just not worth risking your entire website (really your whole online business) for this. There’s still so many people that believe in this form of marketing and that’s because companies that keep trying to sell it to you keep saying it still works, most likely to make money off you. Maybe they really believe it too, but it doesn’t matter. This kind of stuff does not work in the long run.

It only works in the short run (if you’re lucky!) but as I said before this approach has already lost most of it’s fuel. I’m going to predict that in the near future, this approach to SEO will basically become extinct. I won’t be surprised if that happens. 

So to summarize Backlinktopia, as I said before, it’s not a scam, but the results you get (if any) will only be in the short run. I just don’t see any sustainable potential with this.

The Better Alternative:

If you’re looking to build a stable online business, I will advise against using programs like this. Instead focus on using “white hat” methods of marketing. This comes down to: Building a site that is focused on 1 specific niche and writing up/creating your own high quality content focused around it. That’s really the key. 

What is also true is that this approach to marketing does take longer to see success, but at the same time, what you’re doing is legitimate and will lead to better long term results. Isn’t that initial investment of time worth it then? I say yes!

If there’s anything you should take from this post, it’s this: Don’t try to game search engines. Because that’s a game that you will eventually lose. Focus on doing what truly works and stands the test of time. 

If you’ve tried Backlinktopia before or have any questions regarding this program, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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  1. Well said. Backlinks will get you rankings, but then you’ll lose them immediately. The best thing to do is just keep adding quality content and let Google slowly fall in love with you.


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