Is The Selling Family Review a Scam? My Review of Them.

I’ve purchased at least one of the programs The Selling Family provides and have to say, they are not a scam. But not everything they offer may be for you.

In this review, I’ll be explaining:

  • My experiences with this business.
  • The program I purchased from them.
  • My overall viewpoint of the Selling Family.
  • If their products can truly help you make money from home.
  • If there’s better alternatives to the Selling Family (they are depending on what you wish to accomplish online).

Quick report on The Selling Family:

the selling family reviewCreator: Jessica Larrew.

Price: Varies by which program/product you buy, but it can be anywhere from $27-$100’s. 

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 stars.

My honest opinion of the site is that this is a fantastic, high quality program that offers immensely good training on various ways to monetize on the internet, but ultimately, what made it 7 stars was that it’s costly and I wish it were all available in one program instead of different ways of making money being available in different programs, meaning you’d need to buy more to learn more.

Recommended? Yes. But the most of what I saw this program contain (in different products they offer, all at different prices), can be found in one alternative program that gets me results in this same topic (Making money online):

the selling family alternative

Now despite this alternative recommendation, I still want to give you a good review of the Selling Family. Perhaps you’ll find that it’s programs are something that you prefer instead, so read on:

The Selling Family explained in detail:

It is a program which has different training modules on ways to make money online, mainly from selling on Amazon and being an owner of a product to sell on Amazon.

There’s also free blogging tips and a lot of free content on the website from which you can learn to do things such as make websites, establish an authority blog and Jessica (the creator of this whole place basically) doesn’t mind sharing how she does what she does, which is awesome and lends even more legitimacy to the overall program.


-There is an immense amount of free content available for people to view on the site. See it here.

-Jessica and her family really do back up their claims and show you through their training how to repeat their success. A lot of it stems from making and selling your own products, and she shows you how to make all of this.

-Lots of options available for people to pick out what suites them best: Affiliate marketing, selling on Amazon as an affiliate, selling on Amazon as an product creator, buying products wholesale and re-selling them, ect… 

-Overall, this is one of the best programs (not the best, here is the one better than that) I’ve reviewed and after having seen so many scams, especially recently, it’s awesome to finally stumble back onto a legitimate one.

-The program I purchased from this site is called Liquidation Gold and I did rate it pretty high.


-I don’t really like that there’s SO many products to choose from and that there’s prices for each one. It adds up to a lot of money spent (I’ll get into the prices and products shortly). 

-I was a bit confused when I landed on the site because there’s 3 options to choose from to begin a business, and each has it’s own training. I wanted to see it all consolidated into one big training program, it would make it easier for someone who is also confused not to worry that they chose the wrong product.

Details on each training program:

So as I just mentioned, when you land on the site, when it comes to products, there’s 3 options:

the selling family inside look

Option 1:

There is only 1 course here. it is called the Amazon Bootcamp and it is arguably the most comprehensive and highest value course in this entire program. You will learn to build a full time income through Amazon the same way Jessica does.

Video tutorials, a community and extensive training is provided. This course is mainly best for beginners to the whole Amazon business model.

Price: $197 one time for a limited access. Or $99 a month for a few months OR get everything for $347, one time.

Option 2: 

This course is for people who are currently doing business on Amazon and it will teach you to expand your sales in various fields, besides just on Amazon, through things such as where to buy very low cost items to resell for a good profit. 

There’s 14 different eBooks and programs in this section, each ranging from $20-$40 in costs. Added up, this can be quite expensive, but that’s why they give you choices and let you pick which one best suites you. 

Option 3: 

This last option features a course on making money via blogging, which just so happens to be my “forte”. Anyway, there’s 3 courses here:

One which is a 30 day website making course for $97 where you build an entire blog.

A second one on making training on an eBook, for $67. These can be very good sellers if you know how to market them.

And a third on being a very successful Amazon affiliate for $65. Jessica showcases how you can make $1,000’s in doing this. Now when it comes to being an affiliate for Amazon, I actually has some good Amazon affiliate success stories to show you but the people in this report aren’t using Jessica’s method, but rather one taught to them (and myself) from a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

Now as for Amazon itself, as someone who excels at this particular area (affiliate marketing) and has done sales on Amazon, I can tell you that this is possible, and I have my own ways of doing business through it that has earned me good money over the years, including a method by which I was blogging about the hottest selling products in a particular niche market on Amazon (diet books), getting a lot of traffic from this on Google to my blog and then making sales promoting those products OR higher priced items for bigger commissions.

It made me $1,000’s in the process so I know full well about the potential. Here’s a case study on using Amazon’s best seller list to make money.

But I did say with option 3, this was my forte and this is why:

Final Rating: The Selling Family.

Green Flag (A legit program)

7 out of 10 stars. Extremely awesome content and training, but again, my biggest thing is that there’s so many programs/eBooks to choose from that it would be nice to have it all in one single program, and that if you pay for everything, it’s pretty expensive stuff (well over $500).

My final thoughts: Should you buy the Selling Family products or try the alternative?

The biggest pros of The Selling Family is that it provides immensely good content, even on it’s free to read blog as well as great training which you can replicate to make your own success online.

And the biggest cons The Selling Family has is that there’s just so many low priced programs to pick from, as well as some pretty expensive training options that it can be confusing and expensive. 

I totally get the idea behind segmenting different ways to make money online, as it makes for more ways to sell different products, but at the same time, I am not a fan of paying so much for all of this stuff and if it was all consolidated like I said before, this program could easily be my #2 recommendation (note, I said #2).

But the program I recommend…

Takes all the positives of the Selling Family and makes up for the cons it has:

The #1 program I recommend called Wealthy Affiliate as I mentioned before and has the following which is well worth noting:

It contains pretty much every kind of training The Selling Family has, and in all honesty, FAR more (100,000’s of training modules, including a bootcamp course for ALL).

And with the cons I listed about the Selling Family having too many different products, all for different prices, Wealthy Affiliate has all of it’s training either for free to check out OR $49 a month for EVERYTHING included in that. 

For example, one of the training programs in The Selling Family is about making a website and it costs $97. In WA, this is included free with your training and you can have a website up and running in under a minute, WITH training attached to it to help you get it going.

This means with the Wealthy Affiliate you get awesome info, for WAY less. Here’s a quick comparison:

I am absolutely an instant fan of The Selling Family, but I have to call out the cons when I see them, and there are some noteworthy ones, especially in the financial department, which is one of the reasons I prefer Wealthy Affiliate instead.

Still if you go with the Selling Family, I would tell you that you’d be quite happy with their training. They are truly a legitimate program and I cannot deny that.

But I also can’t deny that Wealthy Affiliate is a bit better in both the financial department and learning department as it offers training more in total for a far less price in TOTAL so you’d save money while learning more from them.

The Selling Family

$27 and more.

$27 program


Other upsells



  • I purchased one of their eBooks and liked it.
  • The whole Selling Family program is legitimate.


  • I am not a fan of programs with too many different buying options (too much spending required to get all the benefits of the program)..
  • I prefer a program have everything included in one membership, like my top choice.

16 thoughts on “Is The Selling Family Review a Scam? My Review of Them.”

  1. Vitaliy,

    I have been looking at both programs for a while now and have yet to purchase. I want to start an online business but have very few funds so I am very hesitant to choose. I am considering the Selling Family bootcamp as I can pay for it at $99 a month.

    My question is this: After I join the WA site at $49 a month, are there other costs for learning other things as I go along?



    • Phil hi, I’m a bit biased towards Wealthy Affiliate but I won’t lie to you in that I believe The Selling Family’s Bootcamp should be good too. I read their Liquidation Gold eBook and enjoyed it, they are legit. Both places can teach you about online business, but I do believe that Wealthy Affiliate just offers more.

      But since you did say you are low on funds, here is what I’d recommend:

      1) Visit my Wealthy Affiliate review here and try it for free. That way you can at least see the program before going premium.
      2) If you join it, even as a free member, you’ll get my coaching and if you go premium, you’ll get more of that (details in the review link).
      3) You will just get more out of WA in my opinion.

      And about the extra costs, there are 2 optional ones, but you should get them if you’re serious about your online business and here they are:

      A) A domain name for $13.99 a year.
      B) A keyword tool inside Wealthy Affiliate which I believe is $20 a month.

      And this is still cheaper than $99 a month for The Selling Family Bootcamp, considering there aren’t other expenses after you join.

      The rest in terms of building up your site is done by taking the training courses in WA and using them. So overall, I think the WA deal is better and you will also get the coaching from myself (but remember to join through the link I put above so you get it).

  2. Vitaliy, I am not a great fan of Amazon. Too many hoops to run through and here, in Australia, there are a lot of things that won’t work. For example electrical items need an adapter. Too much work.

    However I haven’t excluded them yet. Just waiting to see how they grow here.

    Your review has confirmed my opinion that Wealthy Affiliate is much better. I am not going to say the best as I am sure I haven’t unearthed a fraction of this type of platform but I find them terrific.

    Once I become a master through them I might take a look at the Selling Family to expand my earning basis.

    Thanks for the great review.



    • Hi Helen, interesting point on the geo region playing it’s own factor on being a potential Amazon promoter, I didn’t consider this, but in either case, Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with a more open ended approach to making money from home. And I believe that if you do decide to add Amazon to your business portfolio, then by that time, you may not even need the Selling Family the take it further, WA will provide what you need.

  3. Thanks for the info! I see where you are coming from kind of being split about all the different things to purchase.

    On one hand you only have to buy what you need, which is nice. On the other hand, you have to keep on buying products to learn more about it which can get a little expensive.

    When all is said and done, it’s nice to simply be able to get everything you need included in one low monthly price with Wealthy Affiliate.

    But, at the same time, I can see how people will see the value in this if their main focus is to only learn to sell on Amazon.

    • Yeah, I would say the Selling Family may better benefit those who have had experience/success with Amazon before but needed to scale it higher, but for the general newbie starting in online marketing, Wealthy Affiliate would be a much better start in my opinion.

  4. There are not much legit online business out there so it is good to see that there are still a few out there. I recently started blogging and I am also interested in selling on Amazon, so this program seems to be a fit for me. I like that they provide great training and that the price is affordable (at least to me). I might check it out, thanks for the review.

  5. Good thing that there is a legitimate training program which actually teaches you stuff. Amazon is a great way to make money and I have been looking for a program which will teach me exactly that. Moreover, the price is fairly normal considering other programs who tend to upscale their products and force you to pay thousands of dollars just to stay relevant in their training program.

    • Well you’re right in part John, but know that the Selling Family products and their prices do add up quite quickly, which is why I tell people that they can get that info in WA in one inclusive cost.

  6. Hi Vitaliy; I have read your review and I like the full explanation that you have given on the Selling Family products.

    And also the comparison and differences between The Selling Family and WA. I like the fact that it is a legitimate company. Those who have not found, or are not able to keep up with WA’s training, can give it a try.

    As good as WA is, it is even getting better.


    • Hi Dorcas, i would argue that the training is easier to keep up with in WA because it is organized and there is a CENTRAL training platform in WA that helps people make money in ways beyond JUST Amazon. In that sense, it would be much easier for just about anyone to go through the training there.

      Now I’m not saying that The Selling Family Training is bad or disorganized, it’s quite the opposite, but because as I said it’s segmented into different categories mainly dealing with Amazon, I feel it is more limited and spaced out in terms of pricing.

      Overall, having an ENTIRE platform teach you about all the ways to make money online is a better place to be if you’re a beginner and Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the place for that.

  7. I like how honest the selling family website is and how they don’t seem to hold back information. After spending some time on their site, they seem to be much more focused on the Amazon FBA seller end than affiliate marketing?

    I know that for most people who want their own business online, affiliate marketing is much less expensive and less risky. I sure don’t think the selling family is a scam, and like you, I find their products and their website pretty scattered.

    • Hi Mike, there is information on affiliate marketing, BUT the training and business aspect of what the Selling Family teaches revolves around Amazon, which don’t get me wrong can make you a whole ton of money and there’s more than one way to monetize off it, but with general affiliate marketing, all of those possibilities remain there, with the added benefits of being able to expand your business into Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube and plenty of other places with plenty of money and opportunity available and all of that is taught in Wealthy Affiliate.


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