How To Build An Authority Blog. I Did it The Right Way.

There’s a lot of misconceptions about how to build an authority blog floating around the internet these days. I’ve done it multiple times and I’ll show you how.

What you need to know is that authority blogs are something you can create on your own and I’m going to show you the most straight forward to make one.

What is an authority blog?

It’s basically a website and/or blog which has been online for a long time, has quality content that gets visitors, comments and user engagement and most importantly has prestige with search engines like Google. It’s trusted basically. These places get tons of traffic because their blogs and pages quickly rank high on search engines due to their authority.

Note: This article has been updated in this post. Please read this for specific info on making authority sites.

How do you create this type of site? I’m going to show you the most legit and straight forward method to date and it really comes down to 3 steps:

 The 3 steps:

how to build an authority blog

Let’s break it down…

1. Make a website (WordPress) focused on a specific niche/topic. wordpress

Start by making a name for your site that explains what it’s about. Take this site for example. Upon reading the title, everyone who visits it knows it’s about making honest money online.

Choosing a niche/topic can be a very frustrating thing for bloggers, especially beginners. I would recommend you begin by choosing some sort of topic near and dear to you where you possess some sort of expertise. This will help.

If you’ve never made a website before, it’s much easier than you think. In fact here is a tutorial on how to build a free website in less than 30 seconds (video proof).

2. Add highly relevant and quality content to the site through keywords related to the site’s niche/topic.

Content is basically anything you add to your website which could be of value to your visitor.

  • Great content leads to high rankings.
  • content is kingGreat rankings leads to more traffic.
  • More traffic leads to better authority for your site and more earning potential.

The better quality your content, the better your site will rank. This is the most important concept you need to understand about building an authority site. If you don’t know how to do this, try this tutorial.

Often times content can come to your site via keywords people type into Google and other search engines. So write about content which people often have questions on regarding your niche!

If you have a niche on training dogs (I often use this example), common keywords which you could write content on could include:

How to get your dog to sit, stand, bark, stop barking. Keep in mind these are all seperate ideas which could be individual blog posts.

Writing good content is MUCH more important than finding good keywords. However keywords still play a great role in helping you get traffic. Some keywords are more competitive than others. If you’re knew to finding keywords, I would HIGHLY recommend you read this page for a full tutorial.

Also I have updated and included an addition post for writing high quality content here

3. Never stop adding content. Do it several times a week.

Work on your site several times a week if need be. Add content (posts/pages) talking about more aspects of your site’s topic. You may often find trouble with this last step as time goes on or run out of ideas so let me help you out here.

Let’s use this site as an example again. I chose to write about honest ways to make money online. Thus I could write blog posts and pages revolving around this main subject.

What could I write about?

Well for one I could write about building websites, places where people can learn how to earn money online, places that are scams, subjects such as online marketing for newbies. This is week’s worth of great stuff to write up to keep me busy. Apply this analogy to your subject and you’ll be plenty with writing for your site.

Now applying that analogy isn’t easy and eventually you will hit a writer’s block moment (several times actually). When you do, read this to cure that and you will be able to refresh your list of content ideas.

Adding constant content to your site = building an authority blog.

You may have noticed I often mention: Add content!!! Why?

Because the more content you add, the more your site will appear on search engines, thus giving you more traffic, a following and trust from visitors. This is how sites go from not being known to being super popular.

The more this builds, the more trust you will have and this will allow your site to be able to compete against more competitive sites and rank for more competitive keywords as well as niche topics that are considered too competitive (that’s a myth).

THIS is how you build an authority blog. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Here is an example: Take a look at this site.

You’ll notice each time you visit it, you’ll see new posts and pages up on it. This is because I am constantly working to improve this website’s trust with Google by adding relevant and important content (besides ranking, here is why I do this).

If you read each post, it always pertains to the main subject of this website (making honest money online), thus the post/pages you see here must be relevant to this topic.

The more posts I put up, the more exposure I will get on Google. This is the same structure you should repeat on your site as well. Don’t ever stop adding content. Add it regularly.

What About backlink services/articles/paying For Traffic?

Never use ANY backlink services or artificial methods of trying improve your website’s authority. That kind of stuff is in the past and no longer works. Not only does this method no longer work, but it can completely damage your site’s SEO results. Full details on backlinks here

The only legitimate way to get higher rankings and earn trust is this:

Write good content and write for readers, not search engines. As the readers come and comment on your blog/s, so will the search engines and see this. You will be rewarded. 

Building an authority site can take time (at least a month in most cases), but it’s something that can and will eventually yield great results if you follow this method. It’s safe and it’s proven.

If you’re new to building these types of sites or blogging in general and want to know how to do it as well as monetizing off it, I would highly recommend getting proper guidance for such as goal. And this is the best place I recommend doing it through.

If you have any questions about building these sites, feel free to ask below. I’d be more than happy to clarify. 

4 thoughts on “How To Build An Authority Blog. I Did it The Right Way.”

  1. I`ve heard many differing opinions on how long it takes to build an authority blog/site. For me, with my 1st serious site it took 2 and a half months for things to just “happen” with Google. However, this is actually after I gave up on that site to work on a new, higher quality site. Ironically enough, at the same point with my new site, I’m still waiting to become an authority, so it can really vary!

    • You may very well be right on that Chip. I don’t think there’s any default time period to become an authority. The story you mentioned with your first site is coincidentally something I do experienced on a site I didn’t pay much attention to, but because it got many visits and likes, the site’s rankings skyrocketed. The site is called It also took a few months to reach authority, but it just kept going up after that.

      Other sites ranked within a month for. I think it’s all about the competition and how much content/comments you get which ultimately determines how quickly your blog rises in the ranks.

  2. Authority blog and Successful Business are two phrases that could be easily replaced within one another. If you work to create an authority in a niche, regardless of that niche, you are going to be creating successful business.

    If there is one thing that I have learned in my 11 years online it is that you are better off being great at ONE thing versus mediocre at many. The same goes for websites.

    • You make a great point Kyle. Authority within a niche + an authority blog really are 2 of the most important keys to success in the business of the online marketing world.


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