Is Lurn a Scam? A Review of Anik Singal’s Website.

I have mixed views on Anik Singal, but I have to say, his Lurn website impressed me a lot. It’s definitely not a scam, but in this review, let me explain why I don’t recommend it fully.

Quick Report on Lurn:

lurn reviewCreator: Anik Singal.

Price: Free membership and the courses inside the program can be either free or cost a little bit or a lot to check out.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 stars.

As an online businessman, I found Lurn’s whole page to be fantastic, and I’m even considering putting up my own course/s there.

Overall, I would recommend most of their free courses, but I did notice a few cons that I’ll point in shortly in this review.

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What is Lurn? The website explained:

Lurn is basically a page where people who are successful at business (online, offline) can go to and create their own courses and training. Within this site, you will find courses on many different topics:

Then visitors who come to the site, seeking advice on one of the above topics can find courses, both free and paid they can enroll in/buy, study from, get value from and possibly use it to create their own successful businesses.

You can honestly look at this whole program and compare it to places like:

I have reviewed all of those other places too and you can find links to the individual reviews of those programs above. Overall, every single one of those other programs are also great and I would include Lurn on that list if people asked me where they could get online courses and training, in online business in this case.

And while those places are bigger and more popular than Lurn, that’s because they cover a wider range of topics and courses, whereas Anik’s page covers specifically business and entrepreneurial topics.

I would say that the other sites above, do have great courses on the same subjects and you’ll likely find a bit more diverse authors there, but instead of choosing which one of these places is best and whose course to buy or study from for free, just keep reading this article, because there is one source of online business info I recommend above all of these places and that’s coming up.

Why I said I had mixed views on Anik Singal:

When I saw that this program was owned by Anik Singal, I had mixed views because I’ve done reviews on at least one of his books and some of his programs and I always though that the content had a number of cons (but in most cases, there were more pros).

Here are the reviews I’ve done with regards to Anik and his programs/books:

Circle of Profit. I reviewed it and basically determined that it was a segway book to try and get you to purchase his high ticket email course. It just so happens that on the Lurn site, Circle of Profit is also available to read. And by the way, a good recommended eBook on email marketing is Attraction Marketing Formula.

Inbox Blueprint. This is the email course that Circle of Profit leads to and while I didn’t buy it, I know about email marketing and my review of Inbox Blueprint was that it isn’t a scam, but it’s high cost for things and there NOT being refunds was an issue.

Clickonomy. This is another network developed by Anik Singal, but here it basically allows people to sell solo ads in a marketplace and make money. While the general program IS legit, I advised caution with it due to the nature of solo ads being risky and as far as I saw, there didn’t seem to be any vetting as to who would be able to sell on that site, so people could sell bad services.

Email Startup Incubator. Basically similar to Inbox Blueprint.

So with at least these 4 examples (now 5 if you include Lurn), what we have is a number of different products and services made by Anik which are overall good and probably legit, but in my experience have holes, which make them tough to recommend (the holes in all of these services and programs are similar in my opinion).

I will say 2 things though regarding Anik:

1) Despite the issues I see in his programs, I cannot deny that I respect him. I am not surprised that he is successful.

2) Out of the 4 options I’ve reviewed by this guy, I’d say Lurn is the most recommended and highly rated.

But you said there’s cons right? What are they?

1) Right away, the first thing I noticed is that a majority of the courses, which are free and paid are made by Anik.

I’m not really sure if I can even call this a con but my suspicion is that perhaps there’s not enough other people making courses or perhaps Anik is monopolizing through his own site to get more leads to other programs he runs. 

And honestly, I wouldn’t blame him if this were true. I’d probably do the same thing if I owned a page like this. But there is an opposite (positive) side to this suspicion and that is #2…

2) I couldn’t find enough credentials on the bios on all the experts there. There’s an experts page in Lurn where you see 8 people shown, one of which is Robert Kyosaki, and on the homepage of Lurn, you do find additional “experts” and links to their bios, but some of those same bios don’t really say anything that I would consider enough evidence to buy their courses from.

Some of the bios I found said that so and so person is a single mom and wanted to succeed, but other than this, there’s no income reports for this person.

Or I saw another bio from someone who is an expert in a PPC field, but again, no income reports are provided. So I’m less likely to buy that course from this person.

I would like to see more of a “resume” for all their instructors, like how much so and so made and in what area, so then I could conclude that they are indeed experts in said field and can trust buying the course from them.

I did say I considered being an instructor there and I am still thinking about it, if time permits and if it does happen, I would absolutely make sure my bio page lists these income reports and what generated them, so when I make courses, people would know that it got me results and that my training can help them with this.

Final Rating: Lurn.

Green Flag (Legit).

7 out of 10 stars. Despite these 2 cons, I have to say, there’s a LARGE amount of positive things I saw within Anik’s site and the high rating I gave it is deserved. I do believe it is 100% legit and if you have tried one or more of the courses there and have similar thoughts, let me know and if not, definitely let me know. Also, I have an updated review of Lurn here if you’d like to see what has changed since this original review went up.

My final thoughts: 

Since I have a lot of experience in online business, let me say that if you are looking to try Lurn’s courses on the same subject, you’ll probably get good info, but I can tell you that my coaching within Wealthy Affiliate will give you a better deal and great training at the same time.

I can’t comment on the other subjects taught in Lurn, but with online business, I 100% can. And I will finalize by saying that again, this whole program is the highest one I’ve rated from the stuff I’ve seen from Anik and it is recommended.

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