Attraction Marketing Formula Review. What I Learned From it

I purchased a copy of Attraction Marketing Formula with the initial intent to just write this review, but what I ended up learning from it really amplified my knowledge of internet marketing and I will be recommending this eBook for you to check out as well, especially if you’re into email marketing.

Quick report on Attraction Marketing Formula:

attraction marketing formula reviewAuthor: Ferny Ceballos.

Price: $47 however if you create an account with Elite Marketing Pro (EMP), the parent company from which this eBook is from, it is discounted to $27. They do try to pitch you an up-sell into one of EMP’s main packages, their pro membership for $297 a year though.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 stars.

This is a very high value eBook on list building.

While a lot of the things I learned from it were already familiar to me, I still learned many new and good things, mainly about the buying psychology and it made me rethink existing email marketing campaigns I have running. 

Recommended? Yes, if you do list building. But if you don’t or are new, then this is better for you:

attraction marketing formula alternative

What is the Attraction Marketing Formula?

It is a 186 page eBook (minus the disclaimers) that talks about ways to succeed with list building.

And this eBook begins all the way from picking the HOT niche topic which guarantees the right audience hits your page (I have an an example of this here, I call it a laser targeted audience), to the part of how to set up a squeeze page so it converts better, followed by what to offer the audience after they sign up to get immediate conversions and then that’s followed up by tips and strategies on what to send your email list so you continue to grow a good relationship with them and keep making money through them.

I have to say prior to reading this eBook, I did not expect it to have so much rich content. I honestly though it would be a guide on how to pretend to look good in front of your audience, something that many list builders do while they are honestly not like that in real life. It’s just that I do affiliate marketing and check out programs like this often, and very often, I am very displeased with how bad they are.

But I was pleasantly surprised and happy to be wrong in that regard since what I got out of the eBook was very deep meaning on list building success. 

Here’s some of the things I learned from Attraction Marketing Formula:

While I can’t really explain everything I got out of it, I will explain some personal things I discovered through reading it that gave me a lot of value. I do recommend you get this eBook if you’re into list building:

1) A good tip I already knew about was generating hot leads (likely buyers) via niche selection, but a specific niche selection in that the people have a problem that needs fixing. I have at least 2 personal stories on this tip that prove what this eBook recommends is right:

A) I have a good email list growing from a niche audience interested in losing belly fat.

B) I have a decent amount of sign ups from a niche site I made on stopping knee pain. In fact, I built a list from this niche audience very quickly using this list building method.

The problem though was that these 2 examples are still not generating a good income, which was ultimately why I got the Attraction Marketing Formula. And so it offered some extra ideas on what I could do to improve my conversions:

2) Another good tip they offer was to make our squeeze page extremely short, to the point with bullet points and a quick sign up. The eBook explains how simplicity + a good niche audience = high sign up rates and I have to attest to this being true from the above 2 examples, although I will try to tweak my existing campaigns above to see if it improves sign ups.

Update: I tried their approach to list building but on another site. I actually doubled my sign up rates. I have also learned similar things from a program called Market Hero and yes, these strategies do work.

And also the whole idea of list building via targeting problem niches is 100% right. It is the same advice I give here.

The eBook offers examples, stats and case studies to illustrate why this works so well and it inspired me to give it a shot on my campaigns too. Get Attraction Marketing Formula here.

3) Offering a discounted OTO (one time offer) right AFTER a sign up happens.

I have to admit, this tip surprised me a lot, since I originally though you should get to know your leads via free tips before pitching something. But the case the author makes is that it filters out the buyers from people you don’t need quickly and you can make some quick sales as a result. Whatever, I’ll try it and let you guys know what happened…

4) Another surprising thing the author listed is that on average, one should have several DOZEN followup emails to send their list. I used to have about 10-15, but this goes way beyond that and it honestly make sense, considering you are building a business after all.

5) The other thing I also found profound was how the author explained sales and how to approach people in general to get it. That’s where that psychology part comes into play I talked about earlier. 

Some things to note about the eBook (a few cons):

There isn’t really comprehensive training on getting traffic. After all, the eBook does primarily focus on list building and improving conversions. They do mention that if you become a member of EMP and buy their other, traffic generating products, that those will cover it so be aware of this.

The other thing I have to let you guys know is Elite Marketing Pro itself, it has a lot of packages and some are quite expensive. 

income amf

Final Rating: Attraction Marketing Formula.

Green Flag

7 out of 10 stars. I found the eBook to be an awesome read and recommend it to any struggling list builder!

My final thoughts:

This eBook and the EMP program as a whole is a pretty awesome place, although I feel my top pick, Wealthy Affiliate still beats them in many regards. In any case, like I said before, list builders will benefit highly from using the tips in the Attraction Marketing Formula. 

I am already implementing some of those ideas on my 2 existing email campaigns. You may be wondering why it’s only 2. Am I a newbie in online marketing or just another person who is struggling at it? The answer is no on both fronts.

Like I said before, I actually make a full time living (thanks to Wealthy Affiliate), and I have done email marketing in the past, it’s just that now I focus on SEO and affiliate sales more so, but I know the value of collecting leads and making money through them from past experiences, so reading this eBook was sort of an awakening for me to get it together with those 2 campaigns I stopped focusing on. 

14 thoughts on “Attraction Marketing Formula Review. What I Learned From it”

    • I think so Thomas, but a better choice might be Wealthy Affiliate instead. They teach you to create a site that helps people who already have services to offer to monetize that. The Attraction Marketing Formula is more for people who understand internet marketing and/or who have sites and leads coming to it, to fully utilize that.

      What kind of service are you looking to market? I can help provide a more detailed strategy to use.

  1. Hello,

    I’m curious as to what I can do to find more leads for my business. I sell beauty products directly. Mostly it is over the phone, email, in person, FB and Instagram. I am told by my upline to contact any woman with a face which is great but does not bring much in the way of leads. The women reach out to usually get nothing to me in return.

    Not only am I trying to sell products but I’m also trying to find quality recruits that want to truly work in this business. I’m wondering if any of the network marketing things would be something I should try? I’m worried I am looking in the wrong places and I am used to doing things in person not online which puts me at a slight disadvantage but I’m learning to do more things online to at least drum up some people but it is just anyone with skin.

    • Sunny hi, your question and issues you are encountering with your business is something that is VERY common for people who get involved with network marketing, direct sales and MLM programs and it seems like your upline doesn’t really care much about helping you succeed or perhaps just don’t understand what good advice is.

      I’m going to give you my thoughts on all of this, so let me start with this:

      1) I VERY much avoid and tell people to avoid MLM programs for the very same issues you are having right now. It is SO tough to get a good downline working for you that will stick around because you are essentially running 2 businesses:

      A) You are trying to sell the beauty products to people and B) You are trying to get those people into the MLM.

      2) this is what I would do: It is much easier to focus on just selling the beauty product and not trying to get people into the MLM because that itself is another sell and most people are turned off by the idea of being sold into an “opportunity” and it is no surprise you are having issues here.

      3) If you can find a good niche audience of women who would be in need of the products you are selling, you could make a whole business out of this without having to worry about bringing in extra sales through a downline.

      4) The niche audience in this case would be women who want better looking skin (younger too). These are the women you need to be targeting and doing it online is a FAR better deal than doing it offline because you can find a million times more customers.

      5) I would strongly advise trying the Wealthy Affiliate program that I talk about. It’ll help you select this niche I just covered and create a site where these people would be your visitors and they can place direct sales on your website so you could send them this stuff.

      6) The other beauty of this particular option is that you can also at any point in time stop selling these products and sell affiliate marketing products instead, which you wouldn’t even have to buy, but could still sell on the same site. This would save you a TON of money.

      7) I know you said you prefer offline selling, but you would be severely limited in your reach, that being who you can make your customer, in your area. Believe me, it’s better to have a site where these customers who WANT the products you have to sell are coming to YOU, and not the other way around. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you this.

      And again, I would personally advise moving away from the MLM program you’re in right now, because it is very constricting in my opinion on how successful you could really be if you made a site with WA, sold the same types of products (even products outside the MLM) and so forth.

      Your site that you would make WOULD be the gold mine in this case and whether you choose to sell the existing MLM program’s products or sell another program’s products, it would be YOUR choice and that would give you a lot of options and ways to build up the business.

  2. Hi Vitaliy,

    I am new to network marketing, only 2 months in. I want to build a viable online business. My upline has us do attraction marketing on Facebook. I find I get a few leads and only 4 customers and 2 joining my downline. I know it takes time.

    I want to be successful. I am searching for the best way to do that. I have an affiliate website from my company, but not my own. I don’t really know what list building is, are you referring to our personal list of prospective customers? Like people we already know? I’m desperate for successful tactics so I can grow this business and be financially independent from the 9-5 routine.

    I came to your page after reading ”Attraction Marketing Formula” wondering if it was legit. I see you have referred to “Wealthy Affiliate” several times. Would you please recommend where I should start? One of these or a different way to start altogether? I have heard getting a coach is also good? Do you have a opinion on that topic?

    Thanks for the reviews,


    • Wendy hi, my apologies for responding late. There’s a lot I have to say regarding the things you mentioned, so let me list it out:

      1) I am personally not a network marketer, especially when it comes to network marketing through MLM programs. Being that you mentioned uplines and downlines, I figured you must be in some sort of MLM program.

      The problem with them is that your upline is generally the one which gets paid more and it’s tough for you to get and KEEP a financially stable downline, generally speaking, but the numbers are low, meaning you have to scramble and negotiate with a lot of people, only to get a few to sign up and your numbers really reflect that, although attraction marketing is a decent way to get leads, just in my opinion, I wouldn’t use that in network marketing.

      2) Your list could be your existing list of customers yes, but in general it’s you having a site and attracting people to it to then keep in touch with by them signing up to get your emails, it’s through that, that you can warm them up to offers, sales, network marketing companies, you name it, but it’s an advanced business model that just about everyone gets wrong due to to many intricacies involved with it.

      3) I would absolutely recommend you at the very least look at Wealthy Affiliate here as I describe it, I strongly believe that checking that program out, even for free which it is to join in the beginning would give you a whole different (and better) dynamic point of view on online business.

      I’m not saying switch over entirely, that will be up to you, but give them a look see. And about coaches, yes I do recommend them, but there’s a lot of snake coaches out there, fortunately, with Wealthy Affiliate, you will get the good ones and I say this because I am actually a coach within that program (who doesn’t charge extra) and will help you out if you join through here.

      Let me know if all these answers suffice, cheers!


  3. Hi Vitally. Great Article.

    I am always a little baffled when internet marketing programs omit the key to all business on the internet: traffic. Visitors to any website are the key. Without them there can be no sales.

    I can understand that they want you to pay more for that part of the knowledge, because it is vital. Most of the rest can be learned elsewhere.

    At least Wealthy Affiliate is honest and shows you how to get traffic through SEO techniques. there is not much about list building as a prime aim but any business that gets traffic to a website should be able to harvest email addresses and build a useful list over time.

    Many programs talk about a “passive” income but I do not know how to get a “passive” income without learning the trade first and doing the business yourself. I guess eventually, if you are earning money, you can afford to outsource parts of the business as you expand it. I am not quite there yet.

    • Hi Happy, in this case, it makes sense for the eBook I reviewed here to explain 1 part of the internet marketing process. To try and squeeze (no pun intended) all the necessary components into 1 eBook such as traffic and SEO would make the eBook too long and/or if it was short, it would have vague, filtered information which wouldn’t provide good instructions. 

      I will say that in the following case, the Attraction Marketing Formula is one of the best email marketing eBooks I read. But I do recall one that was better (and it was written by Wealthy Affiliate’s creators). It is called Inside The List. It is far more micro specific on the ways to write to your email list to get them to buy and much of my success with email marketing, when I did it in the past was due to the techniques I learned there.

      This brings me to the Wealthy Affiliate part of the comment where you said there’s not much training on email marketing. Though it is not part of the MAIN training there, there are NUMEROUS tutorials on email marketing within the Wealthy Affiliate community, but the important thing to note is as you said, the training in there focuses on getting the business up and running through SEO and traffic and then shows you the various ways to monetize that, one of which is email marketing and there are indeed plenty of tutorials inside WA for this.

  4. I like the sound of the Attraction Marketing Formula eBook. List building in an affiliate marketing business is so important and is one of the main methods to get customers to purchase through your site again. 

    I would like to know if Attraction Marketing Formula has their own Affiliate Program to promote? I would definitely be interested in joining on what you have written here.



  5. Hi!

    I think the psychology part seems really interesting to know more about because I have always been interested in that. I used to trade in the stock and community markets and read about the psychology on how people react to different scenarios that affect their money.

    I have an email list that I manage with an autoresponder but it’s always important to learn in this business so this could be interesting for me.



    • Hi Jan, I think you would benefit from this eBook, considering  you already do some form of email marketing. I certainly took a lot of good lessons from it.

  6. Thanks for sharing your review about attraction marketing formula. It seems this ebook really knew what it was taking about in regard to email marketing.

    Like you everything I’ve read and was taught said to not pitch a sale until after you build trust with your prospects. However, having an oto seems like quite an ingenious idea.

    I’m sure they went over a lot more that you can’t discuss, but I’m glad to know it’s worth getting when I get into email marketing. Would you say with email marketing, the best leads are still organic or is paid ok too?

    • Hi Michael, it depends on how the lead reached your site. You can get broad visitors from both organic and paid search. So if I am writing about say weight loss topics and doing paid ads on the same subject, I’ll get broad clicks and visitors, whereas if I was writing an article on a specific diet and doing paid ads for the same specific diet, I’d attract the same targeted audience in both cases.


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