Is Instacash Keywords a Scam? I Tried it. Here’s my Review.

instacash keywords reviewI tried Travis Sago’s Instacash Keywords service for a bit.

Overall I was very happy with it.

It is not a scam, but my review isn’t going to praise it completely because I believe the same kinds of things he finds for you can be done for free if you possess the right knowledge.

I’m also going to say some truly positive things about Travis, because he deserves the praise. He’s an ethical marketer and one of the few people I trust with internet marketing guidance.

Instacash Keywords in a nutshell:

It is a service where you pay a small fee to receive daily/weekly keyword lists that are aimed to target very specific niches such as micro niches. Currently the price is $4.95 for a 7 day trial, followed by monthly $27 payments.

Having personally used this service, I did like how extremely specific each keyword list was. After I signed up, I received a lot of daily emails from him showing me specific keywords for specific niches as well as competition numbers.

Every list’s has a different amount of keywords. Sometimes it can be 20, sometimes a 100. It varies, but they all have low competition, at least by whatever measure Travis Sago uses which I’ll explain in a second may not always be accurate.

I can’t say that every keyword is a potential hit, but there is certainly a lot niches out there that if utilized correctly can definitively help the average internet marketer find something to work with.

Additionally Travis also includes a “walk through” with each list in which he explains a little bit about it, the audience. This is definitely an additional plus. Each email you get from him is basically titled “ICKY” meaning it’s a list of keywords which are sticky and have tremendous potential behind them.

On a personal note, let me mention how much I respect Travis Sago:

I am a big fan of Travis’s because I’ve known him for a number of years. When I first started in the internet marketing world, his guidance via his bum marketing method led me to a school for internet marketing called Wealthy Affiliate.

Through it I was able to become successful. To date, that internet marketing school is the #1 recommendation I have for internet marketers of all levels. And it actually is the same place where Travis also got his start. Today, I classify Travis as a legitimate internet marketing guru.

I’ve since trusted his advice and speaking on a personal note, I have yet to find any product (including this one) that is bad. Pretty much everything Travis releases to the internet marketing world is meant to help internet marketers make money, which also helps him make money.

It is in essence a win-win.

Instacash keywords isn’t for everyone though:

I hate to do this, but I have to explain why it is this service isn’t really for everyone.

1) There are TOO many keyword lists you receive.

After having dozens of keyword lists from Travis (1,000’s of keywords to choose from), I found myself not even opening them up anymore because I wasn’t even going to do anything with it.

If you’re doing online marketing, you have to start from a point where you have a niche picked out based on a personal interest. Mine was dieting (not really a niche). The problem is that the keyword lists you get range from all sorts of niches and it’s impossible to work on all of them, because nowadays especially, you should just focus on 1 and develop it into an online business.

If you’re not going to do anything with the keyword lists you receive, but just stick to one, then there’s really no point of using this service in the first place. This is just my opinion.

2) You can find these keywords on your own.

It doesn’t take a genius to find keywords on a niche he/she has chosen. What is necessary is proper guidance in picking a niche you can develop a website out of and make money on.

As for keywords and finding them, it’s actually much easier than you think. Here is a tutorial on finding keywords easily that I recommend.

3) Not all the metrics Travis may be up to date or accurate.

Ok so this is very important. After you sign up to his page, you will get free keyword lists. I took a couple of those keywords and the competition numbers and compared them on my preferred keyword tool, Jaaxy which is up to date and the results were well…different.

I’m not sure what Travis uses to measure competition, but the tool I use is pretty accurate. There is a big enough difference in traffic numbers and competition when I compared the numbers. Mine showed lower traffic numbers and higher competition for the keywords I used.

Note: It may also be outdated. The screenshot of the keywords on his page have not changed for quite a bit and competition numbers as well as traffic numbers do change.

Those are really my only issues. Absent that everything else is great. So with that in mind, let’s summarize the good & the bad.


  • Travis Sago has a great reputation for making good products/services. I personally vouch for him.
  • The keywords are given are indeed very niche specific.
  • The keyword lists will provide you with a lot of ideas to work with.
  • Cheap to try. $4.95 trial offer.
  • No shady business. Travis is very up front with his services/promotions.


  • There are TOO many keywords lists which will likely be unusable for most people, at least that was the case for me.
  • You can find your own keywords using common sense. Here’s a keyword tool I really like called Jaaxy.
  • Not all data in Instacash keyword may be accurate.
  • To make anything happen with Instacash keywords, you need proper guidance on how to use them.

Final Rating: Instacash Keywords

5 stars

Green Flag

5 stars out of 10. Solid and potentially great product/service in spite of the cons (see official Instacash Keywords website). But you need experience/proper guidance to be able to make something out of this.

My final thoughts on Instacash Keywords:

It is not a scam.

The service is good and you potentially make something very successful come out of it. But a lot of people who use this service are those who are not familiar with online marketing, at least not to the point where they know exactly how to use the keywords given to them.

Like I said before, it’s important when doing online marketing to choose a niche and then find keywords based on that. You can certainly start from the opposite end, find keywords and then the niche, but through this service, there’s A LOT of wide ranging niches you’re probably never going to try to make anything out of. 

I would have preferred if Travis added a bonus service where you could pick a niche and then be provided keywords. Then it would be more targeted towards the user, but even then, it’s something you can on your own like I said a number of times before.

The price for Instacash keywords is more than fair and like I said before, I liked it because the quality of the service is good and Travis is a good guy who I’ve never had issues with.

But the missing piece of this puzzle is proper guidance.

Without knowing what exactly to do with these keywords and how to create a successful website, the keyword lists are useless. If I remember correctly, this service was created when article directories still had a lot of prestige in Google.

You could utilize the same keywords in the lists and rank high very quickly. No longer is this the case as article directories have been Google slapped. Additionally competition/traffic numbers has changed too. I’m not sure if Instacash keywords has updated their lists for this.

One thing is for sure though: SEO has changed and it’s not as easy to rank under the same terms as before. You need proper guidance to know how this works and that’s exactly why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, which is the missing piece as far as I’m concerned. 

If you’ve used this service before or have any questions/comments, feel free to share them below! 

12 thoughts on “Is Instacash Keywords a Scam? I Tried it. Here’s my Review.”

  1. When I see that someone is a member of Wealthy Affiliate it makes me very happy because I know when I read a review from their site such as this one, I know it’s going to be spot on. I noticed you wrote this in 2014 and said the price was $27. I’d say that’s a fair figure to pay for this course, but now (2015) it’s $47 so I’m definitely passing on this, especially since we have a keyword tool free and paid in WA. We may be following each other in WA but if not you can find me under Lady May.

  2. Hi Vitaliy,
    I have never tried InstaCash Keywords, but it seems like there are other programs that are much simpler to use.

    Thanks for your great review.


    • Actually Jen, this program is very easy to use. You don’t really do anything. They just send you keywords and you use what works for you. That’s the basic idea.

  3. I thought of using Instacash keywords at one time, but I’m glad I passed. I think there could be value for some people out there, but it’s so much better to understand how to find your own keywords.

    Great review!

    • It’s a priceless knowledge Christina. I used to also think that if I had someone revealing to me the best keywords, I’d get somewhere. This was wrong and held me back. The best way to find keywords is to use common sense, plain and simple!

  4. I too respect Travis, his ideas and ethics seem sound. Thanks for the thoughtful review of instacash keywords, which initially looked tempting. Great point about too many keywords (even if they were up-to-date and accurate) – it is not good to try and spread yourself too thinly. Regards and good luck

    • The real question is what will you do with all those niche ideas and keywords? There’s no way you can do them all of even half for that matter. People should focus on 1 niche and maybe 2 at most, especially in the beginning. If this is the case, Instacash keywords may be useful for a short time but not for the long run.


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