Rapid Content Wizard Review. Is it Worth it? No.

Rapid content wizard reviewRapid Content Wizard is a software program that is supposed to help make content creation very simple. But it’s opposite side is why I say it isn’t worth it.

Here you’ll find an honest review of it, because I am not promoting it. And the reason being is that I think it’s not worth your time and I’m going to explain exactly why. 

Rapid Content Wizard in a nutshell:

You create an article or copy/paste one from other sources such as article directories and the Rapid Content Wizard software spins it and creates new content that is re-worded from the original. It can make several versions of this.

The theory behind Rapid Content Wizard is that in SEO, content creation is basically key to ranking on search engines and receiving traffic.

Rapid Content Wizard’s job is to make content creation very simple since it does everything for you. You just take the spun content it creates, put it on your website and enjoy the rewards.

That is theory. Here’s the reality and why this is a bad idea:

Any sort of spun content not only looks bad on your site because the wording doesn’t really make any sense, but furthermore, this approach to SEO does not make your website look good in Google’s eyes. I’m not sure about Bing or Yahoo, but since Google gets the majority of all visitors, let’s just use them as an example. 

  • Spun content is basically copied content.
  • Copied content is basically duplicate content.
  • Duplicate content is bad SEO practice and can get your website Google slapped.

People constantly try to play the algorithm game search engine’s set up in hopes of fooling it and gaining high rankings. 

Unfortunately for these people, search engines have become a lot smarter at noticing what is/isn’t spun content. They can and they will find you. In Rapid Content Wizard, here is an example of how this could happen: 

On their main website, if you scroll down, you’ll see images of “proven” reports showing how great the Rapid Content Wizard is at helping people get traffic. Here is the screenshot:

rapid content wizard results

Why this is bad:

Let’s say for the sake of argument that these reports are indeed true and you can see these results if you use Rapid Content Wizard. The problem is that with SEO nowadays anything that gets fast results like this will sooner or later activate a red flag in Google’s eyes.

In their eyes, people simply cannot write content so quickly, no matter how long they work or how fast they type. This will give them the impression that your site is using some sort of black hat tool such as an article/content spinner. 

And if that doesn’t happen, from what I’ve read, the content generated by this tool isn’t very readable. From what I’ve seen in previous experiences, this is true. I can’t claim the same for Rapid Content Wizard, but since it is a content spinner, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is. 

In Rapid Content Wizard, it is believed unique quality content is generated. This is simply an oxymoron because it is impossible with any sort of content spinners. Reasons explained. Not to mention it can’t possibly be grammatically correct and include all the proper punctuation in the right places. Nothing beats writing unique quality content on YOUR own.

So take the fact that the overwhelming amount of new content added seems fishy to being with + the fact that the content is likely going to be very difficult to read for visitors and look like a bot generated it, and you have the recipe for being spotted by Google and being slapped. If the slap happens and it will sooner or later, your site will likely never see the light of day (traffic) again.

Content spinners like these aren’t new. They just all claim to be that way. For example, a very similar product to the Rapid Content Wizard is one called SEO Zen which pretty much does the same thing/s, but takes it to another black hat marketing level. 


  • You can technically get high SERP rankings & traffic results (initially). 


  • It’s a form of black hat marketing. 
  • The content generated is difficult to read. No visitor is going to stay long if that’s the case.
  • Google can/will spot you and potentially slap your site. 
  • Content that you spin via places other than your own unique work is technically plagiarism.

Final Rating: Rapid Content Wizard

1 star

Red Flag

1 star out of 10. This type of approach to SEO is dead and NOT recommended. Don’t risk your site’s reputation for initially fast results. 

Is using Rapid Content Wizard ever worth the risk?

I say never.

Why put up a site that is essentially your own online business and have it be founded on mud as it’s foundation? That is basically what happens when you depend on content spinners and other black hat marketing tools and in the end it will all come crashing down.

Maybe not right away, but sooner or later a Google update which is meant to cleanse their system of these sorts of websites using these types of programs will happen and your site will get caught. It’s just not worth the risk.

Most of the time beginners to online marketing get suckered in this kind of stuff and then have to learn the hard way why it doesn’t work. And in many cases a lot of experienced marketers still believe this sort of stuff still works.

It all goes back to the mentality that people have which is they want to make money fast and find the easiest methods to do that. Programs like Rapid content Wizard promise this kind of stuff, but as you already know this is one side of the coin, while the other will basically ruin everything. Don’t be one of these people.

If you want to make a successful website, whether for an online business or something you can depend on, focus on writing your OWN unique quality content and utilizing proper approaches to SEO (basically white hat). It will take longer, but at the same time you can sleep easy at night knowing you aren’t doing anything unethical or something that Google may catch you and penalize you for. 

If you need a proper approach to SEO, I strongly recommend my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate as it is the most up to date on these sorts of things and gives you the straight forward, legitimate way of doing things. As someone whose been scammed for a lot of money time and time again, I can you tell you right now a big part of success online depends on proper guidance which is unfortunately very difficult to find nowadays. 

To end things up, I recommend never going for the sorts of programs like Rapid Content Wizard or anything that promises fast results with ease. Experience has taught me this time and time again. And as for the people who keep clinging to these hopes? Well it’s a rake they’ll keep stepping on until they realize the only way to succeed online is through the legitimate way.

You already know my recommendation for that.

3 thoughts on “Rapid Content Wizard Review. Is it Worth it? No.”

  1. Hi Vitaliy,
    You are so right when you said that the only way to succeed online is through the legitimate way. But I suppose some people just want a fast fix.

    If you are passionate about what you are writing about, you don’t need to spin it or use these types of products. Products like Rapid Content Wizard make it too complicated when it does not take a lot of time to write a short piece (along the lines of what Christina said), and it is the wrong way to do things by using this product. (My opinion).

    Thanks for your review. 🙂

  2. I haven’t personally used Rapid Content Writer, but I have used other article spinners in the past. They are garbage. I took more time trying to fix an article that I spun than it would have taken me to write it. And it still sounded terrible.

    • It’s ironic. I think that if you compare the time it takes to make your own post vs a one that’s spun, the spun one will take longer to fix and still not look as good as your personal one.


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