Clickbank Pirate Review. Is it a Scam?

clickbank pirate review

It’s been very difficult for me to find an accurate review of Clickbank Pirate. Every site I check out is riddled with copy/paste text that promotes it.

Being in the business of online marketing for a number of years, I can easily spot what is legitimate and what isn’t and this program is not something I would ever recommend. 

Clickbank Pirate explained:

This explanation is from my understanding of the program.

I never purchased this product, but I have been doing A TON of research (and have made money online, including through Clickbank) to figure out what it is and frankly, there is nothing to suggest it’s special at all.

Their sale’s page is typical and sales reports are from 2011 and the overall page is hyped up to make you think it’s easy to use this system. 

Essentially what happens is this: 

You learn to promote Clickbank Pirate to other people through their “proven system” which basically involves sending traffic to their official website through your own personal affiliate link so that they either buy the Clickbank Pirate itself or sign up to receive newsletters from this program.

The newsletters are basically a sales funnel meaning that Clickbank Pirate is set up so that it eventually convinces the person who signed up to buy the program itself. Once they do, the original link they signed up from (yours) will provide you with a commission. That is the basic idea. 

Broken down, when you buy this program, you get access to video tutorials and an eBook explaining the system I summarized above. In addition to this, you also get resources to help you promote this program, most notably:

  • PLR articles.
  • Prebuilt WordPress websites which are hosted by Clickbank Pirate and already set up for you.
  • Free reports you can give away as an incentive for people to sign up to the system or buy it right away.
  • Banners to promote it and more.
  • This is what’s known as the Clickbank Pirate “Treasure Map”. 

You also learn to write articles and get traffic to the Clickbank Pirate website. The more visitors you get to their page through your affiliate link, the more odds they’ll buy the program and you’ll get a commission.

This is why they claim their system is a few clicks and you can make easy money without having a website (you copy/paste articles on article sites). You get visitors to their page, they capture their emails and do all the work for you.

Additionally many of the resources get updated meaning you receive new articles to use every now and then. You just copy/paste the new articles on article directories, get traffic, send visitors to the Clickbank Pirate page and supposedly reap the rewards.

The price of Clickbank Pirate is $67 upfront and $37 monthly after that.

clickbank pirate alternative

Clickbank Pirate sounds like a good system, but there are issues with it:

In my experience and especially this day n age, most of these tactics simply don’t work anymore. Here’s what I mean…

1) One of the things that turned me off to Clickbank Pirate is it’s sale’s page. I’ve seen so many of these look alike sites in my time online that I just can’t stand it anymore. All of them claim the same things: Easy money, few clicks, work very little, blah, blah, blah. 

2) Writing on article sites is no longer a smart move to get traffic. Many article directories used to rank high on search engines and received a ton of traffic, until they got Google slapped for being content farms. Now you need to make your own website to get anywhere. 

3) PLR articles are no longer things you can just copy/paste, get traffic and profit. This kind of stuff is basically considered duplicate content, meaning copied work which is a no-no in the SEO game.

What happens if you get caught using it is your site/blog/article will get Google slapped and removed from search engines. Nowadays you need to write you own quality content to get anywhere.

These “magic button” formulas where you just copy text, click a few things and enjoy the rewards is just nonsense. It doesn’t work anymore because most of the places Clickbank Pirate utilizes in it’s system no longer work. To achieve any kind of success online, you need to build an online business through solid foundations and this is just not a good place to start in my opinion.


  • You can still technically make money through this system. 


  • Very outdated training.
  • Many recommendations to promote Clickbank Pirate no longer work. 
  • The sale’s report on their pages are from 2009-2011.

Final Rating: Clickbank Pirate

2 stars

Red Flag.

2 out of 10 stars. Not recommended. Most methods outdated and bad SEO practices. See the program which ranked #1, called Wealthy Affiliate.

My final thoughts on Clickbank Pirate:

Even though I never tried this product, it wasn’t exactly rocket science to figure out how it works. I’ve been in this business for quite awhile and recognize tactics these types of programs use pretty quickly.

Though I’m sure some things I mentioned here aren’t 100% accurate, the system by which this program functions isn’t new. Maybe years ago it could have worked and I’m sure for some it did, but not in today’s internet marketing world and the main reason is that again most of the resources and training they go by no longer work. 

Additionally it is VERY difficult to find any honest review of this program like I mentioned in the beginning of this page. I only found 2 decent pages which went in-depth on what’s inside and even that took me quite a bit to find. Everything else was basically telling me how great the program is and linking me to the Clickbank Pirate page. 

If you’re new to internet marketing, I recommend you be very careful with programs that promise you easy money (just start here), whether through their “proven systems” or “magic formulas”, ect… Most of these things are just keywords to make you buy and most of the time a lot of these programs are either outdated or just flat out scams. 

If you want to build a successful online business, you need to understand that even though it’s possible, you need to make it happen through legitimate methods. It’s just not going to happen through places which claim this business is easy and you just need to click a few buttons to make it work for you. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is! 

If you have a personal experience/review of Clickbank Pirate you would like to share, I’d love to hear from you! 

Update: Do not mistake this program with Clickbank itself.

Clickbank Pirate is simply a program ON the Clickbank network and that network is legit (See how much I made with Clickbank) and while I do recommend that network for making money online, I do not recommend using a program like Clickbank Pirate to do it.

And that is the review of Clickbank Pirate.

Clickbank Pirate


Clickbank Pirate Score



  • None anymore in my opinion.


  • This program's biggest problem is it's extremely outdated.

3 thoughts on “Clickbank Pirate Review. Is it a Scam?”

  1. When you see the income proof is several years old (2009-2011) it’s good evidence that the program is outdated.

    These clone sites are only good for the initial cadre that gets them out on the market. After a couple of weeks the market is flooded with these cloned sites and people just ignore them.

    • Excellent point on the cloned sites Steve. It didn’t really cross my mind at the time, but it would more so add to the argument of NOT using this program.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about those cloned websites, as soon as I see them now, I back away. Thanks for your review, saved me time in having to check it out myself. 🙂


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