Is Computer Enterprise a Scam? 5 Controversial Clues.

In this review of Computer Enterprise, I want to explain why I am very reluctant to buy it (scam?) and that’s because of my history with programs like these.

computer enterprise review

You see, while I didn’t buy this program directly, looking into it I found a couple of clues that it was the right decision.

I’ll be explaining these clues in just a moment, but as a whole, this program is supposed to be a work at home/make money online system that supposedly is easy and “anyone can do”. I question that and the clues/experiences I’ll share will very clearly explain why that is…

Basically, I have a lot of bad experiences with buying MANY programs like these as well as 2 separate experiences with the creator of this one (Rory) and I will be sharing them shortly, but let me first say the following thing:

computer enterprise alternative

Here are the 4 clues and reasons I don’t recommend Computer Enterprise:

You’re going to understand why I didn’t buy this program after you read them, so here’s the first one:

Clue 1:

The first major clue is that this program is advertised on a website I have found MANY scam programs on, a fake work at home website advertising questionable programs CONSTANTLY and that is NOT hyperbole.

I’ve reviewed about 50+ programs from that site, purchased a few of them (and always regretting it, but it’s my job as a reviewer to do this) and not a single one has ever been recommended. These programs were either scams or just VERY low quality.

But just because Computer Enterprise was recommended on this fake site does not make this program guilty. So this leads me into the next clue…

Clue 2:

On the homepage of Computer Enterprise, you’re basically watching a stitched video showing news reports of people making money online and then Rory, the creator of this program giving you a sales pitch. 

The problem is that these news reports have nothing directly to do with Computer Enterprise.

There are testimonials from people added into the overall sales video, but I always question video testimonials (they do mention Rory and thanking him for his program, for what it’s worth).

Clue 3:

Now as for MY personal experiences, let me say that I have explored at least 2 work at home programs VERY similar to this one and they also had a Rory (Richord) in it, who also had a similar pitch. I assume it’s the same Rory and if not, please correct me.

But anyway, here are the 2 programs, that I did purchase by a Rory Richord:

First we have Simple Income Strategies and you’re welcome to click that link to read a review of it. But in short, the pitch is pretty similar to Computer Enterprise, that it’s easy to make money, yet my experience with both online marketing and that program was basically opposite of that. I had to get a refund.

Second, we have Secure Job Position, which also led me to training from Rory, but as I said in the review of that program (link provided), it was not high quality and I also mentioned how there were pushes for coaching calls that could have cost me a lot of money.

And with these 2 programs, the same kinds of claims about easy money and easy set ups were also present, not to mention the same logo was advertised, which basically lends credibility that these programs are tied together or possibly recycled/renamed.

So with these 2 previously bad experiences by what I assume is the same person behind them, you can probably see why when I saw Rory’s name, the same logo, and all of this, why I was reluctant to purchase this…

Clue 4: 

My general experiences in reviewing make money online programs is that the easier they try to make it seem their program is, the more likely it is you should stay away. In every instance I’ve seen this kind of sales pitch advertised, it’s never turned out this way and in most cases, what occurred was that I was pushed to buy more stuff to try and make that claim a reality.

Now it’s still possible this may not be the case with Computer Enterprise, but I am speaking about my overall experience with work at home programs that are usually of low quality…

Clue 5: 

The final clue isn’t directly that, it’s just reinforcement about sticking to a single great program and not letting the plethora of others out there distract you. 

What I mean by this is that despite my history with buying, reviewing and exploring tons of bad programs (not all of them honestly, a few were good) is that Wealthy Affiliate has always been the best one to recommend.

Here’s a few reasons (there’s truly a bunch more, but these are the most important):

5 reasons explained

My final conclusion on Computer Enterprise…

Even though I have a lot of experiences and reasons to not recommend it (as I stated above), I still can’t 100% say it’s a scam, but I did give you personal reasons/experiences with why I have a lot of reluctance. 

Another thing I forgot to say is that I have also explored and bought other make money online systems with similar names. For example: Computer Resources.

And there really are a lot of others like this. And I believe that many of these programs are connected together, just have or change names because of how low quality they end up being (in my case, every time).

So with all the bad experiences, lost and refunded money I’ve had with these programs, I decided to not step into buying Computer Enterprise.

With the other option, Wealthy Affiliate, I am recommend that and when you read my review of it (and possibly try it), you will likely understand why it’s that good.

Now if you are reading this review of Computer Enterprise and disagree with me or perhaps think that something I wrote here is not accurate, no problem, please let me know about the correction (or your thoughts in general) on this program below…

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