Is Simple Income Strategies a Scam? 3 Major Red Flags.

simple income strategies reviewQuick Report:

Name: Simple Income Strategies by “Kelly Simmons” which is just in my opinion another fake pen name. The real person who runs the program once you buy it is Rory Ricord. 

Price: If you try to exit the page, you can get away with discounting the price to $67. Be aware that there’s 2 offers post purchase pitched to you, both of which I advise staying away from (I did).

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars.

While Rory makes an effort to get this program to look easy, I really believe it’s not high quality (or easy) and is more so is an attempt to get people to register for his other services. I will not recommend this program at all and will give you 3 red flags on why.

So before I explain each flag, let me first tell you about what this program is, and I also want to share something much more important and that is:

Let’s discuss Simple Income Strategies. What is it? 

It is a program which actually teaches you to post links as it says.

However, the method by which it teaches you to do this is questionable from my point of view because I do internet business and I do post links (it is called affiliate marketing) which make money (though my approach is in my opinion more up to date).

What is so questionable about it? Well I’ll get to that shortly in the red flag points, but let me first summarize…

How this program works:

You learn to basically make money by signing up to different types of programs on the internet, many of which are totally legit.

These programs give you links and you post those links through 2 platforms:

1) A free ad site called

Each time someone who visits that website who finds your ad clicks on it and pays or signs up, you can get paid.

2) On a personal blog site you make through Rory’s “help”.

On your blog, you’re basically going to make an eCommerce store here, but promote products that aren’t yours, but pay you commissions. You will also place ads on this site to monetize through incoming visitors who click on them. Ads such as you see from Google Adsense.

That sounds simple and legit Vitaliy, so where do the red flags come in?

The red flags come in when you look at the program’s history as well as dissect those 2 methods above and explain why they’re not very profitable in my opinion, so let’s do that now:

Red Flag 1: 

Originally Simple Income Strategies was revealed to me after investigating a previously reviewed SCAM program called Total Income Answer. What many of these programs do is they change their program names very often and what I do is monitor these name changes to see when it happens and then accordingly warn people.

What happened was, I visited a page which was promoting Total Income Answer, clicked to see if it was still being pushed and it took me to Simple Income Strategies instead. 

Now one may assume due to this change that the new program is now the new scam, I decided to buy it. I hate labeling programs negatively unless there’s no choice. 

But prior to buying it, I really had to go through a few name changes in programs and what started with Total Income Answer, switched to Simple Income Strategies eventually took me into a members area where Rory Ricord was the man who teach me about link posting. 

So forget the name Kelly Simmons because these programs love to make up fake names and use recycled photos of people whose names aren’t that. Remember the name Rory Ricord because at the time of this review, he is the one I found after buying the Simple Income Strategies program. 

Now that concludes the red flag of the “shady” history. Now let’s get into the actual teachings and why I am not going to recommend them…

Red Flag 2: 

One thing I’ll give Rory props for is that I finally purchased a program which says you’ll post links and actually teaches you that. Previous ones I’ve purchased ended up not really teaching me that much and ended up being much more complicated than advertised. Sometimes they even pushed me into a completely different, and high ticket program.

However, this does not improve Simple Home Profits as a program overall. In this red flag, I want to cover the big problem I see with the recommendation he gives on putting up links to promote products on that ad site I mentioned above.

While it is totally free and people do go to that site, it is simply in my opinion a breeding ground of low quality advertisements. This is what you will get when you allow people to promote anything and everything, for free, you will have anyone clamoring to make sales and money, anyway possible by promoting things that are often VERY low quality.

And that not only ruins the experience of people who land on that page, but their trust in my opinion. Think of the most low quality classified ads on a newspaper page, all promoting make money schemes, easy solutions to problems, ect… the type of stuff that looks like spam in your email box that you would never click on.

That is pretty much what you will see when you land on that ad site, and trust me, I did go and check it out to verify it.

Even if people DO click on the ads and DO buy, to get to that point is going to take a long time and effort on your part to set up the ad. The time you could have put into making your own successful business instead of this scavenger hunt would have been a much better investment.

Red Flag 3: 

The last major issue with this program is the option it offers for you to create a blog site and take all of the offers you would have promoted through the classified site, but on your own website instead.

Rory pitches his own website creation system and VERY often refers to you. The red flag is that this whole approach to “blogging” from what I saw was simply a form of site duplication. You get a blog from him, set it up and the content that is one it is copied and pasted information. 

Now for those who don’t know, ANY blog site that has copied information will never get good visitors from Google. And I know that this is copied information because I looked at Rory’s videos and some of his example websites and compared them. For example, here are 2 sites which had in many cases identical information.

Here is proof:

These 2 sites would never do well on Google at all, not to mention the fact that the information was really just low quality promotional material aimed to sell anything, kind of like the low quality stuff I mentioned on that classified ad program above…

Anyone who has remotely decent experience with blogging knows that this isn’t’ the type of “sales text” that sells. It just looks like spam to me personally and if I in some miracle landed on this site, I would not trust it…

Long story short, everything I have learned about SUCCESSFUL blogging completely is taught differently and dare I say wrongly here and this is why when I give my final rating of this program, it will not be favorable…

Final Rating: Simple Income Strategies.

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. Would I say that this program is a scam? Well there is a lot of effort made to provide information and content so from that point of view no, but the quality, organization feels like an unorganized web, and I already explained why their methods may not be suitable to make money with in my opinion.

My final thoughts:

Alright, so there’s ONE more thing I left out in terms of red flags and that is how often Rory talks about signing up with Skype and talking to his people (mentors/trainers/coaches). There is no specific talk about price there and they make it sound like it’s free with their membership but I believe it’ll be expensive (I offer what I consider a better option for coaching here).

This I have very big doubts on since he mentions again and again how his people will help you set this up. I think this whole coaching thing is just a “way” of getting you to hand over more money to pay for this stuff. I don’t trust it at all. 

I say this because of previous bad experiences and also because there are a lot of “holes” I see in the strategies of the program itself, which if I didn’t know internet marketing, I would not be able to explain, but people who really won’t be able to get it may think they need the coaching. It’s pushed hard, very hard and that is what raises my skepticism that it will either cost a lot of money upfront or they’ll charge you for whatever they want to sell you.

I’ve said all I can say about “Simple Income Strategies” and I if you can tell me about your experiences with it or your thoughts on this review, let me know.

Simple Income Strategies


Simple Income Strategies Score



  • Slightly does what it claims on the home page (posting links).


  • I do not agree with any ways this program teaches you to make money online.

8 thoughts on “Is Simple Income Strategies a Scam? 3 Major Red Flags.”

  1. Vitaliy,

    Well written article exposing yet another shady scheme. These schemes give online marketing a bad name. I’ve seen so many people comment that all websites that promote making money online are scams. Simple Income Strategies is one of the reasons people distrust what is actually a very good business. 

    Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand is the exact opposite, teaching the right way to create and build an honest, helpful website that people can trust.

    Thanks, keep up the good work.


    • Ed, if there were more sites like Wealthy Affiliate, the tone and bad reputation would change for sure, but that’s why I try to get people away from scams and into the good ones. 

  2. Hi Vitaliy,

    Though I have no personal experience with Simple Income Strategy I can definitely say it is an inferior training platform by reading through your review. What fascinates me most is that on the internet, where many well-experienced marketers like you are roaming on a daily basis, there are such people who think they can achieve riches and fame with such inferior marketing strategy. Riches? Absolutely not. But fame? Yes, but a notorious kind. So long to SIS.



  3. Thoughtful insights, There are a lot of get rich schemes on the internet which in my opinion, only seem to serve the promoter of the scheme, to make him or her richer, I particularly like the way that you’ve looked in depth at this particular scheme. Thanks for the advice and the heads up.

  4. This one looked suspicious to me as well from the very beginning. Duplicating content, changing names of the program, low quality of the content in a spam scheme… Man, this one has it all!

    I wish there was some kind of filter to make all this scams disappear, since they create a huge distrust towards the honest online programs to make money.

    Thanks for the thorough review and warning, Vitaliy.

    • No problem Israel, yep this is what I deal with weekly, but it helps people away from it. I will say, it sounds like Simple Income Strategies and Rory’s site are not made by the same person. Odds are, it was some affiliate promoting Rory’s page because he does put in some good effort (though not such great results).


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