Is Secure Job Position a Scam? Let This Review Show You.

Quick Report:secure job position review

Name: Secure Job Position by the ever so fake Kelly Simmons and I mean it, the person is truly NOT real.

Price: $97 and there are discounts, but not even $1 is what I would value this program at. Do note that if you buy, there are the following 2 up-sells which are garbage in my opinion:

1) There is a “search engine submitter” they try to sell to you for $47. Why I say it’s garbage is because if you have a NORMAL website such as a WordPress one, every time you add a new page to it, it gets submitted to search engines for free. You only need to have your site submitted to Google, Bing and Yahoo and this can be done for free, you don’t need to pay $47 for this scam to do it!

2) There is a $37 “valued” eBook package they sell on how called “Business Success Blueprint”. What I will tell you is that I’d rather you learn this stuff for free and the good news is, I have a better alternative, it is this program I personally use and I have made a number of successful online businesses. You can do it too, and the info is free.

So there, I just saved you a bunch of money from buying these up-sells. But that still leaves the main program and this is what I rate it as:

Final Rating: 1 out of 10 stars.

And the reasons as to why are below.

Secure Job Position in a nutshell:

Overall, this is really just another fake named program with the fake Kelly Simmons name attached to it. Specifically speaking though, this program “masks” another program for which there is a real person in charge, called Rory Ricord and once you buy Secure Job Position, you are given access to Rory’s site.

Now I did say there is a duplication and this is the second time I have stumbled onto Rory’s page and training, the first time being from reviewing a program called Simple Income Strategies. I put up a full review of it here and I assure you, the same exact thing you see through that program is also the same thing you see when you buy Secure Job Position, that being:

You buy the program, and then you get redirected to Rory’s site. 

Do you actually get anything good out of this program? Well…

Let’s just establish a few things before I answer that question:

1) Remember, Secure Job Position isn’t a real program, it’s a redirect to Rory’s site.

2) Rory’s site is the real program we should be looking at (and we are).

3) Here is what you actually get out of his site (and this is a screenshot):

Now that’s actually not bad, but it’s not amazing either (not enough to pay as much as I did for the program…), these strategies are not that profitable in my opinion because…

On the first one for example, basically you are advertising to a large audience on a big ad network where there’s many other competitors, so while you are “posting links”, your exposure is very little.

Now on the second, eCommerce sites are a tricky thing because they require a lot of knowledge in understanding how to get the right sort of visitors to that site so they buy. From what I have seen on Rory’s site, this information is not offered the way I’d like it to be and that is a missing piece, a necessary one…

Here is an inside look to the program in case you want to see what it’s like:

Big reasons why the rating for this program is so low…

1) The information I just pointed to that you learn from this program is faulty…at best.

There are simply not enough tutorials or detailed enough explanations to help people fully understand or make the most out of these ideas which leads me to believe (and this is from past experience) that they are likely not profitable.

2) There are tutorials on other third party type things you can do such as register on other affiliate programs like Clickbank, videos on how to advertise on Facebook, and things of that sort which is meant to see what the potential of online marketing is. 

But the big problem here is that these “tutorials” are more like introduction videos to the topics which will let you know about the opportunities but leave you asking questions on how to monetize of them. 

Any sort of “value” I saw on the members site felt “clunked” together and not really organized. I don’t like this approach to teaching people how to make money because with the addition of what is in my opinion missing information, the add on of disorganized tutorials further complicates the reader’s experience…

3) Third and most importantly, there is A LOT of focus on Rory’s site to try and “push you” to call their coaching services for “help”.

I have eluded to on more than one occasion why this is NOT a good thing in that it’s likely going to lead to major up-sell type sales calls. 

And I’m not talking about the 2 up-sells I talked about right when I started this review, I’m talking about a person speaking to you and trying to sell you $1,000+ packages for calling them.

I fully admit that this is speculation and I could be wrong, but with all I know about marketing and actually making money from the internet, I know a lot about shady companies and how they operate and unfortunately this program has way too many of these same signs I see with bad companies.

Final Rating: Secure Job Position.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. Honestly, I would not compare the title of this program to actually having any sort of “secure” job. This isn’t a program where you actually get one, you “learn” how to do internet marketing through ads and make an eCommerce page, but that’s not a job, it’s a business investment and it’s a truly risky one for the reasons I pointed to.

In this topic, I can actually help you get started, if an online business is what you’re looking to start. 

My final thoughts: It is not worth the money.

Compared to the few GOOD programs that are out there, Secure Job Positions is just not good, not in the information it provides, the up-sells it pitches or the consultation services (get my coaching for free here) it “offers” which out of all the things I saw inside this program, was the one I would be most careful about. 

Now that I’ve literally bought this program twice, I will immediately ask for a refund.

I didn’t like this program the first time I got it and I certainly don’t like it more now that I have purchased it twice and I would certainly NOT recommend it to anyone either.

Secure Job Position

$97 with upsells

Secure Job Position Score



  • None.


  • This program has you join Rory's site and I personally didn't like it.

4 thoughts on “Is Secure Job Position a Scam? Let This Review Show You.”

  1. After being scammed by several programs like the one described here, I am all ears when I run across this type of information. After being associated with WA for about 2 months, I could kick myself for paying one company about $7K to do what I am now doing myself. WA is certainly the best answer for anyone wanting to create an online marketing source of income.

    • $7,000!? My goodness Ann, I am very sorry to hear about that horrible online experience! But unfortunately, I know a lot about this and how the companies I talked about such as this one are capable of up-selling you to this extent and in some cases, even more. I hope you were able to recover the money, that amount is robbery…

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the informative information about this dodgy company. You are right, there are so many out there and we need more people like you exposing them.

    That’s why I love the Wealthy Affiliate platform as you get such amazing value and information for a minimal amount of outlay. I absolutely love it!

    • I agree Stefanie, I would add that the information in WA is organized FAR better with Secure Job Position and it is far easier for just about everyone to grasp and implement it.


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