How to Get People to Sign up to Your Email List With Ease.

One of the most difficult things about email marketing is getting tons of people to sign up to your list. But there’s a smart way to do it to make that simple.

That’s the problem to which I offer you the solution today. 

how to get people to sign up to your email list

Having done a lot of email marketing in the past, I’d like to share with you how I personally get tons of people to opt in (sign up) to my email list/s, with case study proof to back it up. I’ve done articles on this in the past, but I’d say this is more geared to 2019 in case you’re wondering if it’s outdated (it’s not).

If you follow the same formula I am about to give you, I can guarantee you that a few things will happen:

Your opt ins will increase substantially. 

Your sales through sending out  will drastically improve.

Before we begin, here are the 5 parts to a successful email campaign:

Part 1: Finding the RIGHT niche to target (laser target it, and everything else is easy). Hungry and evergreen niche audiences in my experience are the BEST for this.

Part 2: Creating a landing page/sign up form for that right niche to sign up to.

Part 3: Getting that right niche traffic to find your site (again, laser targeted).

Part 4: Getting those signed up leads to open your emails.

Part 5: Making sure those leads stay with you so you can keep making money through them.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we will only focus on the first 2 parts because that’s what basically encapsulates this topic. The other 2 topics I will cover separately as they require their own individual tutorials.

Email list building is not just about collecting an opt in (don’t make this mistake). That’s just the start, it’s about giving those people who sign up with you value and answers to their questions, so they know you’re a trusted source. Once that happens, profits will surely follow.

But this is also a chain like process where every step leads to the next and if one part of the chain isn’t strong enough, the rest can break away. Following the 5 parts correctly ensures the whole chain (marketing campaign) is strong and that it provides great profits and results for you.

Part I: The most important part of starting an email list: Finding that right niche.

What does the right niche actually mean? Well it’s simple: To create any successful online marketing campaign, you need to find a niche that has a major problem they want an immediate solution to and give them a solution.

If you can comprehend that one thing I just wrote, I assure you, that you are going to be a successful online marketer/businessman and allow me to give you an example:

  • Weight loss. Broad topic.
  • Weight loss for women. Still broad.
  • Natural weight loss options for women. Niche.
  • How to lose weight if you’re a bride (Bam, that’s a hungry niche, no pun intended).

Now if you were running an opt in campaign, I’d tell you to target that last group, because it is the one who seeks an immediate solution. And if you look up the keyword stats, you’ll see what I mean, but I already have that down for you:

Now this is actually something I researched a long time ago, but overall, I found 66 (there probably are many more if I looked around better) and the estimated monthly traffic was over 700 visitors, which I would argue could be several times more if you made a site on it.

And by the way, the traffic stats and keywords I found on this were from a program I use called Jaaxy (it’s awesome).

But that’s not the point of all of this, the point is the niche, a hungry one and I can tell you, this is indeed one.

But why is this so important? Well because if the niche seeks a major solution to a major, immediate problem like it does here, then they are more likely to sign up to an opt in you make. 

  • Even before you create a landing page.
  • Even before you set up an email campaign.
  • Even before you funnel traffic to that landing page via SEO, PPC, social media, whatever…

You have to target that niche that seeks that solution. This is why part 1 is literally the most important. If you get this part wrong, it will impact your sign ups, your conversions and the overall business will be diluted (make less).

Another example:

I’ve already tested this out on a squeeze page I made to collect emails from people who have knee problems (another example of a niche that needs an immediate solution) and the results were quite extraordinary. Here is the case study.

Part 2: Moving on: Creating that landing page.

When you have that right niche chosen, the next step is to create and structure a landing page in a way which tells that right niche that they are in the right place.

Now there’s several ways to do this…

  • You can create a single landing page.
  • You can also create a blog website, write about topics that target that right niche market.
  • You can do both.

If you’re doing PPC marketing, I would say the first option is best (what is PPC)?

If you’re doing SEO and/or PPC together, I would say the second and third option are best.

But we’re jumping ahead into part 3, something I will not be covering in this article. Let’s stick to part 2: creating the landing page.

The most detailed article on that topic is here. You will see exactly how I set up a landing page for my right niche (in this case, it was the one about helping people find solutions to knee problems).

Your job is to do exactly the same thing on your niche site.

Structure your landing page in the following 5 ways:

Use big headings on the page that show the niche they found the solution (Example: Have a wedding coming up and need to lose weight? Look no further). That type of heading will catch eyes quickly.

-Keep it short, let people know that they found the solution and they will get it once they sign up. If you have a personal story, absolutely share it.

-Let them know the solution is simple (few steps). Don’t say things like you have a book on it, or a long explanation, keep it simple, say the solution is 5 steps to whatever it is they want a solution to, something along those lines. When people read that their problem has a simple solution, they are more likely to follow through and sign up.

-Offer up the sign up form and make sure you mention they’ll get an instant email with the things you promised (make sure you follow up on that).

-Ensure the opt in says there is no spam and that they should check their spam folder just in case (sometimes people who opt in may get your emails in their junk folder).

-Add relevant images to your page to show the niche audience through visuals that they find the right site.

Now this should go without saying, but you will obviously need to have some sort of auto responder program to do all of this. The only program I’ve ever used and was successful with was Aweber and if you’re a beginner to this or even intermediate, I assure you, that this program will be more than enough to meet your opt in collection needs.

Summarizing the strategy (it’s real simple…):

Part I: Find the right niche (remember to target audiences with major problems who seek an immediate solution).

Part II: Create a landing page that explains to that audience that they found the solution (if they sign up to your email list).

Again, if you have any questions regarding if you picked the right niche to make this all happen, let me know below, I’ll help you figure it out if you’re confused because I know how important this is.

As for the landing page, once again, I recommend this article, which will show you exactly how I set up one of my more successful opt in campaigns and that directly reflects this formula step-by-step. I had a killer CTR (click through rate and sign ups).

Want to see an example of this strategy? Here is a case study:

I ran a list building campaign where I tested this strategy and it worked quite well. Here is how I built an email list quickly.

My final thoughts: A great system to make this all work.

  • Are you new to making websites?
  • New to niche topics? 
  • New to email marketing? 
  • New to the whole system that is making money online?

If you are, you may want to temporarily hold off on this strategy as it is geared to people who already have experience with these sort of things. 

What I would actually recommend if you are new to this is to follow a system that I personally do in order to make a full time living online. 

Basically, this system teaches the whole topic of niches, websites, making them and then doing what I showed you here, except it is far more detailed and structured in a way to make it all easy and much more simple to get done. 

I would love to hear your feedback on the topic I wrote about above everyone. Please let me know if you have any questions or personal strategies you use to compile email lists.

I can tell you that in my experience, this stuff absolutely works. The more narrow the niche, the more sign ups you’ll get and the more profits you’ll make, believe me.

I will be following up this article with a new one that will explain the other 3 parts (traffic, getting people who sign up to open up the emails you send and KEEPING them, aka parts 3, 4 and 5).

Here is part 3 explained. Make sure to apply the RIGHT niche principals I talked about when you try this too.

Part 4 and 5 coming up soon.

Update, here it is! Make sure to read this article and understand it thoroughly first before going into the second one.

4 thoughts on “How to Get People to Sign up to Your Email List With Ease.”

  1. A very informative look at email marketing. I’ve looked at many successful peoples opinion on online marketing and a lot of the bigger ones tend to agree that an email list can be a a very profitable thing to invest your time into. 

    To be honest with you, I thought the whole process was a lot easier to understand through your explanation. Before it however, I though that email marketing seemed like a very hard thing to do.

    I’m still not quite ready to do this but when I am I’m def gonna implement what I learned from here!

    • Hi Amhil, to be honest with you, email marketing is not a simple business. It’s basically an extra layer of stuff you have to do on top of your existing marketing (traffic, comments, content creation) and in addition to that all, you have to set up and manage your subscribers. It’s not easy to do, but indeed it is profitable.

      Lately I’ve been experimenting with email marketing again for different types of niches and I would absolutely tell anyone to consider it in the long run for their business, but only after they get a good grasp of SEO, affiliate marketing and make it work. So what you’re doing is the right thing.

  2. Hello,

    It’s nice to see advice from someone who’s actually been successful at it. I do have a question and maybe you can point me to the answer in another post…

    How do you find the people that you email to? Do I need to buy Solo Ads? If so, who can be trusted? I’m in the Low Carb weight loss niche.

    • Hi Karyn, you need an autoresponder program like Aweber. People need to sign up to your email list and this type of program collects their info so you can then find it if need be.


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