How to Get Tons of People to Follow Your Blog Passionately.

It seems that this day n age, getting people to follow you, whether it on a social media site or blog is all the rage. As a marketer who runs a website, I fully understand how important it is to make this happen so in this article, I will explain exactly how you can do this (that is if you run a blog).

how to get people to follow your blog

Here are some major benefits of being able to get people to follow your blog:

-You can get higher rankings in search engines (more likes, more comments, ect…).

-Higher exposure on social media accounts as your followers like and share your content.

-You can build a whole community of people looking forward to hearing from you.

-More trust is established when new people who visit your blog see that there’s others participating in it.

-It’s easier to make sales.

-Every new post/article you write quickly goes out to your followers, which like it and in turn build up your exposure all across the internet.

-You can become quite a popular icon in whatever niche topic your blog centers around.

-And more…

The main point is, if you have a popular blog and it attracts people from all over, you will basically grow it and if you’re running a business on it, it will also grow.

Here is my resume when it comes to this topic:

I’ve got over 26k subscribers who follow me on this site and listen to my advice on setting up online businesses, which include social media growth.

I’ve compiled email lists of people going as far as 30k subscribers. 

I’ve got well over a decade of experience in setting up websites and getting people in masses to view them, buy the stuff I sell on them and basically follow it.

I’ve build websites in which I’ve amassed traffic that at this time has probably crossed a million views.

The 5 steps to setting up a proper funnel to get people to follow your blog:

  • Target a niche crowd (evergreen ones are the best).
  • Establish a website, I prefer you use WordPress because it typically has the easiest options to make all of this work.
  • Create content that a niche crowd would like to read on and establish rankings in search engines.
  • Create accounts on popular social media sites and link them back to your site.
  • Create a follow me box on your site so incoming visitors can easily click on and subscribe to.

Let’s dissect each step so you know exactly what to do:

Step 1: The niche crowd. 

I find from my own personal experiences that targeting niches tends to have the highest rate of success and when I say that I mean success when it comes to better search engine rankings, more loyal subscribers, more sales and basically all around benefits.

Note: Confused on niches? Here’s all you need to know.

For the purposes of this article, I will be using the crowd that likes nature destinations, photos and videos from those areas. Awhile back I actually started a blog on this topic, but even though it’s slowed down due to me not being as active on it, the bottom line is, it will help me explain the strategy for the topic of this article better. 

Moving on…

Step 2: Establishing the website.

I did mention WordPress but by all means, go anyway you wish. I just personally find that this type of website platform is much easier to work with and considering most websites nowadays have it installed and most of the sites you will find ranked on Google use it too, it’s just a safe option to go with. If you don’t have an existing website, create one here for free

Step 3: Creating the content that attracts the soon to be followers.

In my case, I am looking to get people who are interested in nature destinations and enjoy viewing photos and videos of it. Therefore, my goal in this step will be to create as many blog posts as possible on destinations I’ve visited, and thoroughly describe each and every one of them.

In my actual situation, on my existing site that does this, I have about a dozen posts so far (and building) where every time I visit a new destination, I’ll blog about it, and give thorough details on it, including where exactly it’s located, provide tons of beautiful photos to illustrate my experiences there and more.

What’s going to happen as a result of this is that once I write about…say a popular destination like Yosemite National Park (a very big tourist attraction), I will get ranked on Google so my blog will be seen among those who search up Yosemite National Park on it, or other terms related to it.

But that’s just going to be one article, one piece of content. The goal is to go as far as I can with it. Is 1 blog post enough? No. Is a dozen enough? No. Is 100’s and even 1,000’s enough? Yes and I would even go further and say you should never stop writing (how to never run out of ideas for blogging). In my case, the more I write about these destinations, the more rankings I’ll get on Google and the more visitors I will attract to my blog. You should totally do the same thing.

In order to “expedite” this, you should target popular search terms each time you write a new blog post. In order to find these search terms, you have to understand what keywords are and which ones to use. Here’s your #1 tutorial on that 🙂

Step 4: Creating accounts on social media sites to increase exposure.

A big part of having people follow your site is to have them see it on across popular avenues, besides just search engines. You also need to get your site exposed on social media.

Here are some of the best social media sites you should make an account on if you already haven’t:

Facebook (create a fan page for your site).

Pinterest. If you have a Google account (gmail), you should be able to make this easily. Pinterest is like the “Instagram” of Google where you post pictures.

Instagram. Absolutely make an account there too. 

Twitter. In my personal case, I will not make a Twitter account because my niche topic is more visual based and Twitter isn’t exactly a visual social media platform, it’s more of a written content media, but if your niche topic is more related to textual content (such as politics), by all means, make a Twitter account.

YouTube. I honestly think this platform is a quasi search engine/social media platform and in many cases, most niche topics you pick, you should consider making videos on. So far, YouTube is the best.

The goal with this is to:

1) Make accounts on each place.

2) Create links on each social media site back to your website.

3) Post content (pictures and descriptions with links back to your page) so people can see you have interesting stuff to offer. In my case, these social media pages are excellent ways to attract users to my website. I can post nature pictures on IG, my FB fan page, Pinterest, make videos on YouTube on places I’ve been to, and basically keep sharing each article/place I’ve visited each time I add new content to my site. 

Step 5: Finally, the part where we make it easy for people to follow you…

It’s ironic that the last step is actually the one which hits the heart of the subject we’re talking about, but everything I’ve told you up until now is going to make this part flow effortlessly. There’s no point in doing the last step if you don’t have the other 4 steps down, you’ll just waste your time. 

With the way I’ve explained it, you’re basically setting up all the ingredients to get a “tsunami” of people to find and follow your page.

So for this step, we have to return back to our website. The goal here is to install plugins and the ability for people to share and make it simple for them to follow you. Here are 2 things I recommend you install if you have a WordPress website set up:

Install “Mashable buttons”, a free plugin that makes sharing your content across social media platforms simple. For reference, look at the title of this blog post, then underneath it, you will see a share button.

Install an actual “follow me box” to the right hand side of your page. We call this section a widget, but when you do it on your site, install a plugin called “Social media follows buttons bar”. What this plugin does is it allows anyone who has a social media account on many of the above social media sites to instantly follow you. Here is what it looks like:

how to get people to follow your blog

The ingredients have all been set. Here’s what to do next:

Actively write on your website on whatever topic it is you chose (niche). 

Each time you blog about something new, go into your social media accounts you set up and share what you just wrote. Every person who follows you will get a notification of this and will be able to see the new post, click it, read it and share it if they like it. Make sure to share it every single time. Don’t be shy to re-share more than once, especially on posts that get a lot of positive attention.

This will become known to THEIR friends and online social circle and they will be exposed to your content. You can get new subscribers effortlessly this way.

If you set up the 5 steps correctly, the only real thing you’ll have to work on it content creation and sharing it each time you make it, but this process is going to grow your blog in ways you can’t even begin to imagine and this will bring up immense new opportunities, not just new followers, consistently. 

Another option: YouTube videos.

A great way to get more followers is making YouTube videos and linking back to your blog. I am personally doing this quite actively and it’s a great way to get more exposure of yourself, your blog and brand.

Where do you go from there? Enter monetary possibilities ($$$)! 

In my personal opinion, if your main goal is getting subscribers, you’re missing out on a lot, that being monetizing all of this opportunity. After all, you’re putting in so much work on your blog, why not make it make a buck in the process? 

I can tell you from my personal experience, you can absolutely make a blog monetize you a full time income if you properly set it up.

So if you are interested in this, here’s some things you can do to make this happen:

1) Set up Google Adsense ads to show up on your site. Each new visitors who clicks them will earn you a small commission (pennies), but this adds up proportionally to the amount of traffic you get, so it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that you can earn a full time income from this alone. If your traffic is high enough, you can make this work.

2) Sell products on your website through affiliate marketing. In my case, running a website on nature destinations, I can do things like promote expensive cameras for taking photos/videos, drones, tickets to the destinations, I can even set up groups and have them pay me to go on the same trips as I do, but with me as the tour guide. There’s an incredible plethora of possibilities here people.

And these 2 things alone can branch out into even more monetizing ideas. I do this for a living, I know exactly what I’m talking about. 

So here are my final thoughts and advice:

If you have an existing blog website and you need it to get more followers, apply the 5 steps to them and I promise you, that you will see a major improvement/difference in how well it grows.

If you don’t have an existing website, you can absolutely start fresh and apply the same 5 steps. 

My ideal recommendation would be for you to try the same program I did that helps you build a blog from scratch, get it to attract massive followers and make money in the process. It more specifically depicts the 5 steps I showed you but gives you free tools and training to make it easier to set up.

12 thoughts on “How to Get Tons of People to Follow Your Blog Passionately.”

  1. It’s tough enough getting people to follow you. And it’s hard just getting visitors in the first place, let alone repeat visitors. 26k subscribers following you and your website is very impressive, so you obviously know what you’re talking about.

    I need to implement point number 5 where people can actually subscribe and follow me. It’s something I’ve neglected to do and really need to get sorted. Thanks for the tips.

  2. This is some good stuff! For some reason I tend to shy away from sharing my posts on social media. I do use Google+ and Pinterest but that’s it even though I understand how valuable Facebook and others can be. Looks like I really need to expand! Thank you for the valuable information!

    • It’s actually quite normal to feel shy posting your site’s content on social media Nate. I mean after all you are posting content that your friends are going to see and it’s often subjects they aren’t interested in so it may affect their relationship with you. 

      But if you made a fan page and grew it with people who are interested in the specific content you create, then it would make perfect sense to share it whenever you want, as it will get the right people’s attention, their likes and shares in the process.

  3. Hey this is a really good article and you have amazing advice! I have not yet got an email list but I am hoping to sometime soon. I am only about 3 months in and only getting around 200 visitors a month and that’s slowly growing. I am also trying to grow my social media, that takes time too. You made a lot of good points and this could help me a lot!

    • I would focus less on getting followers and social media for now Justin and focus more on growing your content, this is what ultimately will lead to more traffic and the opportunity to get followers in droves.

  4. Hi Vitaliy, I own a mini blog for gadgets and I was really interested on how to make people follow my blog! Really awesome article as it covers basically everything I was looking for and really clear and concise too! I have a question though. For the social media portion, do you have any guideline as to how often, when and what to post? Thanks and looking forward to your reply!

    • My position is that you should share your content with your following as often as you blog about new content, and ideally, when it comes to blogging, once a day is great so if that is the pace you’re setting, share your posts once a day with your network.

  5. Hello Vitaliy,

    I have just recently put social sharing buttons on my site, and at first they would just linked to my accounts that I set up. Then I found out how to make them share the content of my blog onto their respective sites, 

    Which do you prefer? I figured it is better to have my content sent out to attract more visitors to my blog, than to have more people follow me on some other social platform.

    Does that make any sense to you?

    • I think so James. What I do with these things is when I create a new post, I go around each social network and do a “broadcast” where I put up the link of what I wrote and it gets shared with the people who follow my page. That is the way I let my followers know something new has just come out. 

      If you actively do this, your followers will come to expect new content and await it (if it’s good).

  6. Hello Vitaliy,

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I will definitely use some of these tips on my blog as well. How would you recommend implanting a subscription system or newsletter system. Is there any specific plugin you recommend for this? I look forward to earning revenue on my blog by using your tips!


    • Hi Johnny, you have a few options:

      You can create a follow me type social plugin so people can like your site and get your future updates.

      You can also elect to buy an autoresponder, collect emails and then send out followup emails to people who subscribe. I would honestly go with this option because you directly connect with people and gain their trust better. 


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