What is Ubersuggest? Will This Keyword Tool Work For You?

Wow, I can’t believe it took me years to figure out there was a such a cool tool like Ubersuggest on the market, and this is coming from a guy whose reviewed many keyword tools in his years doing this.

uber suggest review screenshot

Yet this program kind of went over my head until someone asked me about it. So I took a look. Is it good?

Yes, very good in fact. But is it awesome? Well, let’s examine it to find out, because there is an alternative tool you may find more to your liking. I certainly do…

What is Ubersuggest anyway?

It’s simply put a keyword tool (KWT), a free one in fact that you can use for as long as you wish to help you find keyword (KW) suggestions/ideas and data, such as how many searches a term gets, it’s PPC competition and even trends on when the term gets searched the most often (this last feature is one I really like, although in the end, it doesn’t really serve my research purposes, it just looks good).

There is no catch to using this program, but there are optional/additional paid services added onto using this if you wish to go further. I do like that it’s very optional and people can enjoy.

Overall, this program is an awesome, legit option I would recommend if you’re looking for free ways to find decent and even great KW ideas. 

But it’s not exactly perfect…let’s go over a few pros and cons:


  • It’s free to use for a limitless time I believe.
  • Data is estimated and taken from Google’s own KWT.
  • It is FAR better than Google’s keyword planner.
  • Data on each KW also includes charts and stats such as these:
  • In addition, MANY similar KW’s are provided in a chart once you do a search, this can help you find even more ideas and add them to your existing list/s. 


-This program lists competition for your chosen KW but the stats are ambiguous to say the least. The numbers they provide work like this: The higher it is, the tougher the competition, but the stats aren’t SEO stats I believe, they appear to be PPC stats for competition. In other words, it’s hard to judge what the competition numbers mean if you’re trying to organically get ranked in Google:

-The stats you get for your KW’s are estimates and while that is generally OK, there’s programs out there that do a better job narrowing down what the real traffic stats are (here is one).

-I’m not really a big fan of any program that shows you the average CPC (cost per click) price you’d have to pay if you were advertising under whatever KW you found. The problem with that is that estimates are generally WAY higher than you’d actually pay if you followed smart PPC rules, in which case, you’d pay several times LESS. So when I see CPC estimates, I know they can’t be what I’ll pay because I’ve ALWAYS paid way less, so those numbers mean nothing to me personally.

Alternatives? I happen to have one:

As awesome as Ubersuggest is (I’d give it a 6 out of 10), there’s one program I prefer over it, easily: Jaaxy (I give that one a 9 out of 10).

5 reasons Jaaxy rocks over Ubersuggest (even though it’s still a nice tool):

1) Both tools analyze competition, but give you different numbers to explain it and Jaaxy’s is easier to get in my opinion because it takes it’s competition numbers straight from Google. Now you can certainly look it up yourself, but you save time doing it through Jaaxy. Ubersuggest seems to have it’s own metric and I’m not even sure if it gives you SEO data, maybe it’s PPC data (they didn’t explain it on their site).

2) I like to have a more accurate number when I look at keyword stats and Jaaxy just has that:

3) If you’re a beginner and doing SEO, I have no doubt Jaaxy will serve you way better and save you way more time than if you used Ubersuggest. It’s stats and ease of use is just something you can do more with in my opinion.

4) You get access to affiliate programs and brainstorming ideas right from your KW search in Jaaxy so you can do more than just search up keywords:

5) You can also better brainstorm new KW ideas through Jaaxy’s alphabet soup technique where you can look up keywords simply starting with the letter of a term and letting Jaaxy fill in the blanks. 

So in short, the 5 benefits are:

  • More accurate competition stats.
  • More accurate KW stats.
  • Easier for beginners to understand the data they get and go somewhere with it.
  • More open ended access to more than just keywords, but products to sell.
  • Easier to find new keywords if you have issues figuring out what to do a search on.

1 area where Ubersuggest beats Jaaxy:

I’d be re-missed if I didn’t keep this review honest, but there are indeed areas where this program beats Jaaxy:

1) It’s free to use for as long as you wish. As much as I love Jaaxy, it only offers 30 free searches, then you have to pay. I personally don’t mind this since I get way more out the data it gives me than I pay into it, but some people may prefer to keep it free and in that case, Ubersuggest is better, even though it’s data may not be as accurate, it’s clear enough to see if the KW is worth doing something with.

Also there is another tool called Keywords Everywhere which when it was free, helped me a lot in KW research, but it does cost a little bit now to use, so keep that in mind, but if you need more alternatives, this is also one of the recommended tools.

My final thoughts:

My advice is to use Ubersuggest if you’re totally new and just want to just browse keyword ideas, but if you’re serious about doing SEO work, then Jaaxy will help you get way further, but if you do try it, start with it’s risk free trial and get those 30 searches so you can make the most of it.

And overall, other than Jaaxy, Ubersuggest is the first tool I’ve seen in a long time that gives you so much cool information for free. It’s very well organized and if you know your stuff on looking up KW’s (you’re imaginative and know how to look up SEO competition), you will definitely benefit from it. I just think after using Jaaxy for so long and getting such awesome results, that it’s better and saves me more time.

4 thoughts on “What is Ubersuggest? Will This Keyword Tool Work For You?”

  1. Hi! I’ve never heard of Ubersuggest until now. But I have heard of Jaxxy and it is the only thing I use. I have had better results as a blogger upon using it.

    I would suggest Jaxxy over any keyword tool, even Google’s. Jaxxy is pretty accurate with helping you choose words that will cause you to rank in the search engines. I’ve been ranking every since I’ve started to use the tool.

    I concur your recommendation to use Jaxxy over all the other tools!

    • Yeah I concur there Jaime, I too have had a plethora of success finding good keywords from which I’ve gotten good rankings and thus a lot of traffic and it all started with Jaaxy as well.

  2. I’ve come across Ubersuggest before but never really had the time to check it out properly. I like that the tool comes with a number of great benefits. But from an SEO standpoint, I don’t see how it can be beneficial. But then again, I guess it can help you to find popular topics to write about.

    As for PPC, I’ve never really needed to use any keyword tool because my ads have gotten results just fine, especially when Bing for example, gives you a bunch of keyword ideas for your campaigns anyway.

    I really like the Jaaxy keyword tool option because it appears to give you simple keyword metrics that are easy to understand PLUS I like the fact that the metrics are accurate, unlike a number of tools I’ve used in the past.

    Ubersuggest is great, but Jaaxy comes across as a way better tool for bloggers. 🙂


    • Hi Neil, we’re in total agreement about Jaaxy, but I want to quickly comment on the PPC thing you said, where you said that you use Bing’s suggestion box for keywords to add to your ads. I don’t recommend using this because typically, these terms are broad, more expensive to get an ad up for and very often are not related to the content you are writing (well it’s very broadly related that is….). For example, if you do a product review, rarely, if ever will the Bing suggestion box ever produce the actual keywords related to the product, so I would not recommend using that aspect of it. 

      Instead use Jaaxy, find the specific keywords for the product review or topic and use those. The quality score of your ads, site and costs will go down as a result of this.


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