3 Proven Ways to Get More Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Of all the internet marketing topics out there, I’d say the one which is probably at the very top is wondering how to get more traffic to your website.

There are 3 strategies I use that always work well for any site I’ve ever had or anyone I helped with theirs. You are welcome to skip to them right below, but I want to put into context why these strategies are so good by first explaining that there’s many bad ones out there that “mis-teach” the art of traffic generation.

There are so many products, marketing courses and tutorials centered around that topic alone and it’s unfortunately one that has a lot of misleading information.

3 Proven Ways to Get More Targeted Traffic to Your Website

These are the 3 proven ways to get targeted traffic to your website:

  1. SEO which is blogging about targeted niches and targeting niche audiences.
  2. PPC which is placing online ads for targeted niche audiences.
  3. Socially sharing your site across networks that target specific niche audiences.

So besides giving you all a quick course on the 3 strategies I use to get traffic, let’s just get the junk strategies out of the way so if you ever stumble onto a website that says they’ll send you millions of hits, you’ll be able to classify if that traffic is going to be junk of authentic.

The 3 problems with learning traffic generation from courses:

1) The first problem is that you get tons of recycled information repackaged into products.

How many times have you seen people promote their traffic courses and pitch things like…

  • Solo ads.
  • Black hat marketing.
  • PPC list building on social networks.
  • PPC list building on search engines.
  • Ad swaps
  • Ect…

Probably most of the time, at least that’s been my experience. Well a huge problem with these courses is that they say the same things, give you the exact same strategies, but always tend to pitch it as though it’s something completely new.

Not only is that information common, but another huge problem is that quality of that information lacks real quality.

You are given a broad explanation of an otherwise complicated system and when you run into problems, these same people are nowhere to be heard from. Usually the types of courses you run into that have this specific problem is PPC courses.

And it’s ridiculous how this basic information is taken by one or more people, turned into a “revolutionary program”, sold for about $20 and this is their business model. It’s bad for the consumer because most of the time they won’t get anything out of it except hype and sadly it’s good for the “creator” of the product because hype sells.

2) The second problem with these traffic generation programs is the black hat ones.

People keep selling the old story of how awesome backlinks or PBNs are, that you’ll get tons of quality links, get super high rankings and overnight bring in tons of traffic.

Those business models are doomed to fail because they violate the rules search engines have put up to prevent an abuse of that system from happening so anyone who uses those methods will have their business destroyed. Just don’t it.

3) The third is websites that “sell” you traffic.

This targets the solo ads (although some are good) and websites that send you visitors if you pay them enough. You’ll get those hundreds, thousands of visits, but the whole problem with many of these places is this:

Mass traffic from these places is usually junk traffic and junk traffic leads to nothing more than you wasting money. 

The 3 proven ways to get traffic to your website explained:

To me, getting single or even double digit visitors is more important than getting thousands or millions of hits (I refer to this as going for thehow to get more traffic on your website laser targeted traffic). Of course if I can multiply that, I would, just as long as I’m targeting the right niche and giving that niche the right content, I’m satisfied and the sales will come. Anything opposite of that will get you cold traffic and that is not good.

So my 3 strategies are all focused around that premise.

In fact, all of my strategies are centered around 1 website and in many ways they compliment one another, although you can easily take just one of them, apply them to your site and see increases in traffic.

Basically they come down to using a combination of SEO, PPC and socially sharing, but targeting specific niche audiences like I said above, so let’s get into each strategy right now:

Strategy 1:

It begins with SEO in my opinion. No other traffic generating source in my opinion holds more value or consistency than SEO. If you can get high rankings for your website for targeted keywords, you’re going to rake in tons of traffic.

The problem however in doing that is it takes a long time to do. But you should try to make this one of the goals of any website you make because organic traffic that comes from SEO will generally give you the most amount of visits. 

To get SEO to work for you, you need to begin with selecting a niche, targeting long tailed keywords and writing a lot of content which really means, a TON of content. Get the full strategy for that here. 

Understand that traffic will come on it’s own and a lot things will handle themselves if you can get SEO to work for you. It’s also going to be free and really the only thing you’re sacrificing is time.

Strategy 2:

Social sharing. I’ll break this one up into 2 parts. The first is the one I use is that I have a network of people on social sites like Google+ and Facebook. Whenever I write new content on my website, I will almost always share it with friends (or on my fan page). I may get a few re-shares from this, but it does provide extra traffic and bonus points for SEO.

The second strategy is one that I am personally not very into, not because it doesn’t work, but because it just doesn’t it my taste but if you enjoy socially communicating with people on these networks, you should use it to it’s fullest and that is creating groups on these social networks and constantly sharing content with them through these sources and linking them back to your website. This strategy has the potential to actually overtake SEO and the next strategy I’ll talk about, but only if you use it correctly. Read about a program called Five Dollar Posts where you can maximize this strategy using social media.

Strategy 3:

PPC is probably the easiest approach to getting more traffic to your website, but there’s literally a price tag on this strategy.

Luckily if you approach it correctly, you’ll really minimize costs. After you read about this strategy, I really recommend you read about my PPC strategies that have really saved me tons of money!

PPC is an amazing tool where within a 24 hour period, you can rank for just about ANY keyword regardless of SEO competition and bring in traffic to your website. PPC is in my opinion an integral part of my business because for everything I write for organic purposes (SEO), I will also in addition make a complimentary ad that will also lead to whatever I wrote.

Sending PPC traffic to a site will get you more visitors, but it will not give you SEO points so don’t assume you can buy your way into high natural rankings. But what it does do for me is that it covers other sources of traffic I may have missed out on and hurries along my business in that while it takes time for my SEO rankings for rise for my content, a PPC campaign that’s sending traffic to it may already be doing it’s work and bringing me sales. 

I mainly do PPC on Bing Ads and while the traffic is generally a lot lower vs say a naturally 1st page ranked website on Google, it’s still extra traffic and there’s people I know who only focus on that. 

What you can do with targeted traffic (make a lot of money):

Targeted traffic is more than likely the most profitable for people who do things like this:

My final thoughts:

I have generalized the strategies I listed, BUT I have provided specific tutorials that are free which if you follow, you’ll get targeted visitors to your website consistently and that’s what you really want in the end, even if it’s less visitors overall! And if you need good training on that, the Wealthy Affiliate program teaches how to use these 3 strategies, especially SEO and PPC.

Don’t overestimate quantity traffic! It’s very often only big in the visitors it brings in and opposite in terms of sales. And I keep using my strategies over and over because they work.

Example: If site A uses the techniques I am against (you know the ones that focus on quantity…), gets a few million visitors, buy because of a lack of relevancy and the other problems I stated gets 2 sales, each at $20, that site made $40 (minus the expenses the owner paid to get that traffic to that site in the first place which would probably place turn that profit into a huge loss).

And then if you have a site B that focuses on getting high quality traffic, gets maybe a few hundred visitors, but because it follows the right rules, gets 10 sales out of those visitors, at $20 each, it just made $200 and if you include that this website paid for advertising, but spent very little following the right approach, there’s still a big profit left over after everything.

These numbers aren’t made up either. I’ve seen this happen to myself and many other people. I do hope this strategy helps you bring in more visitors to your website! Please share any strategies you personally use to bring in more traffic to your websites that you’ve seen bring in great results! 

2 thoughts on “3 Proven Ways to Get More Targeted Traffic to Your Website”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you in regards to some of the junk methods for traffic that people fall for everyday. For all the hype around PBN’s (private blog networks), the reality is that it’s generally a bad idea. For anyone that has a real website, the idea of using these type of links for it just means you might as well just throw it away. There are real websites and there are throw away websites and if you’re going to use PBN’s, use it on sites that you don’t care about. With that said, even if you do, you’re in no way guaranteed to get any traffic from using those links either. Additionally, anyone telling you that you can get loads and loads of traffic by buying their newest method to somehow game Google is a wash too. It’s just not something that is going to work. So many of these methods have been recycled over and over to the point they are no more valuable than a paperweight so the best advice is to just “stay away” from them no matter how tempting these methods may seem.

    With that said, I agree that SEO, sharing and PPC are the ways to go. SEO and social sharing are more in line with the methods that I use, but PPC certainly isn’t something that anyone should shy away from. Even there are competitive bids out there depending on the keywords that you’re focusing on, I do think that targeting BING is a great alternative. It’s all about traffic right even if you’re not get loads of it.


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