How Often Should You Add Content to Your Blog?

How Often Should You Add Content to Your BlogContent creation is absolutely pivotal to a blog’s success. But in terms of how often you should add content to your site, how much is too much and how much is too little?

In this post, I’d like to discuss personal approaches to this subject that I’ve taken and have seen both good/bad results with.

And this is because I’ve been blogging successfully for years to know what frequency is good or bad.

Here is the bottom line about how often you should blog:

  • Once a week is minimal.
  • Once a day is ideal.
  • 2-3 times a week is good.

Details of how often should you blog to make sure it succeeds:

First off all, if you’re aiming to get faster results, higher rankings, better SEO and potentially earn with your site, you should post at least once a day. That is the ideal amount in my experience. 

Whenever you post new content on your site, you are not only letting Google know you’re actively participating in making it more content rich (which always adds more points to you), but you are also increasing your exposure on the search engine, meaning more of your posts and keywords get indexed. This is also an important Google ranking factor and does help your blog posts reach the first page of Google.

The more often you write content and add it to your site, the better your rankings will be. Furthermore, more content rich sites generally rank higher/better and in the long run are MUCH more successful than those who don’t have much. To some this may seem like an obvious thing, but you’d be surprised to know just how many people write very little content on their site and are surprised at why they aren’t ranking on the first page.

How much content creation is considered too little?

What about the other side of the spectrum? How much is too little? Well in that instance, I’d say once a week would be the most you could go. In that scenario, it will obviously taking longer for rankings/indexing to solidify. But don’t worry, your rankings will not “die” if you stop posting content.

Obviously the site that has more rich content is going to outrank that which doesn’t, so always focus on writing up high quality content and in large amounts. I prefer 1,000 words per each blog post.

Now for a lot of people writing up a blog post once a week, let alone once a day is difficult enough as it is. And one of the main reasons why is that they don’t write about a topic they are interested in.

I constantly see people get into the business of online marketing or trying to make money of their site, get really excited and even get off to a good start, but because they lack knowledge in their field, sooner or later it will come out and they’re just simply going to run out of ideas to write about.

My advice has always been to make a blog based on a topic you are personally interested in and possess a lot of knowledge on. This carries over in priceless benefits in the long term because it will keep ideas coming and the content rolling in. Content rolling = more success in online marketing.

Real case studies showing my blogs and how posting frequency affected their results:

1) The positive example: Since I possess a lot of knowledge in online marketing (MMO), this has greatly helped me write up a lot of content and make my own YouTube videos on the subject. This is what my site is all about.

Whenever I review new products or write about a new topic pertaining to MMO, I find the content ideas and writing flows very easily and it’s not uncommon for me to finish a post in less than 20 minutes. And this also helps me post on a near daily basis. At worst, I’ll post once every 2 days (circumstances permitting).

2) The negative example: Now let’s compare that to another niche blog I was once involved in which ultimately ended up failing for me in spite of having massive profit potential. It was a niche I had very little experience in.

Overtime I found the concept of new content creation to be near impossible and I would be at a standstill. I’d end up posting maybe once a week at most! The process felt more like a chore than anything else.

Furthermore, even when I had content ideas, just writing about them was ridiculously difficult. I had to constantly research, cross reference information and then try to write up on it.

It was difficult, it was frustrating and even though I could have made a lot of money in it, I ended up eventually dropping it and moving onto something I was familiar with. Full case study on this blog about kettlebell workouts for women.

The lesson I learned there?

Don’t worry about profitable niches if you don’t know anything about them. Stick to something you know, gain an understanding of the process, make it profitable and THEN maybe move onto the subject you don’t know about but has profit potential. See a list of 50 profitable niches here for brainstorming.

Now this is where some people would say “But what if my niche isn’t profitable?”. I can tell you right now that it probably is. You just have to think outside the box. If you’re still lost on that, leave me a comment below with your niche idea you think has no monetary potential and I’m fairly certain I can show you otherwise as well as how to build an entire online business out of it.

My final thoughts:

So as I said before, prior to making your blog, choose your topic well and make sure your main reason for choosing whatever it is you decide to choose is based on if you possess knowledge and interest in it. If you have those 2 categories down and implement the proper guidance from blog training programs like Wealthy Affiliate to make your blog rank higher on Google, you will see overtime how well it starts to rank and bring in traffic on a daily basis. 

As for adding new content to your site? Try to do it on a daily basis if possible. If you have a million ideas, write them down so you don’t forget and spread them out to be written up on your site each day.

What about adding multiple blog posts everyday? Can you do that? Absolutely! But I would prefer in that scenario, you still do it once a day. I usually find people who have a million ideas and post multiple times on their blog eventually run out of those ideas and get stuck. Posting daily will provide your site with tons of future content to add.

Finally, focus on content creation that is aimed to improve your visitor’s experience. This is called high quality content. This is what ultimately counts in SEO (writing high quality content). Keep the reader in mind and provide them with information on your blog that has them wanting more. 

Update: Likely scenarios in content adding you’ll have:

1) You work a lot on other things so there’s no enough time to work on your blog and post content daily. Fine, post whenever you can.

2) Once again, the least acceptable blogging rate is one article a week. Once you have a good traffic generating blog, then you can actually get away with posting once a month. 

3) If you ever hit writer’s block when blogging (it will happen), use this post on what to blog about to make money online so you can continue producing content at a good pace.

3) If you have TONS of content ideas in mind that can literally have you writing and publishing multiple blog posts daily, do it, unless…

4) You expect to run out of ideas sooner or later, in that case, space out your publishing schedule so that you’re publishing once a day or once every 2 days.

For example: You brainstorm and come up with a 100 blog ideas filled with keyword rich topics, great, but what happens after the 100? If you can’t list anymore, don’t write them all out, say 5 articles a day, be content rich on your site for 20 days, then for the rest of the year blank. 

Instead, space out the 100 blog posts and write them every other than, that way, you’ll be adding enough fresh content for at least 200 days and by that time, you’ll probably come up with even more ideas.

This will keep the flow of new content going for a long time and Google noticing you much more often!

Understand that the more you write and the more often you post will proportionally equal to more recognition from Google. In a blog post I wrote up regarding how many words a blog post should be, I said that writing at least 50, LONG articles would be a good way to get your site really noticed by Google, so if you take into consideration your blogging rate…

That would help you figure out how long it would take for your blog to make money so you could start getting traffic and possibly start earning. However, this formula is not 100% full proof and you may need to wait a few months before your blog and it’s content gets the full recognition of Google in terms of ranking.

Either way, fresh content is the #1 guaranteed way to keep your site getting consistent traffic over and over. 

6 thoughts on “How Often Should You Add Content to Your Blog?”

  1. Hey Vitaliy

    I am fan of your blog 🙂 I do like all of the quality information you post and especially I adore your case studies!
    I am very interested in healthy living and to be more precise – I know tons of recipes using different herbs to improve ones health or to treat different health problems. These recipes come from my family and are inherited from generation to generation. I would love to share these with people – do you think it could end up giving some profit? Or maybe this is too saturated niche (I think everything related to health is very saturated online :))? Could you give me some advice about this?

    • Hi Arta, I would target a niche such as the herbal therapy one and in it, do articles on herbal recipes that treat different conditions/diseases.

      As an affiliate, you can market these herbs from Amazon and/or make them yourself and sell them to your traffic who chooses to buy it. That’s how I would tackle this.

      • Hi Vitaliy

        Thanks a lot for your encouragement! I will give it a try as I trust your professional point of view!
        I do feel this is the niche I wouldn’t run out of ideas about content but let’s see how it develops 🙂
        What about domain name – do you also target a keyword when looking for domain name?


  2. Great Post, Content is the key. I do find once a day very difficult to keep pace with and find twice a week works great. As for what to write about, I find if i just read others blogs it will get my brain in gear and start thinking of my own ideas and ways of doing things. Reading others also teaches me so much. Your article here was great and informative. Thanks

    • Yeah reading from other authority sites in your niche will definitely help you brainstorm better on your site Bob. Just make sure not to take it too far and start piggybacking off them, always make your own unique posts and content!


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