The Growth Process of an Online Business From $0 to $100,000

There is a specific growth process involved in taking an online business from $0 and getting it to reach $100,000 or more and in this post, I will be explaining that process.

For those who are new to making money online or for that matter starting an online business, it’s easy to imagine making millions while sitting back in your pj’s, but in reality once you get started and see the work that’s needed to be put in, it is very difficult to comprehend how you will be able to reach a point where your business will make all that money.

There are many times when I am speaking to beginners who are extremely uncertain about the niche they choose or how this will work for them. Their questions are very fair because after all, being in a completely new environment makes us ask these questions.

Therefore in this post, I’d like to help you visualize how an online business grows (if you do things correctly). As it grows, I will explain what to expect as well as potential monetary rewards it will bring (how much money you can make). Even though what I will use in my example is theoretical, it is based on actual businesses (my own included).

$0 to $100,000. The Growth Process of an Online Business

How the online business begins ($0 earned but starting with an idea with limitless growth potential):

Once we have chosen that, we’ll create a website focused on that topic.

You just have to think about a subject you like. Once you choose it, making the website is simple. There are special site builders like this one that I use to make my own websites which make the process effortless and quick. 

Once we have these set up, our business is past it’s beginning stages. Our foundation is set and we are ready to move forward and make it grow!

Building up the business (Still at $0 but destined for growth):

Our primary goal is to get visitors to our site, more importantly visitors who are interested in our subject. Let’s say the niche subject I chose was “losing weight after 40” and created a website based on that subject.

I did some personal research and found that this subject get’s 1,000’s of searches monthly. Here is a quick report I did using a special tool called Jaaxy which measures how many people type in the phrase “losing weight after 40”, among other related searches:

how to find online business growth ideas

Notice all of the green lights next to each search phrase.

They represent that these keywords have low competition, meaning if we write content on our site based on this subject, we can get ranked high on search engines. 

Being ranked high on search engines is imperative to get visitors. The higher we are ranked, the more visitors we’ll get! 

The process of writing content on our site will be the one which will take the most time. It is not simple, but in the end it can be very rewarding. It is also not a process that ever truly ends.

You can and should keep adding new content to your site on a regular basis that talks about the subject it’s based on it.

Keeping in mind some of the keywords I found above, I have more than a few topics to start writing about:

  • I can write about diet pills for women over 40.
  • I can write about natural methods of weight loss after 40.
  • I can write about exercises that help 40 year old people lose weight.

I can write about all of these and MUCH more. There is massive potential within this niche subject I’m using as an example. 

The growth begins (From $0 to making a few $100):

If you add content to your blog regularly, you will notice overtime (weeks/months and so on) that your site will gradually get more and visitors. There are ways you can measure how many people visit your site, but one thing you can and should notice is growth. something like this:

online business growth chart

Maybe for a few weeks, you’ll get a few dozen visitors a week, then after awhile, a few 100 visitors a week, then 1,000’s, and so on. As this grows, your online business grows and as that happens, so does your monetary potential!

The important thing is to keep adding content to keep this flow going. If you stop, you won’t lose out, but you’ll also stay in one spot and even gradually see a decline so you should also aim to grow the business.

Where the money rolls in ($100’s to $1,000’s and then $100,000’s):

I could promote tons of different things on the site: Diet pills, diet books, programs, ect… Rather than focusing on all of these, let’s use 1 example:

I promote a diet for 40 year old people that pays me $20 for each sale. Let us say that on average, I get 7,000 visitors to my site monthly (based on the above statistics which by the way are totally possible!). 

Out of every 100 visitors who come to my site, let’s say 1 person buys this product I promote. That means I make 70 sales a month which multiplied by $20 = $1,400/month. 

There ladies and gentlemen is an example of a realistic online business that took that right steps and is now seeing money roll in. It is also helping people solve a problem they have. 

This is a business model I’ve replicated many times and it works. You just have to put in the work and time for it. After awhile it provide you with many rewards that pay for a long time.

The current niche we’re involved isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. People are turning 40 every year and many of them want to lose weight. This is a subject that is always going to be popular. 

Where to go from there:

Keep writing content (learn what to blog about here so you can avoid writer’s block), keep getting more visitors and keep improving the site’s quality to have it make more sales. $1,400 a month though not bad is still a fraction of what the business could make. 4 or 5 figures monthly isn’t uncommon here either.

Remember we were considering a scenario where we only promote 1 product and there’s literally hundreds to choose from in this niche. We could promote multiple products and make multiple streams of income through this process.

My advice:

Online business is very profitable, but it takes time to develop. If you can put in the work, you can live the life of someone who works from home and enjoys financial stability. Above all, if you aim to get into this business, get proper guidance from Wealthy Affiliate that will show you exactly how to make this all possible. It makes the process a whole lot easier. 

If you have any questions about this model, do let me know and I will be more than happy to answer it! I’ve been doing this for many years and while there are other ways to succeed, this is probably the only one to date which has the greatest long term benefits. What I show you here is how to get stability in this business.

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