5 Very Profitable Niches to Bank on in 2020!


Every single year, affiliate marketers and niche site creators seek to find the most profitable niches and it is true that each year, there are new industries and topics set to boom.

Speaking from experience, the 5 on the list I am about to give you are topics I personally either have an existing website in and/or have made profit from in the past. 

These niches are booming and I can assure you, if you plan on making a site this year, if you choose on these 5 topics, and really get into it, you’re going to make bank, a lot of it.

5 profitable niches in 2020

1) Drones. An absolutely gigantic niche.

I actually started a drone site in 2017 as I was seeing the potential behind it (here is an update).

This is a booming industry, and in 2020, it’s going to explode even more. Now that drones may one day be used to deliver our goods, this may actually change the way we look at deliveries of food, supplies, search and rescue and other operations, but for now, what is absolutely true about this industry is that it’s booming for 2 particular groups of people:

Hobbyists and commercial users. Hobbyists like myself fly these things around for fun and review them so other people (in masses) can also figure out how to do the same.

Commercial users use drones to take pictures and videos of real estate and they actually have entire businesses set up from this. In fact, here is a drone affiliate guy who loves the hobby and made it a business.

How big is this niche? Take a look at the following numbers:

niche opportunities

With just 1 basic keyword search, the most generic term “drones” gets nearly 60k searches a month and speaking from personal experience, if you include popular models, YouTube videos that review them and their own independent searches done on Google and other search engines…

You’re looking at a topic which gets several 100,000 searches a month and that’s on the conservative estimate! But what about the trend? Well I did say booming industries didn’t I? And here’s proof:

That’s a pretty meteoric rise if you ask me…and I am putting my money where my mouth is on this as I already have a website trying to bank on this stuff. I’d already made a few sales, but it’s growing, and it’s still in it’s early stages, with all the opportunity to continue growing (which it will).

2) Raising pet pigs! 

This is another big industry on the rise. Forget pet dogs, cats, turtles, you name it, apparently pigs are smart animals (I know, my cousin had one) and naturally with the rise in pet ownership of these adorable, “snorty” creatures, comes the need to know how to raise them properly. 

As I said, my cousin had one (a pot belly pig) and let me tell you, they are a lot harder to raise than a cat or dog, but if someone can make a website which helps people who have pigs or are thinking of getting them help them raise one, believe me, that person will be very happy with the profits they make. 

There’s special food, supplements and an entire industry here designed for pig raising and for affiliate marketers to make bank on. And if you don’t believe me that this industry is on the rise, here’s your evidence:

Crazy, isn’t it? But hey, there’s another topic for you to consider 🙂

3) Joint pain. 

I have done case studies on joint pain before and about how big this industry is. There’s millions of people who suffer from it. Now you can either make an entire site devoted to joint pain or you can target a specific type of join pain, for example knee issues.

I actually have a website dedicated to helping people with knee pain that actually had very low content on it, but showed immense promise as with only 10 articles on it, I already had decent Google rankings, brought in some traffic and even did a test where I built an email list for people with knee pain to help them out. The result was quite incredible as I got a number of signups in a single day. 

Had I run that experiment further, I could have collected an even bigger list and sold them products that worked for me.

But I digress. The point is, this industry isn’t so much booming as it is already huge, evergreen and there are no signs of this stopping. The reason why is because this is a major problem that consistently happens in our world and so long as it continues to be a problem, people will keep looking for solutions.

And here you go on the trends:

Now I did say it’s not really booming, yet you see an upward rise in popularity. Why is this? Well my theory is that it’s a mix of things:

1) More people are using the internet day after day (here’s some crazy stats on how many people are online!).

2) The population of the world is increasing.

3) Proportionally, more people will have joint problems and because more people are online, they will seek solutions there.

Either way, if you can help people out with this, this is a HUGE industry in 2020 and moving forward…

4) Hair loss (My unfortunate favorite).

I am a “bit bald” to say the least and while I very much dislike it, my issue with this led me to the general topic and seeing how many others have issues. Out of all the industries on this list, hair loss is the biggest by far. Millions of searches worldwide for people seeking solutions. It is evergreen.

Now on this topic, I too started a website, but as my personal efforts in finding a solution to this problem halted, so did the progress on the site.

What I can tell you is that besides having a ridiculously large number of people with this problem, this industry is also easier to sell in depending on which demographic you target. For example:

Women generally are more likely to seek solutions for hair loss and buy the products vs men who generally procrastinate and I am an example of that.

Now if you make a website and target women, you’ve got a goldmine on your hands, but this is one of those careful niche topics I’d pursue as it’s extremely hard to find a solution and any successful affiliate marketer/online businessman has to give their audience a REAL solution. 

What’s my advice? If you suffer from this issue and found your own solution, make a site on hair loss and sell the audience the exact same thing. If you have hair loss issues and don’t know of a solution, you can still make a website and figure out the solution as the website grows, just write up on different hair loss topics. It will help educate you on it and work your way to a solution, something I personally know exists. 

And here are the trends for this monster of a niche:

Notice something? It’s quite stagnant (at the same area), but it’s literally at the top. In other words, this niche market is HOT 24-7, 365 days a year, every year.

5) Vlogging.

No one can deny the rise of social media and people creating their own brands and names for themselves. Many people like Casey Neistat really pioneered the whole idea of V logging (blogging via video) and I’ll tell you this, it’s exploding in popularity.

People are buying cameras, traveling, recording their adventures and putting it up on social media sites and YouTube. What can one sell if they get involved in this? Cameras, V logging equipment (there’s way more than just cameras and by the way, drones are part of this industry too!), make your own YouTube channel to sell stuff (Look up Peter McKinnon and you’ll see what I mean…).

My final thoughts:

In 2018, the above 5 niche topics are set to explode, if they haven’t already. Naturally if you possess the knowledge on how to create a niche website, and utilize these topics, you’re going to really see some amazing growth in your business.

But if you’re not sure on how to get started, allow me to help you there:

Do note that you should never limit yourself to just the 5 choices above I listed. Any niche topic that has your passion/interest and the passion/interest of a large group of audience is always the #1 topic you should go for and I am speaking from experience here as those tend to provide you with the type of ambition and hard work that makes the website successful in the first place.

If you have a booming niche idea for 2020 that you feel wasn’t included in this list but should have been, do let me know below and I’d love to here your ideas! 

Want to see even more profitable niches for 2020 and up?

Last year I made a list of 100 profitable niches and even though it was in 2019, every single one of them is still just as profitable in 2020 and moving further!

8 thoughts on “5 Very Profitable Niches to Bank on in 2020!”

  1. You just gave me some ideas! I’m interested in vlogging too and how to monetize it. The videos that are flooding FB and other social media inspire me a lot to start my own too. Just a question, are there other places that pay better than YouTube where you can upload videos?

    • Hi Dean, YouTube doesn’t pay a lot for it’s adsense program, but because it is the most visited site and one that gets the most video uploads, it’s the one with the most potential. But honestly, you shouldn’t rely on their program for good money, that really starts to happen when you have a ton of subscribers/views and considering their recent policy changes, that’s getting tougher and tougher to monetize with.

      If you’re going to do something related to Vlogging and using YouTube, do it there but promote products through affiliate marketing. That will produce a better income than relying on the ad network there to pay you.

  2. i read your article all the way through Vitaliy and felt compelled to leave a message. I had never even considered half of these topics would be considered serious enough for a niche website.

    I get the feeling that 2018 is going to be a roller coaster year for the internet and some one big is going to fall from grace but I am still trying to work out who.

    I watched a video (vlog) on someone (he was a financial planner) who pre-emptively started blogging about a big future decision in his industry and it worked great for him.

    The take away for me was that there is always something new around the corner you can get in early on if you keep your ears open.


    • Hi Remy, any niche topic that has a big audience with a need to solve something will always be serious, no matter what the topic is. 

      I’m not sure who you think is going to fall this year. Are you referring to a search engine like Google failing? Just curious.

      And finally regarding that future planner guy who made videos about finance (I assume it had to do with the stock market), there’s a perfect example of a big niche too and on a great platform to use it (I assume it was on YouTube). Offering advice to a niche audience who greatly benefits from it is an awesome way to get authority from the search engines and lots of the niche audience itself ready to pay you for answers.

  3. A very entertaining and informative article. I am attracted to the idea of Vlogging to earn money as you get to do what you are passionate about and at the same time help and provide useful information to others. It has never occured to me that we can create and use our own YouTube channel to review a particular product and also sell that particular product to earn money. This is definitely an eye opener for me, thanks for your insights!

    • Oh yeah, you can definitely build an entire business reviewing things on YouTube and there’s a bunch of examples I could give you, but for the sake of saving time, here’s one:

      There’s plenty of drone channels out there (since this was on the list above) like Tom’s Tech Time, Drone Valley, Ready Set Drone and other channels who constantly review and link to new models coming out. If you are looking to get into doing this sort of thing, whether in this niche or any other, you should use those videos for reference and see how they frame/set up their reviews.

  4. Wow! What a great article that gives me ideas about some niches to explore. I live in rural eastern NC so I was interested especially in pet pigs and may even put that to use!


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