Survey Club Review. Can You Really Make Money With it?

Quick Report:survey club review

Name: Survey Club (SC).

Price: Free to join.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10 stars.

Not a bad website by any means. It is not a scam on it’s own, but it does connect you to other survey websites which may be a mistake to join.

Overall if you’re seeking to make good money from home through this place, my opinion is that you probably won’t, but overall it’s a legitimate place…

What is Survey Club? The quick explanation:

-You sign up with this place for free. 

-You fill out a form detailing your life, basically income, if you own certain things (car, phone, ect…) and other info.

-It then connects you to other popular survey programs, some of which I’ve been a part of.

-Those places then send you their own offers to fill out surveys.

-If you qualify, you get paid anywhere from pennies to sometimes several dollars. The points/rewards you make can be redeemed for cash (payable through PayPal) and/or you can get gift cards from places like Amazon.

Overall, the goal of this program is to identify people based on the answers they give on their sign up form and connect them to organizations and other survey sites that they would be perfect for.


-Easy registration and it’s free to join.

-You should give the most honest answers you can, this will allow you to be better chosen for offers and opportunities to earn. 


-Connects you with other survey programs, some of which may not be good. For example, they recommend Product Report Card which isn’t a bad place, but my central thesis is: It’s not worth your time. In short, this means you need to spend a lot more time signing up to other places. But more sign ups = more potential opportunities.

-I suspect they (SC) also get credit themselves when refer people to the other places since these places all have referral programs. The real money maker here is SC themselves (again this is my suspicion).

-I’ve always been either highly critical of places like SC because there’s such a low probability to make good income.

But SC, despite my criticisms is legitimate (yet not recommended):

A good sign that this place is legitimate is that they really do make an effort to filter out the best candidates for different offers. 

There are indeed many companies out there that need GOOD feedback from people on testing out products, offers, services and letting the company know what they think, but if the person is not the right choice to do this, then the company will have wasted their resources and time. By providing them with good candidates, the companies can get good feedback and make the right adjustments to their offers and that is essentially what SC is trying to do.

However while the way this set up works benefits the companies and SC itself, the people who seek to make the least out of it (yet have an opportunity to make something nonetheless) is the people. 

You see the thing is, it is VERY hard for just about anyone to make good income with these places. I’ve gone through SO many of these programs over the years and while there was one I rated pretty well (this one), I still ended up not recommending it because in the end, you just don’t get paid a lot.

And yet it is still legitimate and the cost benefit of these places is fair. Even though you don’t get paid a lot, the set up is designed to work and if you work long enough, you just may make some decent cash, but by no means a lot.

What my years of experience has taught me about survey sites:

I’ve had years of experience with places like SC. I’ve even paid to join many of these paid online surveys and I have to say, it’s just not worth it. Ultimately, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth getting paid very little to take a lot of time answering questions. Even these good survey sites pay so little.

If your answer is yes, then I suppose SC may be for you, but I assure you, if working from home is your goal, I assume getting paid measly amounts is not your idea of doing it well. But it is 99% the case (the best case even) that it will happen this way. It’s just the way this system works.

The only people who make good money through places like SC are those who refer people into them and like I said above in the cons, I believe SC themselves get paid each time they refer someone to the other sites. This would in fact provide them with a lot of income if it’s true…

But even then, if you want to mimic something like this, then you’d have to know how to generate traffic on a website, refer tons of people and basically run an online business. 

Final Rating: Survey Club 

Yellow Flag

4 out of 10 stars. They do what they promise in that you’ll get offers and opportunities to make some money, but it’s VERY little that will take a long time to grow into something that’s worth bothering with…

 Want to make money from home? Then survey sites are not the answer (and here’s what is):

There’s generally 3 types of work at home opportunities I tell people to stay away from:

High ticket programs. Aka programs where you pay $1,000’s or more education on how to make an online business and work for yourself. Stay away from high ticket schemes.

MLM programs. Generally pyramid schemes that hardly ever work out and are build on deceptive foundations.

And survey websites. For the reasons stated above (little money, lots of time invested).

Those 3 categories of work at home businesses have the most alluring messages in that they make people think it’s easy to make money, but my experience and reports show a scary amount of people fail because these things are just built on foundations that aren’t worth putting in the time or money in.

Like I said before, the only real way to work from home and make a good income doing so is through an online business, but one that doesn’t cost anything to try and teaches you a legitimate way to do build it.

That’s pretty much been my experience in that through the above types of programs, I had indeed come to this conclusion and actually built something that works: A website that makes me money, good money in fact.

And if this is something you also wish to do, then I can help you there:

So as a final note on the review of SC:

Is it SC legitimate? Yes.

Is it a good way to make money? No, not unless you know how to refer a ton of people there and earn commissions through them joining…

Survey Club


Survey Club Score



  • It's not a bad paid survey site (they are rare).


  • The core problems still exist (this pays so little).

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