101 Digital Affiliate Hacks Review. A Recommended Read!


Finally, I am happy to do a review on a program I can recommend, that being 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks. Let me explain how it works and what you learn from it.

Quick Report on 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks:

101 digital affiliate hacks review

Creator: Stuart Walker.

Price: $19.99

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10 stars

I feel like this eBook should be read at least once by every internet marketer.

101 Digital Affiliate Hacks in a nutshell:

A 62 page eBook providing a 101 different “hacks” you should be using if you’re running an online business.

A lot of the tips will apply to email list building and even your website. But let’s be serious, these aren’t really hacks, they are just really good and simple tips so let’s call them that. 

I first though that this eBook was going to go through a whole list of black hat tactics (The word hack made me think this), but there’s absolutely none of that here. 

I’d say if you have years of experience online, you may find most if not all of the tips written in this book to be familiar (and sometimes repeated in someway), but it’s still going to surprise you as it did me so I would recommend you get it.

5 major pros about 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks that I liked:

1) The ebook itself is very well written. It’s simple, in your face at times with it’s language and Stuart also provides a list of outgoing links to better help you use these tips. For example, he provided one link to a page where you can use one of over 300+ words to get more attention when writing headlines.

2) You can use that for website headers, titles for articles you write and especially emails you send out. For email marketing, Stuart also shows research on how different titles he made and sent out to subscribers go him twice as many people opening up the message. Right there is an example of how using the tips from this ebook can help your business grow right away. 

3) Other core tips Stuart really goes into more than once is the element of trust with your subscribers, readers and basically anyone you sell to. And on the topic of selling, Stuart really points out that you shouldn’t really be selling and that the key to success is solving people’s problems through the products you promote. Thinking of it that way really changes things in how people see and trust you.

4) Another area of the trust topic Stuart also provides extra tips on is that if you’re going to sell someone something, buy it first and know that you can recommend it ethically. And I’ve got to add a few points of my own to this.

I have to say that as obvious as this sounds, nearly every single marketer I know misses this especially when they are new. They get into this business for the money and think that by putting up a website, ad or whatever they are brainwashed into thinking through get rich quick programs, that this is all you need to succeed. These people are in for a harsh lesson and that is that utter failure is what awaits them. I’ve gone through this more than once.

The people who make these mistakes don’t look at their customer base as people with problems. They only look at them as dollar signs. Let’s try the following:

Let’s take a “perfect niche” where people have legitimate problems: Knee pain. It’s a major issue that millions suffer from, including myself.

Ideally, being that I can relate to this problem, it would be perfect for someone like me to connect with this audience because I know the problems associated with knee problems. I can test products out and offer real solutions that work for me. Sharing this information with my niche, I can earn their trust and have long lasting customers listening to me. This is something I think Stuart would agree with me on. 

But then there’s the same people I talked about who don’t look at it from this point of view. They skip all of that and just go right into promoting and by missing the key parts: Understanding your niche, understanding the problem and REALLY knowing what helps them and without that information, their odds of success would be very little. 

So that’s really where it all starts when niche selection begins in my opinion. If you understand and implement this part, you’re going to really do well with online business. 


And back to the ebook, that whole thing about trust is one of the many major points Stuart makes multiple times. Even if you think you understand it or have seen it before, it may be better to read it from Stuart’s point of view. It may sink in even more.

Final Rating: 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks

5 stars

Green Flag

5 stars out of 10. Ebooks regarding online marketing generally do not get favorable ratings from me because they just can’t explain every single little detail about marketing so if they try to teach it, they’ll always end up missing something here and there, but this ebook isn’t really about teaching as much as it’s about making sure you have “certain points” (101) in your online business covered.

Take Stuart’s advice seriously because it will definitely help your business improve.

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My final thoughts:

The tips you learn from Digital Affiliate Hacks are general at times, but they can make a tremendous difference on your online business, even if it’s just 1 tip you decide to use. If I were asked to write my best tips for establishing a great online business, I doubt I’d be able to reach a 100 like this ebook did.

I wouldn’t say you have to memorize all 101 “hacks” you find in this ebook, but having this resource available if you’re working on a website, email marketing campaign or anything involving online business is good to have in case you ever wonder if you missed anything. 

While just about every tip you get in this ebook will help you, not all of them will be suitable for you so if you’re going to remember anything you read from it, just remember the tips that you felt most applied to your business situation. 

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