Rapid Traffic Guide Review. How it Really Works.

Let me show you what Rapid Traffic Guide teaches for free. The traffic generation techniques it teaches aren’t exactly revolutionary and before you try them, this review will explain what you need to know about it first (the risks).

Quick Report on Rapid Traffic Guide:

rapid traffic guide review

Creator: Gary Alach.

Price: $19.95.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

Most of the stuff you find about “rapid traffic” is really just different types of paid advertising methods. Be prepared to spend money (even a lot) if you’re going to try what this program teaches.

Rapid Traffic Guide explained (how it works):

This program basically compiles most if not all of the different ways you can drive traffic to your website and most of those methods are paid for. I think there was only one or 2 that were free (SEO and article marketing).

All the things you learn from Rapid Traffic Guide explained:

rapidtrafficguideinfoscreenshot1) Before you learn about the “rapid” part of getting traffic, you will learn about things such as picking out products to sell and gathering an email list.

This is done in the first 2 modules of the training known as “product selection” and “lead capture” as you can see on the screenshot to your right.

2) Then in module 3, you get into the traffic training where there are 21 lessons and about 16 of them actually cover topics that I would place into the category of “rapid traffic”.

3) The rest are either the intro, a few topics on SEO, and the last topic which was all about understanding competitors, how much traffic they get and more. I found this topic to be one of the most informative. The rest were…obvious.

What exactly are the methods you can use to get quick traffic? Well basically of the paid ones:

Solo ads, traffic exchanges, PPC, email marketing (once you have a list), Facebook PPC, re-targeting and a couple of other more I could name.

These are all examples of traffic options you pay for to receive visitors. They are all different and the only thing they have in common is that you pay to get traffic and you will get it quickly. How well it converts is the big question and that’s where you can end up paying way more than you want.

I’ve tried PPC, email marketing, a little bit of Facebook Ads and I also know of people who use re-targeting. Every one of these methods and the ones mentioned in Rapid Traffic Guide work, but only if you know how to leverage them correctly which will take money and experience for most people to learn.

And that’s the big lesson I didn’t see being taught in Rapid Traffic Guide:

It always sounds great when you think about the opportunity to get so much traffic, but this game isn’t that easy. Module 4 gets back into the email marketing part.

I don’t think that the training in Rapid Traffic Guide goes deep enough into how to use them and that’s one of the things I decided to add to the con list. All of the modules are just bullet points and basics. Now these things I consider to be missing might just be the default things available in the basic membership package I purchased but they maybe covered if you buy one or more of the up-sells (2 altogether) that go with this program.

  1. The first I believe mainly discusses ways to not make mistakes when email marketing. I didn’t see much information on being smarter with the paid advertising options.
  2. The second up-sell is a coaching program where you can connect with Gary, for $997. I don’t know Gary personally, but I do know that these costs in my opinion are insanely high.

I’ve never paid anyone that much up front. I only paid certain people I trust monthly but at least with the monthly option, I get a chance to see for way less if what I’m being taught is working. And really…

If you want excellent coaching for affordable prices (free), look into this program.


  • Pretty simple tutorials and good organization of the website.
  • I like how every tutorial had a PDF, video and audio.
  • Most of the topics discussed get to the point quickly and explain things clearly.
  • Links to many good outside resources were provided (not all of them were helpful though).


  • I didn’t see a next button next to each lesson so it got annoying having to click the back button over and over and click on the next training.
  • As clear as the information is, it’s really just summarized and there’s cons to that. Some people need detailed information. Clear concise points often miss out on important details.
  • No thorough examples provided by Gary. That makes all of the training sound more theoretical, although I do know it’s very practical from experience.

Final Rating: Rapid Traffic Guide

3 stars

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. If you want fast traffic, just do paid advertising online, that’s really it. But I’m warning you: Don’t do it if you’re new. It’s more of an advanced approach to marketing that I only recommend you get into when you learn these things first.

My final thoughts:

I think if I examine all of the online marketing products I’ve ever purchased, maybe about 80% of them teach you the same type of stuff Rapid Traffic Guide teaches.

Generally the information is boring and while different people who create these programs show you how they do it, if you summarize their strategies, they’re basically all saying the same things.

I can never rate these types of programs high, unless they charge very little or even nothing for that information. It’s really mainstream knowledge and I could also argue that it’s over played like crazy and not something I’d recommend.

Now look, if you’ve never learned about email marketing, I can tell you that for almost $20, this course isn’t bad at all (forgetting about those up-sells), but it’s just so easy to find other programs and blogs talking about all of these same things too so you really have to wonder if it’s even worth buying. In my opinion, it’s not.

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