Snap Affiliate Profits Review. Here is The Catch.

snap affiliate profits review

Snap Affiliate Profits does what I often criticize make money online programs for which is:

They give you a broad way of making money online (with affiliate marketing in this case) and then make it sound like it’s easy to perform on your own. It isn’t and this is why I gave this program a low rating, which this review will explain.

Quick Report on Snap Affiliate Profits:

Creator: Stephan Gilbert.

Price: $17.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars

The big problem I found with this program is how they teach you to do PPC (paid ads) and that is likely wasteful, though it MAY have a chance of working. The whole concept of PPC works and I know it well, but the broad way this program teaches it is what the main problem with this program is.

Snap Affiliate Profits in a nutshell:

A program that only has videos that teach you what is probably the most common and broad way of doing online marketing: List building through paid advertising, that’s IT. And not to mention in a very broad way, almost as broadly as I just explained it!

The way I just said that may make you think I’m being negative and you’re right. I’m tired of running into these programs that teach the same things. And these things aren’t even good to begin with. 

I ranted a little bit about this in a previous post I wrote. It was about a program called Rapid Traffic Guide, which sounds the same as Snap Affiliate Profits in the “instant results” type context and it was also nearly identical to this program. If you read what I said in my final thoughts section of that review, you’ll understand why I have problems with Snap Affiliate Profits.

But if you want me to get specific, I’ll get specific:

Here’s 2 big problems with Snap Affiliate Profits:

1) The first is that Snap Affiliate Profits is very basic with how it teaches you the strategy of making money and it’s a widespread problem among pretty much every single make money online program (except the Wealthy Affiliate one). Being basic and lacking specifics can lead to tons of trouble. That’s the first problem.

2) The second problem in my opinion begins with the whole approach they have to pay per click (What is Pay Per Click?). With Snap Affiliate Profits, the strategy of PPC is very simply explained:

You basically target a whole bunch of keywords using the broad match that get lots of searches monthly, set up ads to appear for those keywords (on Bing), get a lot of traffic to a squeeze page and then go from there. 

Now what is true about this strategy is the following:

  1. Targeting broad match keywords WILL help get your site to show up for a lot of search terms.
  2. You can theoretically get tons of visitors very quickly to your site through this method and possibly get a good email list up and running, but really more so in quantity, not quality.

But the way I look at this is from a different perspective. I believe that in PPC:

If you target broad search terms and don’t properly organize your ads, you’re going to have a bunch of problems:

Problem 1:

You will get a lot of irrelevant traffic to your page and thus a lot of people won’t sign up to your squeeze page. 

Confused by what all this means? Well let me explain it a bit more specifically:

Targeting broad terms means your ads will appear for more than just the keywords you chose to appear for. Your ad will also appear for completely different search terms and even single words. 

If I target keywords that relate to say dating and one of my keywords is “how to ask a woman out”, selecting that keyword to show up for broad terms means it will also show up for: “woman” “ask woman” and other things like that. Many of those terms aren’t even related to dating so your ad showing up there is just going to waste space and…

Problem 2: 

Money. You’ll waste a lot of money this way. Now one good thing about the way Snap Affiliate Profits teaches PPC is they show you how to get up to a $150 credit with Bing ads by setting up webmaster tools (many people know this) and just looking for coupon codes online. They also tell you to bid very little on ads. Ok that part is GOOD.

If you can make this work, you’ll have a lot of money to test out your projects with, but since I already explained why following their strategy to PPC will waste money, you’re going to burn through that budget VERY quickly. 

Remember I said you’ll get quantity traffic over quality?

Well that’s not a good thing in the PPC world or anywhere where you try to sell. You want relevant visitors (laser targeted) coming to your site and through the strategy Snap Affiliate Profits shows, in my opinion, it will not work that way. 

There was also another area of the training where they connected SO many different types of keywords into one ad and this was also a HUGE mistake. More money spent needlessly in my opinion… 

Finally the last part of this training was in their 10th lesson which was on optimization where I though there would be something redeeming. Maybe they would correct the way they do PPC, but while there were some good tips to help you spend less and get more clicks, the underlying problems were NOT resolved.

The problems of targeting broad terms, not properly segmenting ads and keywords were left unchecked and that’s why the big problems will continue and more money will be wasted.

And that’s basically the training of this program. There was also a link to sign up to a webinar, but it didn’t work because when I clicked on it, it took me to a 404 page (error).

Final Rating: Snap Affiliate Profits

2 stars

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. If only their PPC guide was better, this program would easily rate higher, but it doesn’t, so this rating is justly applied.

My final thoughts:

Ok, so while I don’t recommend Snap Affiliate Profits, I am not against the idea of what they propose. In fact, it does work, but there’s so much wasted money in how they teach it in my opinion. I just think my variation is much more cost effective and more likely to get better results.

But even better if this is going to be your first time trying this out, I’d rather you not do it yet and instead attain some great knowledge of online marketing and the only program that I know does it right is Wealthy Affiliate. Learn from that program first.

And since I’ve also not done email marketing in such a long time, I’m going to personally run my own little test with PPC and eventually share how it works out once the test is complete!

Snap Affiliate Profits


Snap Affiliate Profits Score



  • None.


  • Broadly explains strategies that involve spending money (making it super risky to try).

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