Blogging Profit Formula Review. It’s Old, Outdated And Free


I’m an expert blogging so reviewing programs like Blogging Profit Formula was interesting for me because if I can learn more, I’ll recommend it to you, but if it’s not, at least I’ll show you what is better, and in the case of this program, the latter is true, at least based on the review I have of it.

Quick Report on Blogging Profit Formula:

blogging profit formula review

Creator: Jason Kern.

Price: $37, but it’s a free accessible PDF if you just Google it! 

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars.

There should be NO price on this ebook in my opinion, because it’s so short and full of missing pieces that there’s no way it should ever be on sale. BUT if you get the free version, it’s still several years behind modern day SEO in my opinion.

Blogging Profit Formula in a nutshell:

It is my opinion that this ebook was either just some PLR product Jason Kern purchased or maybe he hired someone to write this stuff for him. Not that the writing is bad (it’s actually alright), it just felt that way when I read through the guide.

But whether or not it is that, the point of the guide is just a brief introduction into blogging. Most of the guide which is JUST 38 pages long mainly covers choosing topics to blog about and website creation while a few pages talk about installing certain plugins to be “optimized” for search engines and even less pages are dedicated to one of the most important topics: Creating content

Hint: You can get Blogging Profit Formula for free, so don’t bother paying for it!

how to get blogging profit formula for free

Boy do I feel like a fool for ever putting down $37. Because after reading it and going back to Google and searching for more information, the first link that popped up for me was the exact same book, except I didn’t have to purchase anything!


So if this review was based on just the eBook that I purchased and the information that was inside, I would have ended up giving it a big ZERO because of how much of a scam the price for it was vs the information that was inside it.

But I’m not going to do that. I’ll just admit I could have been smarter in doing my research, but to be honest, even if I did only read the free guide, I would wonder if the $37 one was different and probably would have purchased it anyway.

But instead let’s focus this review from the standpoint of it’s content and that someone might stumble onto it for free.

If that’s the case, is it then good enough to read through and try? Read, maybe, but try?

You’re better off finding something more up to date and this is the central problem with any PLR eBook that tries to teach you things that constantly evolve, like making money online, in this case through blogging!

The content in Blogging Profit Formula is out of date, that’s the bottom line:

I would estimate that this eBook was written somewhere in 2011, maybe 2012 because it’s content is still showing me screenshots and approaches that are not so much content focused, but trying to “SEO optimize” your site so that it’ll rank well for keywords.

I’m sorry people, but ever since 2012 and up, this has changed drastically and really, things are the other way around. Now, I want to point out that Blogging Profit Formula doesn’t exactly say do more of the old stuff and less of the new stuff I pointed to, but it just doesn’t include that information and in the 38 pages you get from it, there’s NO way it could ever cover all the new angles needed to succeed in SEO. 

However, there are still good points the ebook covers that can help:

They recommend doing niche research on forums, EzineArticles and other sites to get a better idea of your niche market.

They do a decent job of showing you how to create a WordPress website, although the instructions are very old. Just follow something that is 2015 and up for making websites, like this website building strategy

They do point to content being an important part of ranking, but they maybe cover about 10% of what I would have liked to see! Seriously, either they don’t know how important content is or like I said before, this was just written when you could game search engines by just optimizing your site. Not anymore people…

But while the good points vaguely cover the topics that are mandatory for blogging success, they are just too short and in need of much more information to be added if this ebook was ever going to meet today’s standard of SEO.

And that’s for the good points. I didn’t even get to the bad ones, the biggest of which is the same lack of focus and explanation on content ideas. 

Final Rating: Blogging Profit Formula

2 stars

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. You just can’t thrive on blogging using a resource that’s this old and several years is too far behind.

Want to learn how to succeed in blogging? Learn it from the Wealthy Affiliate program.

My final thoughts:

Besides Wealthy Affiliate, there are a few other good programs on learning blogging from:

And in regards to Blogging Profit Formula, I have to be honest: The whole old school, PLR thing wouldn’t be a big deal to me if the eBook was readily available to everyone FOR FREE and would be up to date too! But if I made the mistake of buying a free eBook for $37, who else is going to do it?

You just can’t sell that kind of information for such a price. In fact, there shouldn’t be a price for it.

I can make this claim because in addition to writing about this exact topic on my site, more than once, I also recently wrote 2 eBooks that I am running an experiment with.

Both eBooks add up to about 30 pages together and I give it away for free. I do promote things within it, but the information that is on the front end should be given out to people because a lot of that info, they can just Google and get for free as well. 

So I jumped back on the why pay for this stuff topic, but if I focus just on the content of the eBook (again) and think about this eBook as though I originally got it for free, well, it’s just OK for a resource, but there’s so many out there that are better.

I’d even say my eBook, although shorter is more advanced and easier to implement than what Blogging Profit Formula tries to explain to me, but that’s a personal opinion. I wouldn’t mind getting a few people to do a comparison and tell me what they think.

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