How to Start An Online Business For Free. It’s Easier Than You Think.

If you’re someone who is wondering how to start an online business, know there are many ways to do it, but few are actually free/work and most fail. However in this tutorial I’m going to show how to get it right the first time as well as do it for free.

I’ve been in the world of online marketing for over 8 years. I’ve had great success and also a lot of failure. What I’ve learned in my time through this industry is that absolutely anyone, rich, poor, young, old can start and run a business online.

 How to get started:

 The truth is you really need only 3 things to have an online business:

1. An idea in mind. 

It all begins with an idea. When it comes to online business, you need to find a niche which is basically a group of people looking for something specific. Then when you find them, you can build a business around it and sell to that particular group a product that suits their needs. 

Look at every single business that exists, offline and online. What do they do? They full-fill a need. If people are looking for something, businesses offer it. The purpose is to provide the consumer with what they want and through a niche, it is that much more likely to happen. That is the goal of an online business.

To have #1 down, I recommend this:

Ask yourself if you have any particular interest/hobby/expertise in a field. If so, what is it? It really doesn’t matter if it’s rocket science or card collecting. If you possess knowledge in any field, you can turn it into an online business. 

Ex: I was very interested in kettlebells at one point in my life and found a niche (specific group of people) who would be interested in them: Women. This was MY idea, to create a website whose subject was women and kettlebells. It sells them DVDs and actual kettlebells. I actually own none of these things. I simply promote them through places like Amazon and earn commissions.

This site currently receives anywhere from 50-100 visitors on a daily basis. Full case study. This was an example of me turning my knowledge into a functional online business.

What if you have NO idea in mind? That’s actually ok too. There are many people who don’t really have a niche or aren’t sure. In these cases, I would recommend that you do what is known as affiliate marketing in which you pick one specific niche and just gain experience through it. Then if it works out for you, stick with it. If not, you will still gain knowledge which you can then transfer over to something you may be more interested in.  

2. A website.

Every online business needs a website. It’s your base of operations which is why you don’t need to own an office and can operate from any area where you have internet access. Most “experts” charge you $1,000’s to create a website for you. I quoted the word experts because I feel using them is basically asking to get ripped off. I prefer saving my money and making my own sites and I’m going to show you how to do it for $0. 

In recent years, the ability to make websites has become MUCH easier than you can even begin to imagine and the price of making them has substantially decreased and even become free. With the right program and a few clicks, you can have a professional looking website in as little as a minute, no joke. Here’s the proof. It’s completely free 🙂

Take this page you’re on. This is an example of an online business website. It’s nothing really fancy, but I created it rather easily using that method. And the bottom line is absolutely anyone can do this too. There are many tools and web designers who can do it for you, but this method is what I personally use and recommend because it’s free, pretty much effortless and very simple to use. Check it out!

3. Proper training.

This last element is what can make you or break you really. There are SO many scams and wrong ways of doing business online that it’s basically a mine field out there. Proper training means learning the right way to start an online business, building it from the ground up and monetizing through it in such a way that it provides a stable income.

To make sure this happens, it’s much better to learn what works & what doesn’t from a place that knows this subject from the inside & out, instead of going about it blindly or worse paying “experts” to do it for you which by the way I also highly advise against for these reasons

One of the only places which teaches you how to start a successful online business is this place. It is an organization which teaches you how to take your personal idea to the internet, build a site around and make it successful. They are also free to join so if you’re serious or just curious about starting an online business, this the only source of proper guidance you’ll ever need, I promise. 

Benefits of having your own online business:

  • You don’t have to own a current business. When I first started, I never had a corporation, my base of operations was (still is) my home and I am my own person. You don’t need an office. And if you already have a business set up, you already have 2 out of the 3 elements down. 
  • You don’t need to own your own product. You can sell other people’s products and earn commissions. You can also make your own if you want to.
  • You can get started right away. 
  • There is much more flexibility in having an online business vs an offline one.
  • You choose your own hours and work from anywhere.
  • Once you have a website up and running, your online business works for you 24-7. In many cases, it’s on autopilot.
  • It is much less expensive to run and even free if you know how (which you already do ;)).
  • There is much less competition in the online world for businesses than there is offline, meaning the door is pretty much open for you to enter and mark your territory.
  • Much less red tape, meaning less taxes, less paperwork and much less regulations.Point being: There is A LOT of freedom in this industry.
  • No store needed. No need to pay rent. No need to take out loans.

Putting it altogether & getting started. 

Really the only things you need to make this work is this:

Proper guidance. You already know where to go. My recommendation is to start here.

A website. You already know where to go to get this.

Any idea in mind. Even if you don’t have one, but just want to succeed, that’s more than enough! I never had an idea in mind when I got started with this, but through proper guidance, you will, I promise.

The will to succeed.

If you have all of these ingredients, there is no reason why you can’t start and run a successful online business. For the first 3 years of my journey in the world of online marketing, I have encountered many pitfalls, scams and situations where I wanted to quit. But the only reason I didn’t was because I wanted to succeed and with same proper guidance I now recommend to you, I realized this success. 

Times aren’t always blissful and there are certainly situations where everyone who has a business online will encounter trouble, just like in the offline world, but that’s a completely normal and expected bump in the road to success. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. I will reply promptly within 24 hours :). To your success!

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  1. konstance fortune

    Hello I don’t have a comment, But a REALLY BIG favor to ask you! Can you please help me. I just joined ipas2 and I’m so scared that i will FAIL. Everyone on the internet to me are such liars. I’ve tried so many of there BS. Sorry. I really need help. I have to make money ASAP or I am going to be homeless. Please help?

    Konstance Fortune

    • Vitaliy

      Hello Konstance, iPas2 I think is part of Empower Network and I don’t like that program. I would stay away from it because they will ask you to invest a lot more money if you sign up. And since you already said that’s a problem, don’t do it.

      I would also not recommend you go around looking for programs like these if your situation is as dire as you say. Any program, good or bad (well good) will not get you fast results.

  2. Sean Mac Suibhne

    I was a purchasing manager for over twenty years, then a security manager for the past 12 years, I and a partner attempted an offline business that failed. I just need to know that the information that you are providing is legit, I’m tired of working for businesses that care very little, if at all for their employees, and am seriously interested in running a profitable online business from home.

    • Vitaliy

      It is Sean. I can tell you that you already have the skills from your prior experience in managing to do this, but you’ll find that these skills will come in handy most when you already have the business working for you and you might need to outsource some of the work like content creation. Either way, it’s all legit if you follow the right advice. Look into Wealthy Affiliate as I recommended and they’ll show you what it takes to run the online business you want.

  3. Oliver

    Your website although somewhat “plain” psshhh…is so honest and true to the reviews. People like you are so needed online due to all the scams that are out there. I want to personally thank you for helping many people realize such scams by your reviews. My fiance’ and I become WA members recently, it’s a great platform. There are others as well of course, but this one seems to be one of the best if not the best. Keep up the great work!

  4. brenda

    Love your website. The content and layout is absolutely terrific. I hope it’s very successful for you.

    • Vitaliy

      Yep. In WA, the subject of taxes is covered. Let me save you the browsing. Here is the link to a WA tutorial on taxes. You can also sign up for a free starter account there.

      Personally, I registered with an S-Corp when my online business picked up. That will probably be the best thing you can do if you decide to get started. Then whenever I make money through whatever online means, I just add the total, subtract my expenses and pay the taxes on what’s left. Taxes will vary based on where you are located, but it’s nowhere near as complicated as having an offline business. Hope this helps.

  5. Christina

    Sometimes I can’t believe how easy it is to make a website these days. And then I get mad. Because I once paid $1000 for someone to set up a WordPress site for me. Once I knew I could do it so easily, and for little to no cost, I got SO angry. I felt ripped off! But, you live and you learn. I prefer the cheap and easy route now. Great post!

    • Vitaliy

      I hear ya on that Christina. Even though paying $1,000+ used to be the norm, what’s unfortunate is that there’s still people charging that much for website creation. It’s downright theft if you ask me.

  6. Chip Paulson

    The thing I noticed about all these online skills is that once you do them once, it’s incredibly easy to do it again and again. The real hard work here is consistently creating content in order to build up traffic and make sales (eventually). Sound easy? Try doing it for the 100th time! This is why it’s very important to go with a topic that interests you, instead of just a “money maker.” They all make money if you do it right (which you will if you stick with it long enough).

    • Vitaliy

      There’s certainly a lot of truth to what you say Chip. Everyone who is getting started in this industry should do so from an area they can relate to. When I first began doing this, I had prior experience in health & fitness and chose to follow that path. It allowed me to be more comfortable in building websites and connecting with people.

  7. Raúl Román

    Great post, and it makes so much sense, I mean, how much you have to pay the state, or country you’re living at for them to let you have your business? Then get to materials, labor, repairs, customer service, the list goes on and on! It is really much easier having an online business than an offline one. Great post!

    • Vitaliy

      Yeah Raul, I did mention there’s very little red tape, but it’s not something I went in-depth into. When it comes to online business vs offline, there are some major perks, many of which you already mentioned. It’s something that’s very difficult for people to understand who have never been in this business.

    • Vitaliy

      It’s really the only tools you need to get going in this world Ivy. Glad to hear it’s also working well for you!

  8. Nathaniell

    It’s crazy how easy it is to make a website these days. Most of the work is just getting motivated enough to create content that people want to read!

    I guess there’s lots of work with learning what you need to do to actually make money from the site, but you mentioned training bit. I would say that with a website, some training, a good niche, a good affiliate program, and just a little bit of hard work, anyone can have a profitable online business.

    There are literally millions of profitable niches out there that are too ‘small’ for the big guys to care. There’s definitely plenty of profits for everyone if you just take the time to look.

    • Vitaliy

      I’d like to add to that Nathaniell. There are indeed millions of tiny niches out there, but in spite of their size, they can end up making businesses 6 and even 7 figure incomes if they properly utilize online marketing methods. This is a reality that I’ve personally come to understand throughout my 8 years in this industry. And the beauty of it all is that anyone, anywhere can start an online business, even if they don’t already own one and make their mark!

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