What is The Best Internet Marketing Program? This One

what is the best internet marketing programIn the many years I’ve done internet marketing (IM), tested, and reviewed programs, I firmly believe the program I’m recommending to you today is the best.

In my opinion it is Wealthy Affiliate, for many reasons (including my own income success with it). It is the best place to get an education and start making an income online. They teach it, you do it and you succeed, that’s how it works.

I will be explaining that, but with regards to the subject itself on the best internet marketing program, I often notice, most people who get into this business, don’t exactly look for education as much as they do for some sort of lottery ticket or miracle program that makes them instant riches.

In fact, if I were to categorize all of the various types of internet marketing programs, services and/or both, it would come down to 3:

Category one: Automated programs

There are so many IM products out there whose target audiences are people who want push button and done for you systems to do all the work for them and when customers demand, smart and often devious marketers take advantage of that and make programs aimed to meet this demand.

However, one common and unfortunate side effect of automated programs is that they are they are either terrible, outdated, or don’t really teach you anything. And another is that search engines like Google are becoming very smart at spotting websites which use automated programs.

They punish websites for this because in most cases people who use these types of programs generally have low quality content. Low quality content is frowned upon by search engines.

But what types of specific automated programs are we talking about? Well here’s a small list:

In almost all instances of me reviewing products which fit into one of the above categories, these programs are advertised as solutions to make IM a simple task which anyone can do. In many sales pages associated with such products, you’ll often see pitches about how you only need to follow some sort of “3 step process” and their “magic” system does the rest.

It’s really only a sales pitch and I have yet to encounter any program which really upholds these amazing promises and delivers. So while there are TONS of automated IM products out there, I’d say 99% of them are nonsense and a waste of money. 

the best internet marketing program

Category two: Mass information products

While automated programs are the all the rage in IM, there was once a period where sites sold you tons of eBooks and information guides on making money online. They told you they if you purchased their main book, you’d get tons of cool bonuses and special e-books which reveal even more secrets.

In reality however, most of these books are outdated just as the automated programs are and most likely PLR books. Many times marketers as an incentive to get people to buy their programs/services/books promise tons of bonus products if they buy so they’ll buy up books they can then re-sell or offer up to customers and use that as an incentive to get them to buy.

One great example of this is Neucopia. If you buy their “basic” membership, you get about 30 different eBooks. But as I said, most of these books are outdated.

And if that’s not the case, one other major problem is that with SO much information at your hands, you’re actually more likely to get lost and fail. Imagine being new to online marketing, not knowing where to go and what to do. So you buy one of these programs which promises you all these books.

  • But which book do you start with?
  • What if you read the wrong one and miss out?
  • What if information in one book contradicts the next? 

You’re bound to face these issues. I know I did when I was starting out. You need a place which is up to date and gives you one complete road map to success, not 10, 20, 30 or even a 100 different ways. Wealthy Affiliate is that place.

Think about it, if you’re trying to reach a destination on a car, you don’t want to have 100 different ways to reach it. You just want 1 way, that’s the fastest and easiest. Otherwise you’re going to get lost, plain and simple.

Category 3: Expensive high ticket education products

I’ve seen programs that say they’ll teach you how to make money online cost $1,000’s if not more. There’s also tons of scams going around which reel you in and then have sales people call you up offering coaching lessons on IM. I’ve heard horror stories about people losing everything to these places. These are high ticket scams to avoid.

While not every place that’s massively expensive is a scam (Expert’s Academy for example), I don’t believe programs should EVER cost this much. Back when IM was still in it’s infant stages, I could see it happening because the ways to succeed wasn’t as available as it is now and with more successful internet marketers out there and a lot of the information needed to succeed being open to the public (like on this site), the supply of information has increased, and so has the demand since more people want to know what it takes to succeed.

Therefore, while there are in some cases very high quality training programs/products available, if they are expensive, I never recommend buying them.

The best internet marketing product is Wealthy Affiliate:

Here’s a few reasons why:

  • It’s up to date.
  • Provides a single, full proof road map to success.
  • Isn’t overly expensive (it’s actually free in one of it’s memberships). 
  • Offers excellent support (I didn’t add this before, but support is PARAMOUNT). 

Now it would be unfair if I said Wealthy Affiliate was the only program out there for you to look at. It is the best in my opinion, but I have a list of 7 legitimate affiliate programs too, on which WA is on, that you can also check out for additional reference and choices.

But ultimately, the price, benefits and the success from using Wealthy Affiliate are one of a kind.

Update: See 9 more reasons Wealthy Affiliate is the top affiliate marketing program. It’s on another site where I discuss this same topic and give you even more reasons to check it out.

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