Universo MLM Review. What to Expect From it

Universo MLM review

I normally won’t recommend an obvious MLM program, but with Universo, it’s a different story because it’s actually not that type of program, but something that helps you with that type of business and in this review, you’ll learn how it does it.

Quick Report on Universo MLM:

Price: Free to join (Possible up-sells/offers within membership)

Final Rating: 3 stars out of 10 (OK, but proceed with caution).

What is Universo MLM?

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Universo MLM is basically an organization that deals with helping people within the MLM industry to start/join and become successful within it.

The good news is that there is free registration on the site to help you get started, but in my opinion I feel that Universo MLM is affiliated with other like companies and may or may not be an affiliate for them.  I believe this is how they make money from providing what is technically “free” services.

People who actively read my blog know how “anti-MLM” I am and would probably wonder why I gave this company a yellow light instead of a red one.

Well the main reason being is that this place isn’t exactly an MLM. It’s a place which trains you for MLM programs, and there is a difference in that.

There was one company I previously reviewed called My Lead Systems Pro (MLSP) which is basically like Universo MLM in that it provides high quality training to succeed within the business. The only difference there was that they charged a monthly fee to be a member there and in spite of that charge, I rated the program as being 4 stars. 

Looking back I would have deduced one point for the monthly charge, but the same though process applied: It’s not an MLM, it just teaches you about MLM which in my book is OK (borderline though). 

Should you join Universo MLM?

There’s 3 points of views I have here, with #3 being the “best of all worlds”.

Point of view 1: No.

mlm programs can be pyramid schemes

My personal opinion is no and obviously the main reason is that I am against the industry as a whole. I don’t believe in MLM and think it to be a waste of time and money.

Sure there are a lot of people who find success within this business, but most people who get into it are not going to last long.

It may be because of lack or work or people being lazy which is often the case, but I find the whole business model to be fundamentally flawed. Allow me to explain:

Even the most “legitimate” multi level marketing programs have a referral system. In my experience referral programs in the MLM program are bound to fail sooner or later because they survive on the whole premise of referring others into the business.

Some would say this is a pyramid scheme and in many ways this is absolutely true and another reason why I am never getting involved with this industry.

But at the same time, even the most successful people within the business are those who can generate what’s known as leads or a down line which means they can refer a lot of other into the business and make money as a result. However then the continuation of that success depends on the people who were referred to begin referring others and this is where the large majority will simply not be able to do so.

And even those who do manage to refer others still face the same problem. People who are referred are only going to stay in the MLM if they see results and this means referring others into it. So when that doesn’t happen for most, they quit. The people who referred them begin to start losing money and they quit. And this starts a chain reaction type effect that goes all the way to the top.

It’s almost like a house of cards waiting to collapse in my opinion. There are VERY few MLM programs who have stood the test of time and still exist.

Additionally there are a rising number of multi level marketing programs which have been accused of being ponzi schemes. 2 places in particular are TelexFree and Zeek Rewards, both whose total reaches close to $2 billion dollars in ponzi scheme accusation.

Point of view #2: Yes.

Join the company and see how it works for you. It’s free to join so worst case scenario, you can quit if things don’t turn out the way you want. 

Do note the primary language of the site is Spanish so if you’re not fluent in that language, I wouldn’t recommend joining the company. If you’re someone who believes MLM is the key to your financial dreams and aren’t a Spanish speaking individual, I would instead recommend MLSP as it’s completely in English and the training is pretty good from what I’ve seen.

Point of view #3: Learn how to do internet marketing overall.

The best place to get training in all areas online business, including MLM is in my opinion through Wealthy Affiliate. With internet marketing skills, you can apply the training to MLM and not, and become successful within any industry that requires using the internet to market.

 This is my personal favorite. I make money online and have done so for many years. However what I do is NOT multi-level-learn internet marketingmarketing. I do affiliate marketing which means I promote products to people who are looking for it. 

I prefer this form of making money online rather than through MLM because I find it easier and there’s much more stability in it in the long run. I can promote anything I want and in many instances, I don’t even have to buy the product to sell it to others.

This means I don’t need to do things such as buy physical MLM products to sell (start ups) which is how a large chunk of money is made by them. I can simply find a product, put it on my site and if someone buys it, I make money.

Furthermore, the actual process of affiliate marketing is no way, shape or form a pyramid or ponzi scheme unless of course you recommend a place that is such (which you should never do!). You’re basically helping people find what they want. Here is a brief overview of how to make money online.

As I’ve said, I’ve done this for many years and have seen great success with it. You can find case studies above.

Final Rating: Universo MLM

3 stars

Yellow Light (Caution)

3 out of 10 stars. It’s not bad and can help you succeed within the industry, but I feel there are much better alternatives and will personally not be recommending or joining it. Here is my #1 recommendation which is Wealthy Affiliate if you wish to see real results.

My final thoughts:

No matter how people try to convince me otherwise, I cannot and will not ever be a part of ANY MLM program. This can certainly be considered a bias and I will attest was a major part of my grading system for Universo MLM. But because it’s not an actual MLM program, but simply a means to become successful in one, I can turn the other cheek. 

Like I said before, you can join it and there’s little risk because it’s free. If you don’t like, you can always quit, but if you want my personal view, forget about MLM entirely and focus on internet marketing, but more specifically affiliate marketing. This is where I believe the real money is at.  What is needed to succeed within internet marketing is proper guidance such as with Wealthy Affiliate’s help and taking action. 

If you have a person review on Universo MLM, I’d love to hear about it!

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