A Review of 1 Cent FB Clicks. Is it Really Possible?

1 cent fb clicks review

Want to know if it’s possible to only spend pennies on Facebook ads? Well this is what 1 Cent FB Clicks claims to be able to show you how to do. Is it possible? Let’s see in this review!

Quick Report on 1 Cent FB Clicks:

Price: $47 (Plus surprise up-sells).

Final Rating: 2 out of 10 stars (Red flag, not recommended) 

Let me just skip the suspense and say this: The claim from 1 Cent FB Clicks is technically true.

It is possible to pay that little. But in what I found out about this program, it is not as simple as the sales page advertises and in this review, I’d like to tell you why I don’t recommend this product in general.

1 Cent FB Clicks explained:

It’s not just learning how to get cheap clicks on Facebook’s advertising network, it is also a guide on how to monetize via list building and targeting fan pages on Facebook while promoting products to them from places like Clickbank. There are video and text tutorials within the members area and in many ways there is certainly a lot of content to go through.

Normally I am a fan of a lot of content because it makes the purchase that much more worth it, but in 1 Cent FB Clicks case, there is a lot of stuff you go through before you actually get to the part about making your ad and there is also a period which you’ll have to go through before you can potentially reach that 1 cent cost per click.

Inside the 1 Cent FB Clicks program:

Overall you’re looking at 5 “steps”, and 3 learning modules within the program. Steps 1, 2 & 4 talk about various offers and coaching you can get.

These are up-sells which means if you’re going to take advantage and follow the instructions you will have to buy some kind of hosting, get coaching from a guy named Anthony Morrison (I have an issue with this offer) and a “Done for you” offer which I assume means they’ll make the ads and set up other things for you, although I’ve never been a fan of anyone doing work for you because in my experience, letting anyone do work for you almost always leads to sub-par results. 

The first 2 modules feature 8 videos on everything from list building to extracting leads from FB fan pages and setting up ads. There is detailed info on doing this so that’s a positive. Module 3 is just more of the same but features 7 videos and gets in-depth on further enhancing your ads and making them convert better.

The only compliment I can give 1 Cent FB Clicks:

What is pretty decent in my opinion is that there is a whole bunch of information on list building tactics utilizing fan pages on FB. I honestly haven’t done that much advertising on it, so I can’t tell you if advertising through fan pages is likely to be profitable.

I can say that targeting a specific group of people (niche) within a social network can yield rewards, provided you set up a relevant ad and promote a relevant product to them, so in theory yes it is possible to be successful with this program. However, there are a number of reasons I simply cannot recommend it to anyone.

4 reasons I won’t recommend 1 Cent FB Clicks:

1) It’s not as simple as it’s advertised: 

You’re going to have to go through a lot of modules and training before you get to the part on making those cheap ads and even then it’s not something that will happen right away. Getting to 1 cent costs takes time and this varies on your ad and other criteria.

2) I really don’t like the sale’s page because it usually means a low quality product: 

I’m really tired of seeing the same types of sales pages & videos which don’t actually explain what the product is, but only hype themselves up with what I consider fake testimonials and check numbers. But nevertheless I dug deep into this program to explain what it is in the best way possible. I feel you can do FB ads on your own without this program.

And I happen to like this program, Market Hero because it teaches a good way to do just that.

3) Up-sells:

Oh boy how I “love” up-sells. It’s always nice to buy something that’s SO hyped up, only to find out there’s more things you’ll need to buy. Makes me feel like I got ripped off. I’ve honestly always hated up-sells, especially if I don’t know about them until after I purchase the product.

This is a sneaky way to extract more money out of people and I never endorse this way of marketing. There’s just to do many products that this and this was one of the main reasons I deduced points from 1 Cent FB Clicks. Sneaky marketing is a no-no in my book. I feel it’s deceptive and wrong.

If you’re going to buy this product, be prepared to see some very “enticing” yet expensive offers being thrown at you. My rule of thumb is to never buy up-sells unless the original purchase yields results.

4) I don’t think this is for newbies:

First of, in addition to my believing that list building, email marketing & PPC (not just through FB) is more of an advanced online marketing concept, I really believe the way this product is designed and written that people who are new to this business will simply have a hard time keeping up, understanding what to do and putting it into action. 

Here’s an alternative program called Wealthy Affiliate that’s designed for newbies and truly works.

5) In today’s world, getting low cost clicks on Facebook Ads is nearly impossible:

I happened to have run a few ads on Facebook Ads awhile back and I can tell you that this network can be profitable for people, but the lowest click costs I got to was $0.25 cents and this was with the help of a very experienced Facebook Ads marketer.


  • There is a lot of content within the product.
  • There is potential to have 1 cent clicks on FB.
  • There is potential to make money through FB advertising.


  • Not as easy as the sales page makes it out to be.
  • Up-sells after the purchase and within the product itself (although optional).
  • I feel it’s not worth it for newbies.

Final Rating: 1 Cent FB Clicks

2 stars

Red Flag (Not recommended)

2 out of 10 stars. I don’t like the way it advertises itself with the sneaky up-sells and you can really do this on your own without the product. If you’re new to online marketing, check out my #1 recommendation that is Wealthy Affiliate for real success. See success stories from Wealthy Affiliate.

My final thoughts:

Generally products who follow the same methodology as 1 Cent FB Clicks usually don’t rank on my scale. I feel it’s wrong to give people what I consider a false sense of what the product is and how it works. Now it is also true that you can make money with this system, but I feel in the greater scheme of things, it’s better to do it on your own.

And if you’re new, don’t start with paid advertising online or email marketing. I feel that’s too complicated and should be saved for later. You should start with SEO and learn the fundamentals. There is a lot of monetary potential there and it’s much easier to understand and do in my experience. 

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