How Product Reviews Can You Make a Lot of Money Online

how product reviews can make money online

The beauty of blogging and making money from it is that there’s a near endless opportunities if you target products and review them. And I’ve done this so I know the potential behind it.

I have yet to meet anyone who has never had trouble writing content.

  • I’ve had it.
  • The pros have had it.

And if you are trying to make a very content rich website, sooner or later you will have it. The only question is “when”. Even those who love their site’s niche topic and can write a seemingly endless amount of material also eventually run into issues on what to write next.

While this is OK and expected in online marketing, I want to give content makers an idea they can leverage and get a seemingly endless supply of content ideas rolling out and it comes from doing product reviews related to your site’s niche topic. Seriously, it’s going to make life a whole lot easier if you’re looking for stuff to write on your site. 

I don’t care what your niche/site’s topic is or how small/big it is. I promise you that there are tons of products that are related to that niche (directly/indirectly) that can you can leverage and review on your site/s. 

I’m going to offer up 2 specific examples from my own experiences to help you:

Example 1: 

A niche diet website.

Keep in mind that we are targeting a niche, not the overall subject of weight loss. But once we have our topic, the key to making our site stand out is to add high quality content that’s related to the niche. In this particular example, here are a few things that come to mind (they are all products):

Specific diets.

You could go through an A-Z list of all the diets available nowadays. There must be 100’s of them if not more. And each specific diet is in fact a niche because it’s very specific. 


These aren’t exactly diets, but it deals with weight loss and is thus relevant to our site’s topic. There are tons of books, supplements, and other related subjects to cleanses you can review on your site.

Just these 2 ideas alone are enough to provide you with well over a 100 new content ideas. That’s weeks if not months worth of work and while that may sound bad, in the world of online marketing, this is absolutely great because content creation is the fuel that will help your site gain more authority in it’s niche, appear for more keywords and get more traffic overtime.

Example 2:

Let’s use my site. It’s niche subject is basically make money online. Most of the content ideas I get are from products that teach people how to make money online. Though most of them are horrible (to say the least), there are always people looking for these products online and doing reviews on them not only helps with new content ideas, but it also helps people looking for those products find out if it’s worth it or not.

Here’s some of the many types of internet marketing products I encounter:

Books, eBooks, online marketing services, “special programs”, pyramid schemes (yes these exist a lot in the online marketing world). 

There’s so many possibilities within each of the categories I listed above. I know there’s a lot of people who are trying to make websites targeting this particular niche and have huge issues with it. I hope these examples help you.

Bonus example:

This isn’t my personal example, but it’s something that came to mind while I was writing it and just how many different ideas/products came up as potentially new things to add to a site: Let’s say the niche is kayak’s for beginners (case study). You are making a site helping people get started with kayaks and want to provide them with resources, tools and products to help them understand it better.

What products could you possibly review? In this example, I want to ask that you not look at my examples I came up with until you come up with your own. Use this as an exercise. Give yourself a minute. Really think about it. When you’re done, compare your results to mine.

Here are mine:

  • Actual kayaks (different sizes, prices, ect…)
  • Cheap kayaks.
  • Paddles.
  • Books on how to kayak.
  • Safety gear (life vest).
  • Clothing for kayaking.

And so much more. These ideas took less than 20 seconds for me to come up with and if I look deep enough into each category I will find tons of specific products to write reviews on and again, it all deals with my main niche topic.

Should you buy products before reviewing them? 

This is an interesting question that has 2 sides to it. My whole perspective on this question is pretty simple:

If you know your niche topic very well, you will naturally know if the products you’re reviewing are good. In these situations, I don’t think it is necessary to buy the product before reviewing it. When you’re an expert in your field, you will know right away if a product is good or not. When I reviews on internet marketing products, most of the time I know right away if it’s good or bad.

Now once in awhile, you may find it necessary to buy a product in order to truly understand it/review it better. That’s fine and if it fits your budget, go for it. A lot of products offer free trials and/or cheap offers to “test drive” their service/product. You can take advantage of that. I also sometimes buy products when I don’t understand how they work or to further explore it.

But you can review the products you don’t buy. See how to review products you don’t own (the affiliate kind).

Places to get information on products to then review them:

If you get lost with a product review and don’t know what to write about it, look up reviews on it. If it’s a physical product, I’m certain you can find what other people are saying about on places like In fact, I review a lot of popular products on Amazon then use what is known as the Amazon Best Seller List Strategy to profit from it, which utilizes this strategy.

For internet marketing products, look up the Warrior Forum. And most of the time, in order to find a reviews/, all you need to do is go to Google and type: Product review. That’s it! And you’re going to find a lot of people reviewing it on their sites.

Tips to make the most out product reviews:

Keep in mind in order to make this work, it is important to individually review each product as a separate post/page on your website. This means even if there’s 2 or more products in the same category, review each of them separately. This is because it is better for SEO and also because it’s more relevant to someone who finds the site looking for the particular product and it’s review.

Also make sure to chase low competition keywords when you individually review products. The beauty of writing product reviews is that in most instances, you will find tons of low competition keywords. 

If you have any questions on this tutorial, let me know and I’d be more than happy to clarify 🙂

Also the review itself needs to sell, here’s how to make it happen:

Product reviews certainly offer you a lot of ways to make money, but depending on how you structure it, can mean th difference between making more money, less or none. Here is a product review template of how you should structure your reviews to make them convert better.

And furthermore, besides product reviews, you should also be writing on subjects within the niche and if you ever encounter writer’s block, then I have a simple solution: Read this blog post on what to blog about and it will help you with that.

Following those tips has personally helped me get more sales on my sites.

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