A Review of Six Figure Shortcut. Is it Really Possible?

six figure shortcut reviewQuick Report:

Name: Six Figure Shortcut by James Francis.

Price: Supposedly $27 (There may be upsells).

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10 stars.

Although the name Six Figure Shortcuts sounds cheesy and looked like a scam when I first heard about it, I was pleasantly surprised.

Although the information isn’t exactly new and I have seen other places teach similar things as this, I will say the information is pretty solid.

The only real complaint I have is that it’s focused on really only 1 aspect of making money online: Email marketing which isn’t a bad thing, but I feel there’s better alternatives.

Six Figure Shortcut in a nutshell:

The program is designed by James Francis. It focuses on creating a website, a squeeze page and utilizing traffic generating techniques (most likely paid advertising such as solo ads) to drive visitors to the site, collect an email list and then sell them relevant products.

As I said earlier, this concept isn’t new. I’ve personally tried it and although there is a lot of potential behind this approach to making money online, I don’t feel that you can make six figures very quickly.

The sales page of this product said they’ll show you how to make $2,000 your first month and scale upwards after that. Technically it is possible, but for beginners, I feel it will take longer, a lot longer.

The training within the program:

You are looking at 3 training modules with a set of videos in each area starting you off from the most basic things such as:

  • What is online marketing.
  • How money is made online.
  • Niche selection.
  • Creating a website.
  • How to create squeeze pages and sales pages.
  • And so on.

Here is a screenshot that explains the process:

six figure shortcut process explanation

Having looked through some of the videos, I do agree with a lot of James says to focus on. It’s very rare for me to agree with anything I see/hear nowadays because so many get it wrong and/or use shady tactics of marketing.

The good news is that you can get free access to the first module and see 3 videos out of 8 (or 7, I can’t remember). They’ll cover niche selection, creating a website and setting up hosting which I believe James if promoting through a company I’ve never heard before, but their prices seemed fair compared to the competition.

Overall what you’re looking at is having a website which aims to solve a problem a particular niche has. You will create content on your website which can be a power point presentation, sales video or even text content and sell that niche a particular product. Then the training as I said earlier will help you get visitors to your site.

The more visitors you get, the bigger an email list you can compile. The bigger the list, technically the bigger the profits. If you’ve never done email marketing, it’s quite a simple concept. Essentially it comes down to this:

1. You create a website.

2. You get visitors to that website (there’s various ways to do this).

3. You put an opt in form on the website and get people to sign up. There’s programs like Aweber which makes the whole process pretty simple.

4. You then send out emails to your accumulated list and recommend products which can help them solve their problem/s.

5. You can keep trying to continue selling to the same email list in the future.

How likely is it to make Six Figures using this system?

As I also said earlier, I’ve done this sort of thing before and it does have great potential, but the process of list building isn’t fast. It takes time to amass a good email list. If you can invest money and advertise your website, you can get results faster (technically).

If you are tight on money and follow free traffic generating tactics, it will take a lot more time (weeks-months). The whole idea behind making email marketing work isn’t to sell right away to those who sign up, but earn their trust by giving them good information to rely on.

Then and only then can you sign up. This is why the most successful email marketers never sell straight away when they get a new subscriber to their email list. They will likely go through a sales funnel or weeks if not more of offering high quality content to earn that trust and only then sell to them. So again, it’s not an instant thing. It’s a process.

Now as for the likelihood of making six figures, I am at a 50/50 perspective. I have made $1,000’s doing email marketing and six figures doing paid advertising (case study). While it is absolutely possible to succeed in this business, I believe if you’re new, this sort of stuff isn’t what you should start with.

Instead focus on building an online business from the ground up and focus on things like SEO, then move into paid advertising and email marketing. The best resource in my opinion that shows you how to do this correctly is my #1 recommendation known as Wealthy Affiliate (WA).


  • Pretty good training.
  • I agree with a lot about what James teaches.
  • Practical to make money with this, although the six figure range will take time to reach.


  • Training is mainly focused on email marketing & paid advertising. In my opinion this isn’t for everyone.
  • The information isn’t exactly new or unique. I’ve seen it before.
  • You may likely have to invest money into getting visitors to your site. This is risky and not recommended if you’re don’t have a lot of money.

Final Rating: Six Figure Shortcut

4 stars

Yellow Flag (It’s an OK program)

4 out of 10 stars. Borderline acceptable. I would give this program the green light if it provided more info on other parts of internet marketing.

It’s focused too much on one aspect of this business which I feel isn’t for everyone. This is why I recommend my alternative, Wealthy Affiliate, because it only covers all of this, but all the other parts of making money online. 

My final thoughts:

While the training is centered around really one aspect of online marketing (list building) and I do feel that’s limited because there’s more than 1 way to succeed in this business, it’s still a good training program and the instructions are fairly simple to follow and implement.

I have no doubt that this program will provide results for those who follow it and work hard, but it will likely take a few tries before you get it down. No matter how simple a process sounds, it still takes personal experience with it to understand it. 

I still feel the information isn’t new and you could really find it elsewhere as I already have in other programs. In the other instances, I also ranked them with 4 stars, sometimes 3 meaning it can work. 

If you’re going to succeed with this program and/or are in a hurry, I believe you’re going to have to invest more money into paid advertising to speed things along. But if you’re tight, I wouldn’t risk this.

Paid advertising in my experience is always a gamble. But in the end, the concept of email marketing is solid, though not for everyone. I did it. I had success with it, but in the end, I felt it wasn’t my path. I now stick to SEO and PPC in general.

If you have tried Six Figure Shortcut, implemented it’s techniques and got results/no results, I’d love to hear what you have to say about it!

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