Is Profit Reign a Scam? An Honest Review.

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Profit Reign and considering it only costs $2 to get inside the members area, I took a gamble and actually did it.

The following review is going to explain exactly what this program teaches and if it’s really a scam or not. So if you’re wondering if you can really make $200 a day with it (they claim you can), if it works, what methods they use, ect…, this is all going to be revealed in the following review. Let’s get started:

Quick review of Profit Reign:

Creator: Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick, but Mark explains everything.profit reign review

Price: Literally $2, but there are about 4-5 up-sells afterwards, some of which range for $47, while others are over a $100.

In my case, I only decided to go with the $2 option and found it to be more than useful enough.

What does this program teach? Profit Reign teaches people how to make converting sales/opt in pages and honestly, it’s very different than what I’m used to seeing from other programs (I’ll explain it in detail below).

In addition it provides you with numerous ways to drive high converting traffic to this page (includes both paid and free traffic methods) to help it convert. 

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10 stars.

This is the second program I purchased from Mark and I have to say I am very impressed with all the value he gives. I know he wants to provide you with more offers later on (up-sells), but given how much value he provides in his regular product, I’m happy that I got it.

Do I recommend this program? Yes but not for newbies.

What do I recommend for beginners? Here you go:

profit reign alternative

Revealing what Profit Reign teaches:

Before getting into the actual method of the program, Mark Barrett, the creator of Profit Reign explains how typical ways to collect email lists and make money online are foolish and don’t work. What are these typical ways?

Well if you’ve been around this industry long enough, you’ll know most of the bad programs teach a very outdated and typically low converting way to do business, that being buying solo ads and sending them to squeeze pages.

Mark even shows how he tried this, did get a lot of people signing up to his email list, but had none of those people open up his emails and obviously, this led to no sales being made. In short, this method is horrible.

Being that I’ve personally seen this bad method taught many times and criticized it too, I’m already on Mark’s side when it comes to his criticisms of it. In short, the traffic from solo ads is generally cold traffic and this is why if you’re going to pay for traffic, solo ads are not where I’d start…

So what is Mark’s solution? 

Mark basically stopped using the traditional squeeze page approach. Instead what he did was he created a site which reviews a product he wants to sell a solo ad audience and that’s where he sends them. 

However, the “kicker” to this method is that he still tries to collect an email address and the way he does it is that he uses a special program that allows him to make a little pop up button on top of his review page that has a call to action for people to sign up for.

Here’s an example of it:

how profit reign works

Now you may think that this pop up example is so small that no one will notice it, but that’s not what Mark claims. In fact, he provides stats on how well this type of ad performed and that he got a lot of sign ups and about 19% of people opened up his emails after signing up, and this led to a lot of money being made on the back end when he started promoting to his email list.

In fact, he shows multiple examples of this method working and making him good money and it’s in the $1,000’s. Now this method can apply when you try to send a solo ad audience directly to a sales page and it can also work even better (by Mark’s own advice) if you send a solo ad audience to a review page.

Either way this email collection method appears to work well.

Profit Reign’s traffic methods:

It just so happens that this program’s actual training is a small snippet of what is actually provided once you join. Aprofit reign traffic majority of the training isn’t about the method I just described to you, it’s actually about various traffic methods and I have to say this is what really impressed me about Mark’s program.

He provides external links to training’s and a PDF which only has 3 pages on sending traffic to your site via the following types of methods:

So another good thing about this program is that if you’re tight on cash, you can try one of the 7 free methods provided.

The paid ones may add up to a lot of money spent so only do this if you can afford to. I know for example that one of their methods, Clickonomy is a risky one as are solo ads in general. 

I said beginners shouldn’t do this and I mean it, I strongly believe people who have made money online or understand how to make converting sales funnels should only do this stuff. 

Final Rating: Profit Reign.

Green Flag (It’s legit)

6 out of 10 stars. So far, I’ve ran across 2 programs from Mark (the other was called 2 day profits) and it’s 2 for 2 on the recommendation score. This is another good program worth trying (not a scam!), but only if you have money and more importantly have online marketing experience as I have said before. I admire the value Mark provides in his programs and it does seem like he genuinely wants to provide more value than the prices he charges.

My final thoughts: 

Mark’s program taught me a lot of new things despite that I know a lot about this whole business. I am actually quite interested in trying out his pop up style of squeeze pages to see how it converts. I’ve never been a fan of solo ads, but the way Mark describes the potential of getting them to work through his method has almost 100% convinced me to try it out.

However, once again, if you are a beginner, I do not recommend this program to you. There are concepts and things which aren’t explained inside the program that experienced people will know automatically about, but beginners will in my opinion be lost on. 

If you are experienced and can risk some money with trying out this method, do it, it’s worth the try because Mark showed his own results from doing it. If you’re not experienced, use the other program to make good money like I did through it:

All this being said, let me know if you have any questions about the Profit Reign review you just read or the other recommended program I advised if you’re a beginner.

Profit Reign


Profit Reign Score



  • I love the value I got in this program for the $2.
  • I love that case studies were added to show this (programs rarely show them).


  • A beginner to online marketing in my opinion will not be able to use this strategy to it's fullest.

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