Is 2 Day Profits a Scam? Full Review And Details Revealed.

Because it was only a few dollars, I purchased and checked out 2 Day Profits. This review will explain the things I learned from it, which are actually pretty good, but why I recommend something better.

Quick Report on 2 Day Profits:

2 day profits review

Price: $2 with 3 up-sells: $37, another $37 and one for $297. Then if you don’t get them, each is down sold to the following prices: $17, $17 and $97.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10 stars.

For just a few dollars, I really did learn a lot of things from this program. I honestly expected to see something completely different inside and went in with a negative opinion, but this program is legit in what it shows.

But there are things about it’s recommendations on making money I am still undecided on, so for the time being, I will recommend a better program…

2 day profits alternative

Ok, so let me explain what 2 day profits is:

If you went on the main website and wondered what this mystery way of making money was, I’m here to explain it:

The first thing is that the program itself is written as though you will make money in 48 hours, at least that was my impression, but it actually means TODAY (2 + day), thus the name. They promise you can make money very quickly and so I went in to see this method and here’s what I learned:

The “secret method” of making money revealed:

This is a program which shows you how to make money by sending people as referrals into a program called Yoonla. I have personally never heard about this program until today, and I will be doing a more in-depth review on that in a separate article, but basically this program provides you with $2 and $4 commissions for you getting people into it.

The training you get inside the members area of 2 Day Profits:

Now in order to make money with it, you obviously need to send referrals and the training in this programs shows you how. Basically they show you some traffic sites where you pay a little bit and get a lot of people exposed to your site.

I believe these sites are traffic exchanges and honestly, I am not a fan of them since you often buy junk traffic where few, if any people convert, but for quick cash promises in places like Yoonla, I suppose it’s possible. This is how the creators of 2 day profits day claim they do it.

Now addition to these traffic sites, they also give you training on making YouTube videos as well as a traffic resource where they show you 5 free methods, some of which I honestly never knew about. And you can also see my tutorial on making money with YouTube because I also do this.

My whole thing is SEO and while I get 50,000+ visits to my sites monthly through it, these methods do seem worth checking out, although I know that SEO is still the best form of traffic generation:

Now in addition to these methods, there’s also a third one involving YouTube and doing product reviews there while offering bonuses and stuff. 

Again, the main goal with these traffic methods is to get visitors quickly and send them over to Yoonla for profit. One more thing I forgot to mention is that another method they show you is using squeeze pages to send people over to Yoonla (where you basically show how “easy” it is).

Does 2 Day Profit’s strategy work?

Generally speaking, I have heard mixed views of using traffic exchange programs to make sales. However, I did mention that Yoonla is an attractive offer and there are indeed large niche crowds in the internet world who want to make money quickly.

While I am the sort of person who is totally against using traffic sites as they are typically useless and do not provide relevant traffic (it’s usually spam), I can see this sort of stuff working, but the better option would be SEO.

The other issue I see is if Yoonla itself is legitimate and again this is a conclusion I am holding off on until I study it further to understand what it is and how it works. So far, all I know is that you can sign up for free, upgrade and then recruit people into it and get paid a few dollars for each sign up (even if they sign up for free from my understanding).

Such opportunities sound great, but I hope there’s a product involved there, otherwise it’s sort of like a pyramid scheme.

The next stage of the program and what they try to sell:

I honestly didn’t think that the creators went through such work to make this program only to sell it for a few dollars a piece. There had to be more and indeed there is…

1) Firstly they do promote Yoonla to you.

2) Second, they have their up-sells which I listed above.

3) And third, they do pitch their high ticket program called Internet Funnel System, which I did review but did not find favorable.

So do note that if you join, there is a funnel to get you to buy more, although I will say that the guys who made this program are not pushing anything or pressuring you and it’s something I am happy to see.

Final Rating: 2 Day Profits.

Green Flag

5 out of 10 stars. I like the value I saw in the members are for this really small price. Although the method of making money is questionable, I would say to make it work better, you’d need to focus on doing it through SEO, but if you have money, there is a good reason to try out their methods of traffic generation and buying it through the sites they recommend.

My final thoughts:

I actually enjoyed this program. But I have for many years changed my viewpoint on internet marketing from making quick money to making long term money and as of now, I see (considering that it works) the method of making money this program teaches as a short term approach. 

Now if the high ticket system these guys sell is legit, then there’s an example of a long term approach, although I am personally against buying high ticket programs.

As an experienced marketer, I strongly believe that having a good online business mainly revolves around making a niche site and doing SEO to drive traffic there. This kind of formula can produce incredibly high income levels (I have proof here) and for a long time, while costing you almost nothing.

So while I like 2 day profits for the value, I don’t see it’s actual strategy that you learn being long term. I’ll study up more on Yoonla and their high ticket offer and add those reviews at a later date.

4 thoughts on “Is 2 Day Profits a Scam? Full Review And Details Revealed.”

  1. This was interesting in that I have received emails from Yoonla, but I never followed up on them because they seemed to be asking for money (like every other platform). That said, for any platform to get even 5 stars out of 10 is an accomplishment. However, I agree that SEO is the best way to generate traffic, because I don’t need a million visitors who don’t buy, just several dozen who do convert over to sales.

    • Hi Paul, the 5 stars was given to the 2 day profits program, not Yoonla as I haven’t reviewed it yet. I gave 2 day profits a positive score because it offered good value for very little cost.

  2. I normally really hate when a program has upsells. But their methods of traffic generation are quite interesting. And I really want to reach a full time income with this. Do you think is this worth the money? Or should I look for another program? What are your experiences or research about it?

    • Their traffic generation techniques involve using questionable traffic networks which I would classify as junk, but buying it up in bulk and trying to get people to join a simple place like Yoonla may work. I honestly can’t speak for this technique Furkan, not yet.


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