Is My Home Job Search a Scam? My Review Shows Better Sites.

my home job search review

I joined and went through My Home Job Search. Let me explain why I can’t recommend them in this review and I found some parts to be a scam.

Quick Report on My Home Job Search:

Name: My Home Job Search.

Price: A free membership is available, but most of the offers inside there require joining another program and to pay for it.

And there is also a 1 time offer to their higher service which I think is $99, although a second look showed they push that down to $29.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

My Home Job Search in my opinion and experience in seeing these types of sites and even joining their type of recommendations in the past has never ended well and I am seeing the same types of things recommended in this program, thus I am skeptical.

Overall some parts of the site are legit, but I will explain which aspects of it are a scam in my opinion. When you mix it together, I do NOT recommend this program.

However, I’m not going to just leave this review at that. I will be giving you legit alternatives, and let me start by telling you about this one:

my home job search alternative

My Home Job Search in a nutshell:

From the free membership, in my opinion and from what I saw, it looks like nothing more than a simple affiliate site pitching other programs to you, while making itself look like a credible work at home finder.

In fact, if you want to see UNBIASED and none promotional opportunities to work from home (real jobs), check out my list of 7 real ways to make money online.

Now some of the links they (My Home Job Search) provide aren’t affiliate ones, but the site is divided into 3 sections from what I saw:

The 3 sections of this program, 2 of which I do not recommend:

Section 1:

You have to pay to get access there. In my personal opinion, this part of the site has scam elements because the pages about finding jobs can be done on legit, free sites that I’ll show you. And furthermore, those free, legit sites have way more info you’ll get from them than from My Home Job Search in my opinion.

But anyway, the paid parts of this membership site include the job findings, and coaching (And I always advise caution with coaching programs, but here’s a legit coaching offer I personally offer). 

Here I have identified which areas of the members are available if you pay (I personally did not and will recommend doing it):

my home job search members area

The red areas I indicated are part of the paid program (The $99 or $29 option). 

Why I do not recommend this: Experience has shown me work from home programs which charge you for information typically provide less than awesome results because they usually mimic search results you get from free websites. Take this review I did as an example.

So I do recommend an alternative vs paying for this? Yes!

And there’s 2 alternatives:

1) On the main page of the My Home Job Search members area, if you scroll down to the last video where they give you a tour, there is a video which actually shows several sections which are locked to normal members, but in the video, they are unlocked so you can get a little preview of the types of positions offered.

One of the offers was for getting a position with Amazon, which is FREE if you just do it. I don’t want to pay $29 or more to learn that information personally! Amazon offers a few free programs you can join them through:

2) And instead of paying to get info on job listings, simply look them up on these 2 free sites and not only will you get that info, but you’ll get WAY more of it:


And you can also see the list I put up above for even more options, such as writing jobs. 

Section 2:

The affiliate promotions. These sections of the site had at least most if not all areas be affiliate links, meaning:

1) If you joined these sections, you would have to pay.

2) My Home Job Search would get paid for you joining them. And as an affiliate marketer myself (about), I did not appreciate how they went about it here…

Here are the 3 pages that feature affiliate links:


What do these 3 places link to?

Well one of them is paid survey sites, another is a product review service where you supposedly get paid to review products and a third one where you supposedly get paid to browse the internet, but one of the options there was SwagBucks, which is an ok program, but the idea of surfing the internet freely is a bit of a catch because in my experience, those programs require you to search within their own “turf” so it’s kind of limited.

Why I don’t recommend anything here:

  • Every single paid survey site I have ever tried has been terrible.
  • Product review sites are things I have yet to try so I won’t comment.
  • And the third one about browsing the internet, I already explained. 

Section 3:

The actual free resources:

So there’s only 4 sites featured in this area, but they are all free to join and you can actually find a position, though it may be pretty difficult because a lot of people use it too.

But this section is the one which I see as having no strings there so I trust it more. The 4 sites they recommend here are pretty commonly known freelance websites.

If nothing else, this is the only part of My Home Job Search that I wasn’t defensive or reluctant about, and it makes the free membership somewhat reasonable to join, but frankly, many free blogs feature this information as it is, including mine. 

For example, I did a review on a similar program called Legit Writing Jobs (but it was much worse) and there I also shared 5 other sites you can work at home from.

Final Rating: My Home Job Search (3 alternatives coming up).

3 stars

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. I don’t recommend any section that requires paying or joining trial offers and the resources section which has known sites is also pretty known, so overall this whole program doesn’t really do anything for me personally but provide obvious resources in the good parts and questionable programs in the other in my opinion.

My final thoughts: 

As far as the free membership goes, there isn’t all that much free stuff available other than in the resource section, but that area in combination with the video I talked about showing you an inside look into the paid area of the site somewhat justifies for someone to join the free membership, and nothing else in my opinion.

The alternatives I have provided to you above are things I personally have no affiliation with, but I wanted to let you know that you don’t really have to pay to get access to that sort of information. 

Be very careful with programs like these. While My Home Job Search itself is not a scam, there are sites I’ve reviewed in the past (like the one I linked above) that were like it that went really deep into making you pay.


Overall, I do not recommend My Home Job Search, at least their paid or “would” have to pay sections, the free resources are OK. 

3 alternatives to My Home Job Search:

1) If you’re looking to actually find legit jobs near you, just stick to the mainstream sites, that being and

2) If you’re seeking to work from home, perhaps do things like freelance writing or something of that nature, again, I have a list of work from home companies and opportunities here.

And finally:

I know any of these 3 options is infinitely better than what My Home Job Search has to offer.

My Home Job Search


My Home Job Search Score



  • Shows some legitimate places to work from home.


  • I do believe some of it's recommendations for work at home opportunities are scams.
  • Try one of the 3 alternatives I mentioned, they are 100% legitimate.

7 thoughts on “Is My Home Job Search a Scam? My Review Shows Better Sites.”

  1. I like the way you think and you did a great job with this review. Anytime you join a site only to find that you need to pay and join a bunch of others sites before you can start earning is usually not a good thing at all. Starting your own online business is definitely the way to go.

  2. Thanks for the information. I think many people could see your cautions if they have any experience with the internet business model. Based on the Affiliate platform it seems to be built on, you are spot on. This doesn’t bring a fresh plan to the market but a reference program that if you use a little more effort on your own, you could accomplish yourself.

    Nice job, thanks.

  3. Nice overview of My Home Job Search… although I like the business model, I have reservations about joining. Obviously most of the free material you can pretty much gather on your own. But I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have it all available to you in one module. The paid feature is a brilliant idea to capitalize off those who might be somewhat naive about affiliate marketing. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t have to pay fees up front to find a job.


  4. I’ve also tried to do these paid surveys online, but I got nothing for the time I invested in this. Maybe 50 cents for hours of completing surveys, so I decided to quit.
    Nice overview, Vitaliy, I actually didn’t know about this website before.
    In my opinion, this HomeJobSearch site also looks like a scam, I wouldn’t use it.

  5. I feel sorry for people who get drawn into these sites with the hope of making easy money from home. There are better ways to make money online working for others but you need skills such as writing, editing, graphics etc. I’ve succeeded making money from home writing through Guru which is a freelancing site. With these legitimate sites you never have to pay to join. But even making money like this isn’t all that fulfilling.

  6. I’m over these ‘work online with survey ‘ jobs. People are just generally being mislead. Its a big fat waste of time. Did you find any legitimate jobs from these guys? I didn’t.

    The freelance links and many more are freely available online…but unless you know how to promote yourself and write like a pro, this work will never make you any money to speak of. J

    • Personally, of all the “good” links I found (typically the writing jobs), they are not all easy to work with since they will definitely require that the person has great writing skills, and I’m not even going to touch upon survey sites. And yes being able to promote your service is where it becomes even more difficult, there’s too many people on those legitimate sites all trying to complete for the same types of positions.


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