Is it Really Possible to do Online Marketing Full Time?

is it possible to do online marketing full timeYes it is! And this article is written by a guy who is a full timer in this work. I’ll show you how to do this too.

Let me start by saying that I meet a lot of people who get into this business. One of the things that I always see is goals that many people list.

While some are based on things such as making money as a supplemental income, most of the numbers I see can be associated with something full time workers make, that being 5 and even 6 figure incomes (sometimes 7). 

Most of the people who list the big numbers are certainly aiming to make that money, but those are goals. What is the likelihood of actually making this possible? 

Well why not ask someone who actually does this full time, like me?

As you may or may not know, I’ve been in the business for many years. Honestly, while my original goal was to start and do this full time, with school and lack of results, made this a part time thing. 

As I became more and more involved with this business and saw more success (and oh so many failures), the amount of time I spent doing other things lessened while my work online increased. Today, I do online marketing full time and only aim to make things go higher. For example, see some income reports here where I review a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

You can read my about bio here.

How long did it take me to get to the point where I work full time? Many years. But a lot of it was trial-and-error. Once I finally found a good strategy and saw it work, the amount of time it took to see results went down to a few months. 

But even when things are going well, it’s not a sign you should stop. I did that a few times and eventually it ended up failing me. Always work. Always strive to improve your online business. Whether you devote a few hours a day or every few days, understand that the potential to work full time and make a full time income in this business is there. 

How often do I work a day? I am a pretty lazy person and while I don’t like to admit it, I don’t really work much anymore. I’m not a millionaire by any means, but on most days I’ll work anywhere between 2-5 hours, including weekends. 

Do I work on other projects? Yes. Some may think that working full time online is a double edged sword, but it really isn’t. Once you start to see results and get to a point where you can safely devote time and energy to this without worrying where your next paycheck is coming from, you can focus on other things: Jobs, projects, business ventures, ect… 

The ability to work full time in this job does provide a lot of benefits including the ability to work when you want and with the remaining time, you have the freedom to choose.

I have a number of things I do on my spare time which also involve work, but the large majority involves actually focusing on the business. I completely understand there’s many people out there who just don’t have that time, but if you can work at least an hour a day and really put in the energy to succeed, you will. 

How to get to the full time level:

If you wish to get to the same level, higher or something close to that regard, I would like to share a couple of very important tips. But before I do that, I have a very important question to ask:

What are one of the most common things you see and think of when you hear online marketing and/or making money online? You might think one of the following (or all):

  • Someone sitting in their pj’s working from home.
  • Sitting on the beach with your laptop and enjoying the weather.
  • Expensive cars, jets, mansions.

Or something else to that extent. But why do we think this? Well it’s because so many programs sell us this idea and really a dream. You see all those images of people living the life and that makes you want it too. 

But unfortunately since so many programs are lies (see a list of work at home scams I found here), the odds of making what you see or set your goals to is very low. Also take into consideration that there’s a lot of hard work required and those become even lower. 

This brings me to my first point:

Have goals. Have dreams, but don’t let them cloud your actions. A lot of people tend to focus mostly on the dreams and see it as that rather than a means or inspiration to complete the actions needed to get there.

Hard work is what pays, not hoping to get lucky:

Sure some people have their lucky days and I even know one or two people who have the most amazing gifts just handed to them in life. And while it’s nice to hope one day I’ll have that too, the reality for myself and most people is that we need to work to get anywhere.

There is one other tip that may or may not suit you and that is to not actually hope for much in this business, but see where it takes you. I sometimes meet people who don’t really list specific goals. They just say they want to see what this business is all about, experiment and whatever happens, happens.

I find this mentality to work very well with me personally. When you don’t set expectations (big ones at least), I feel you leave yourself more room to be much more productive. If this works for you, use it. If setting specific goals is better for you, use that instead.

As for getting to the full time point, once you have these things in place and a learning center like Wealthy Affiliate you can trust, it’s only a matter of time before you reach that point. Just remember that it’s not out of reach. Anyone can do it.

Try not to rush anything either, especially if you’re new. That’s when you’re likely to make the most mistakes. This is also why I failed so many times too.

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