How to Create Profitable Lead Magnets. Examples Included.

There are many ways to create lead magnets, but if you start from this 1 point I’m going to reveal, you will likely always be able to make a lot of money.

What is a lead magnet?

It’s basically another way of saying sales funnel where you create a website, online ad or video on places like YouTube to attract a certain niche audience and funnel them through your offer page to sell them stuff like affiliate products or your own stuff.

So what is this 1 point? It’s a laser targeted audience.

I promise you that if you do not begin from targeting a laser niche, it doesn’t matter how many beautiful, highly converting lead magnets you make, it won’t help you out much.

In all my years doing affiliate marketing, this has been one of the biggest takeaways I’ve come to understand that is needed for success. 

I’ve seen SO many marketers, programs and services claim to have the best types of lead magnets for sale, but very few of them talked about targeting laser niches and without you doing this, you are quite literally missing the most important element of being successful. Here’s all you need to know about laser targeted traffic.

How does one actually create lead magnets? It’s ridiculously simple.

There’s generally 2 main ways to make this:

1) All you need to do is have a website, a page and a link on it, and that link has to point to some sort of promotion or opt in page. Once you add just 1 affiliate link or even checkout link (you should generally add more), you have already created your first lead magnet whether you know it or not.

Example: Throughout this site, I have multiple links, on literally every single post, page and even when you try to exit (an exit pop up), that tries to steer people into my #1 promotion that is sold on this site: Wealthy Affiliate.

Sometimes those links point to a review of it (when the audience needs to understand the program better before joining) and sometimes I provide links directly into that program to save people reading time (when they already know it and I did a good enough job of explaining it without the need of sending them to a review first).

In the following case (the link above), I’m sending you guys into a review of the program because you don’t know what it is or how it can help you make money online, so it’s more intelligent for me to send you to the review first vs to the actual Wealthy Affiliate site so you better understand it, then join it and yes, this link above is already an example of a lead magnet.

Like I said, all I did was add a link to the review and boom, it’s already doing it’s job.

2) Another common way these things are created is through a set up of a landing page that collects emails and whenever people visit that page, they are offered some sort of free gift, incentive, prize, whatever the case is to get them to actually opt in. 

Example: See more in regards to emails and collecting them successfully here.

Now you may be wondering if that link to the email list article I just provided is a lead magnet too. It sort of is and isn’t. 

What that article does is provide you with free info on the subject I promised to talk about (getting emails from people), but that article ALSO points to Wealthy Affiliate, the original promotion I spoke about in example 1. 

Other examples: Buy buttons, large call to action links, banners, images with links in them, are all examples of this stuff too.

Examples of success lead magnets you can try using:

how to create a lead magnet

And one more example to describe how this would look if you were doing the email collection version of this:

lead magnet example

Generally speaking, when it comes to being an intelligent marketer…

There are 3 ways of creating smart and profitable lead magnets:

1) You target a laser niche and you try to sell them something right away on a landing page.

2) You target a laser niche and try to get them to opt in for a promise of some sort of free stuff (I talked about this above).

3) You target a laser niche but you don’t sell them anything yet, you instead gain their trust by sending them to articles which explain a topic that’s interesting to them to gain their trust and then you send them to one of the two options above.

In the case of my website, I do the first and third option and it’s generating me a pretty decent income (see this review of Wealthy Affiliate where I show my income reports).

Now on other sites I own, I may do the second and third option or even all three, depending on the circumstance and testing is certainly a good way to figure out the best monetization methods your site can generate.

Fancy lead magnets don’t really matter, laser niches do.

Again, I have to mention the point I did earlier, about how all these services and good looking opt ins and affiliate pages are sold to people saying they have great chances of selling. 

In my experience, this MAY be true, but only if the right laser niche audience comes to it. Without it, you can have a true work of art for a landing page and have it convert at 0% if the right audience isn’t coming to it.

Some of my most successful promotions, such as this 6 figure page (literally one page), generated nearly $200,000 on a cheap looking HTML site. All it did properly was target the laser niche and promote to them well.

And if my numbers don’t impress you, consider Alex Becker, a truly up there marketer in regards to how much money he makes. He preaches this same sort of stuff about not worrying about making great looking pages, but ones that target the laser niche correctly.

What you should be doing right now if you’re in this business:

Whether this is your first time hearing about lead magnets, or you have some set up on an existing site you own and they aren’t doing well, start from the laser niche point, the whole thesis of this article.

Determine WHO your laser niche audience is and then promote yourself to this laser niche as best as you can.

If you have issues reaching these audiences, then you need market training, for which Wealthy Affiliate and Market Hero are your go to options.

For learning free traffic generating methods (or if you’re tight on money), start with Wealthy Affiliate.

For learning paid traffic generating methods (or if you’re more advanced), start with Market Hero. Note: I actually updated and do not recommend Market Hero now, but I still do recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

And if you currently run a site or have questions on a particular lead magnet topic or example, let me know.

6 thoughts on “How to Create Profitable Lead Magnets. Examples Included.”

  1. Oi Oi Vitaliy!  I hope your New Year is already off to a great start 🙂

    Your laser niche advice is spot on, as per your usual. I’m going to be keeping a keen eye on Google Trends in 2019.  (Yes, I followed one of your internal links ;)). 

    In my mind, my link building efforts will be more efficient. Also, if I have already have that trust from my laser niche as well, would you agree? 

    • Hi Fyre, I’m not sure as to the specific context of your question, so I’ll address it with a general answer…

      As long as you have a laser targeted niche that is your main focus, and then you adjust the landing page, the promotion, the content to fit and help the niche with it’s problems, you should be fine in every regard: Trust, link building efforts, sales, all of that.

  2. There’s some good resources you shared and thank you for them. I am an avid reader of your blog and I thought you were solely generating traffic and sign ups using free strategies like blogging and SEO. 

    It is only now that I read about you getting traffic using paid methods. So, that raises my curiosity about your recommended resource which is Market Hero. Can you recommend to me another blog post of yours about Market Hero? It could be a link to another post of yours here in your website where I can click to go to. I appreciate the efforts and thanks in advance! (TIA)

    • Hi Gomer, I included 2 links above to Market Hero and here’s a third that’ll take you to a review. Currently my paid methods are actually (and only really) through Bing Ads and Market Hero doesn’t teach about that network, Wealthy Affiliate does.

  3. I have had a site for over a year now and embarrassingly, I have never heard the term lead magnet. Although I have been doing some of the methods that you mention. The way I do it is with a laser niche, and again I did not know that term until recently! Like you, I do methods 1 and 3, so far I have seen some results but nothing like you. I’m still hoping it will get better!

    • Hi Hollie, don’t worry about knowing all the various IM terms. To be honest, as long as you understand the general idea (which it looks like you do), knowing specific terms isn’t that important. 


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