Is Copy My Email System a Scam? These 5 Red Flags Say Yes.

I joined the Copy My Email System program and sadly, I have to say, I strongly believe it to be a scam. Let me show you the 5 major red flags I uncovered.

I honestly have no interest in trying to look for reasons to call something a scam, but in the case of this program, the further I dug into it, the more it became pretty obvious (in my opinion) that they were trying to get more money out of me, whilst hyping up the idea that if I spent more, I’d make more.

Now while I will be providing an inside look into Copy My Email System’s members area to show you all of this, I will also be giving you details on realistic ways to make money online. I understand these kinds of systems because I am one of the few people who will tell you what works and what doesn’t.

So obviously, in the case of this program, you know my position, but don’t worry, I’ll give you a legit program recommendation as well…

Copy My Email System: The short review of it:

Creator: There was one person on the sales page called “Bob”, but inside the members area, there’s no images of that person. That’scopy my email system review screenshot of homepage suspicious…

Price: To get into the members area I did is free, but that’s how the scam actually works…

  • Upon joining, they pitch you buying 5,000 emails from them for $37. 
  • Then they also try to get you to buy even more packages with similar promises, but for $97 and then even $197.
  • There is also a promotional offer where you can get paid $250 for referring people into Copy my Email, but they send you into a site where you pay for traffic that can cost anywhere from $150-$1,200.

What is Copy my Email System about?

The main concept is that you get 5,000 emails from this program to message people on and link back to the Copy My Email System. For each click you get out of those 5,000 messages you send out, you get paid $0.20 for each person.

And then there’s also the promotion offer where you can get $250, but I believe the odds of this working (as is anything else in this system) is a big mistake I wouldn’t recommend making.

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

My personal review/position:

I think it’s a scam that is designed to make you spend more, for promises that if you do, you’ll potentially make more, but for the money you spend, even initially ($34), I believe the 5,000 emails they give you, I suspect very few of them, if any will actually click and I strongly believe you will not be able to make your investment back. $0.20 a click is nothing, especially when you pay so much to start this experiment.

Then the idea in my opinion is to keep you spending even more by saying if the first 5,000 weren’t enough, simply “pay more” and get more access to their “database” of even more emails. And this is where the other upsells that are $97 and $197 come into play. 

And I know about these kinds of programs because I’ve dealt with many of them. I KNOW how unlikely this is to work and what you really need to do if you ever want to succeed:

copy my email system alternative

The 5 red flags of Copy my Email System:

I basically summarized them in the above “short” review of the program, but here they are in case you were wondering where specifically I saw issues:

1) The very sales page of this program is riddled with multiple red flags.

From the supposed creator of it, to the “news report” they add into the sales page to make what I consider to be a false association trick, to the fake timer, to the (what I believe) are fake testimonials of people making money, there’s basically a lot.

One only needs to exit the page, then come back to see all of this reset, and the supposed timer for example, be reset too, so this is just an act…

2) The sales page says it’s totally free to try.

This is “partly” true, but understand that if you want to actually test this system out, you HAVE to pay, and that gets you into the spending funnel I was talking about earlier. So I believe this claim to be a lie.

3) The members area just seems like one sales pitch after another.

Here is a screenshot from Copy My Email System’s members area:

copy my email system members area

The menu areas which are in red rectangles are places I outlined as being sales pitches to buy one of the packages I mentioned above. The remaining things are basically places to check how many people you got to click on the emails you send out and if you made any commissions from referring people into this program.

4) The “spend more, make more” tricks.

Most of the programs I review typically get bad ratings, but there’s some truly bad ones out there that go very deep into how they scam you and one of the most common traits these really bad ones have is that how they try to play the shiny object trick on you where the hype of making money is followed up with a “just spend more” message and the further you go, the more you are willing to spend for that promise to come true.

I 100% believe this to be a trick, a scam and whatever other word you think fits this type of marketing pitch. Here is an example of this from the very members area:

5) The idea of getting mass emails and making money is also faulty.

I have warned multiple times that any system that gives you free email lists in this manner in this type of manner or sell them to you should be highly questionable or not trusted at all.

I’ve made money online with things like affiliate marketing and email marketing as well (sometimes combining both methods) and I know how to judge the value of emails.

In this particular case, I see no reason to trust that the 5,000 ones you get from this system (or any further ones) will likely click to your site. I suspect the way this stuff operates, is that you’ll basically be “spamming” people’s inboxes with messages to click your link to get the $0.20 or try to refer them into the system and it’s based on that which makes me believe your messages will be send to the junk folder (and correctly so). 

And by the way, that scenario is my most optimistic one I could think of, considering those 5,000 emails you get are actually legit. If they are not, that’s even less chances of this whole strategy working, making it more likely for you to try and spend more to get more ways to send out the same messages to more people (and probably not make much if anything).

Again, final rating: Copy My Email System.

0 stars.

Red Flag.

0 out of 10 stars. Being that I’ve gone through these programs before, I can spot the issues VERY quickly and I certainly did, from the moment I was on the sales page to the members area. I was able to figure out how this program works and how you will need to spend money on what I consider to be very risky, low profit returns (if any!).

There is only “1 upside” I could find and that is that this program is associated with Clickbank, so I can tell you 100% that if you tried this and wanted a refund, you would get it. But I think I’ve given enough reasons why you probably shouldn’t. I won’t.

My final thoughts:

Usually these types of make money online programs that say it’s easy to use them, easy to make money from them, but then to have you actually try it, make you spend so much are the worst kinds of program I warn against. 

These are the kinds of scam programs I fell for when I was just a beginner seeking to make money online and now that I have been able to succeed at that, I am here telling you (if you’re still a beginner or haven’t been able to succeed yet) that you cannot rely on these programs and need to find programs that outright tell you that you need to actually work at this:

And finally, to summarize this whole review of Copy My Email System, I very much did try to find reasons why it may work, and I honestly could not. When a program like this has so many risks (And the other red flags), why risk it?

Copy my Email System


Copy my Email System Score



  • None in my opinion.


  • In my experience these "mass emails" you can buy are cold leads (if you are even lucky to get that).
  • I do not think systems like these actually work and they get you to buy more stuff to earn them more.

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