Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review. Is it a Scam?

deadbeat super affiliate review

So I purchased Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate and I’d like to give you a unbiased review of it here. 

Quick Report on Deadbeat Super Affiliate:

Creator: Deadbeat Super Affiliate by Dan Brock.

Price: $17 and 3 up-sells, one of which I actually know is good (for a change)! 

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

In spite of being called what it is, Dan Brock has put in a lot of work to make this program and there are many areas which I enjoyed reading about, had a laugh, but there were multiple black hat recommendations in my opinion which I think might derail the entire formula Deadbeat Super Affiliate sets up.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate in a nutshell:

It’s a somewhat broad, yet detailed in certain areas program on affiliate marketing. But that link I just provided will explain even more about that business, from my experiences and I’ll tell you this, it’s more comprehensive than Deadbeat Super Affiliate’s program (I’m not joking).

Most of the training really deals with setting up your website, optimizing it for SEO while the rest is about adding the content, picking the programs to promote and then using what I consider black hat tactics to give the website enough juice to possibly rank high. 

There’s really a lot more work needed in creating an affiliate website rather than what Deadbeat Super Affiliate makes you think is necessary. The way the program paints the picture is really focused on just a simple set up of the website, making one sales page and a few articles, then the rest is hiring people from Fiverr to send you backlinks, build link pyramids to catapult your site to top rankings.

It MAY work, but this is so blatantly black hat that it has great chances of failing.

And I am a person who is considered a real super affiliate and I would not recommend much of the advise given out in this program…

What Deadbeat Super Affiliates teaches (every lesson explained): 

deadbeat super affiliate members area

Firstly, there are 23 lessons (0-23).

This program also provides a forum. I didn’t see too much value there other than Dan talking and answering questions. But for the lessons:

Lesson 0: Just an intro to the program.

Lesson 1: Here you register with affiliate networks. Dan recommends 2, but you can register with any amount.

Lesson 2: You choose a market, aka niche market. This lesson I liked because it stresses how money can be made in markets that have desperate people in it wanting immediate solutions. What I personally say with niches is to pick the ones you like. Ideally pick ones that fit both my description and Dan’s. 

Lesson 3: You go deeper into niche research with this lesson and Dan talks about finding keywords. 

Lesson 4: In this lesson, you find out if the niche and keywords you find are in a small enough competition to make it possible for the site you’ll be making to rank high. Basically Dan goes over this lesson, does searches and explains how if he finds normal websites that are like personal blogs, maybe a YouTube video and basically pages that aren’t very established, it means it’ll be easier for your page to beat them.

I’ve never seen this way of doing research on keywords before, but I think my tutorial on keywords is easier.

Lessons 5-7: All cover the topic of buying a website and installing everything you need for it, including setting up the SEO settings. 

Lesson 8: You are given an optional theme called “Deadbeat” to use when you create your site. I looked over this theme and didn’t really find it all that special, but Dan says it’s the one he recommends.

Lesson 9: Here you will add your first article where you’re selling one product from one of the affiliate programs you’ve signed up with. This will be the page where you send all your traffic so they can then buy it. Dan goes over how to write an article here.

Lesson 10: You just learn to put in affiliate links on the page.

Lesson 11: The link building lesson…this is the area where I began to start worrying about this program. Everything before then was good, but this starts to taint it in my opinion. You’re shown how to buy links on Fiverr for cheap prices and how to distribute them to your site. Super risky since it can get your site punished by search engines.

Lesson 12: You learn how to edit the Deadbeat them from lesson 8 so it looks better.

Lesson 13: You write an about me page. Here is an example of mine.

Lesson 14: You learn to write more articles and add them to the site. Dan talked about how he recommends beginners write no more than 5 articles per niche site they make. In my opinion, this is horrible advice! You should write as much as possible for your site. The more you write, the better it will rank! 

In fact, while Dan was explaining all of these things using a sample site he made, I did a Google search for it and keywords which were supposed to trigger it. I didn’t find the site anywhere…

I don’t think it’s because what Dan said didn’t work, I think it’s because he didn’t spent much time on it and only made it to show an example. It would have been better if he DID work on the site and used it as a case study.

Lesson 15: More link building advice. Here he gets into link pyramids (more bad ideas in my opinion).

Lesson’s 16-19: All video tutorials on making your own videos.

Lesson 20: This lesson is more black hat and involves buying views for people to watch your YouTube videos. Dan even says how people say this is a bad idea. 

Lessons 21-22: Shows you how to use other video network sites and get more views to it.

Lesson 23: A summary of what is possible using the training of Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

There are also programs Dan recommends at the end of each lesson (he sells them as an affiliate). There are 3 of them. One is Google Sniper (bad). 

The other is a program called Trust Jacker. Never tried that one.

And the last is Autozon (not very good either). And these programs are not part of the up-sells.

There’s 3 up-sells with Deadbeat Super Affliate. 2 of them I didn’t buy, but the third is actually a program I have recommended: Niche Profit Classroom


Start training is just the 23 lessons.

  • Upgrades has links to Niche Profit Classroom (and the 2 other programs).
  • Bonuses has 5 things, including that theme and some videos.
  • Discussion is the forum.
  • Customer support is where you go if you have technical issues.

Final Rating: Deadbeat Super Affiliate

3 stars

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. If it weren’t for the black hat teachings, this program might have done really well. The way it’s designed now, it’s almost 100% sure you will eventually fail so I won’t recommend it.


My final thoughts:

Black hat stuff is usually a red flag, but the way it’s taught here, there MIGHT be a chance your site doesn’t get caught for using it, but it’s a very small chance. There’s people who don’t care about their site and just want to make money as fast as possible so they use this stuff, but it won’t keep working.

There’s good portions of the training, but it focuses too much on the initial necessities like setting up the website and writing a little bit of content. That’s a lot of work itself, but you need A LOT more to make that work.

No way are you going to start of as a deadbeat, become a successful deadbeat and keep it that way if you use everything this program advises, not in my opinion. 

deadbeat super affiliate alternative

So again, Deadbeat Super Affiliate does not get my recommendation, but at least you know what does.

Update: A new upgrade and update has come to Deadbeat Super Affiliate and it’s called Stay Home Commissions. Get the review of it there if you’d like to know what’s different.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate


Deadbeat Super Affiliate Score



  • Some parts of Deadbeat's training are good.


  • Black hat marketing is sure to destroy a website's rankings.

2 thoughts on “Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review. Is it a Scam?”

  1. Vitaliy, thanks for the heads up on Dan’s program as I was considering it. However, have you ever spoke with Dan about his program? I’ve checked out his FB page and see many are making a “killing it” doing his program. Are you suggesting that these folks will eventually fail? There are literally thousands of affiliate marketers claiming to have the best program. So how does a beginner like myself find the best affiliate business model to follow?

    • Hi Dean, I have never spoken with Dan, the review here reflects what I saw at the time inside his program and knowing what I know about ranking on Google, I just didn’t believe it would be good and if the training has not updated, I still stand by that opinion.

      So there’s 2 additional things I want to address and the first is you mentioning how people on his FB group are claiming massive success. I would ask if these same people are also promoting the program because if they are, then their claims are honestly tough to believe. I say this because a lot of people promote programs claiming they make money with it, but the reality is that even if it’s true, usually it’s because they are actually promoting the program and the get rich quick fantasy, and this doesn’t prove the program is actually legit.

      For example, a program can claim to help people make money but have bad training which doesn’t work (not saying this is in relation to Deadbeat Super Affiliate) but because it pays it’s affiliates so much, those affiliates go out and say that so and so program is amazing, look at how much money they are making, so what makes them money is the appeal of the program’s promises, not the actual program’s training, see what I mean?

      So I’d question that and this brings me to your point and question about the best affiliate business model you asked about. It’s a great question because there’s many models out there, and most of them are not good.

      In my opinion, the best model so far is the one Wealthy Affiliate teaches, which comes down to creating successful niche sites. Now in this program, the reason it is legit is because the training actually works, and across the board.

      The reason I can claim this is the best system is because I’ve used it to create numerous niche sites successfully, across different subjects meaning the training is applicable to any subject you wish to make money off as an affiliate marketer. I give my stats and examples here, but that’s what makes that program the best for affiliate marketers in my experience.


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