Blogging With John Chow Review. Worth The Buy?

blogging with john chow reviewIn this review, I’m going to explain what you need to know about Blogging with John Chow and if it’s a product worth investing into.

This is a person who holds a lot of popularity online and is recognized as being one of the very best in internet marketing.

Blogging with John Chow in a nutshell:

You learn how to build a blog and get visitors to it via social network marketing and using SEO (search-engine-optimization) tactics.

Though I’m not a fan of some of the marketing methods John uses as well as some companies he is associated with (I’ll explain further below), I will say that this product does have elements of high quality and in some cases, is recommend, but overall, I cannot get behind promoting Blogging With John Chow, when you have alternative programs like this that in my opinion are WAY better:

Let’s get into details of John’s program…

When you buy his product, you gain access to a members area where there is training and 9 modules available. One of the most important things you’ll go through is a 30 day action plan which will cover things such as:

Building a website/blog. Everything begins with this. Although John has his own preferences for building blogs through a service I’m sure he makes money for, I recommend using my approach because it’ll only take a min. It’s also free.

Making a name for your blog. By this I mean branding. You are building a site which reflects your knowledge. It is advised to make a blog on a subject you can personally relate to as well as something you have experience in. This will help you monetize on the blog later.

Adding content to your blog. Content is basically information that you add to your site regarding the topic it’s focused on. Say I have a website on weight loss.

I would add content to it such as dieting advice, which weight loss pills are the best as well as other related information. All of these things I write about is called content.

What I do like about John’s product is that he does advise providing quality content on your site, something that has ALWAYS been taught me to through trusted online markers (where I get training from).

Though it can be timely in the sense that it takes time to write up great information, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear others saying this as opposed to the other BS products out there which talk about 1 button systems that automate money making.

Understand that if you wish to run a successful blog, you need to build a reputation and in order to do that you will have to provide value in what you write. This value translates into trust from visitors who will then buy from you.

Getting visitors to your website. One thing you should know is that the process of writing quality content leads to visitors finding you. This is because search engines like Google index (put up on their search engines) information from your website.

That will be the most important factor, but in addition to that, this program teaches you SEO tactics such as keyword research, using social networks and even writing up on current events happening.

The last strategy is one I can personally vouch for since I’ve seen it work. I also run a weight loss website which is as of this day still relatively new. New sites tend to take time when it comes to getting ranked high on search engines, meaning it’ll take sometime before potential visitors see your site ranked high.

However when you write up current events, you can actually get ranked higher/faster. I once wrote up a blog post on how a celebrity lost a lot of weight using a diet. This event occurred within 24 hours of me writing about it. I was ranked rather high on the search engines for this. This kind of approach to marketing is smart and it works.

There are also up-sells in John’s program worth mentioning:

I can’t speak for the up-sells which he sells, but I want you to know what they are:

There are 2, 1 for $97 and the other for $47. And I usually don’t usually go for any up-sells.

In fact I don’t like them, plain and simple. This is because if I buy a product and suddenly before I get to try it another offer is given to me, it makes me feel as though I was lied to and the product I currently purchased isn’t enough. Plus I’ve also had bad experienced with up-sells before from a company called Bring the Fresh.

My main point here is that I recommend steering clear from up-sells, trying the main product first to see how it works for you. If it does, you can certainly try the up-sells.

Overall the training and support you get from this program is good. The advise is great for beginners to online marketing, although my #1 recommendation is far superior in my opinion.


  • Great online marketing advise.
  • You are provided quality service for a fair price.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Decent support.


  • Not a fan of up-sells.
  • The owner from what I’ve seen is associated with other companies which I’ve rated VERY low on this website.
  • John has been known to promote high ticket programs, things I do not like at all, so you may get promotions for buying more programs from him. I personally don’t like this, and recommend my program as it is the only thing you need to succeed at making money online in my opinion.

Final Rating: Blogging with John Chow.

5 stars

5 out of 10 stars. Good program. Great advise. Although there are better alternatives. See #1 recommendation.

My final thoughts on Mr. Chow:

Even though I like his product, I do question the owner’s motives. The reason being is that I’ve seen his name used on another program which I personally found to be an absolute scam.

This program is called My Online Business Empire, which I consider to be a massive pyramid scheme. And spoiler, the FTC did take it down in 2018. 

I’ve seen pictures of John receiving checks from this place and question his ethical position here. I personally would never promote a company I find to be a scam and John is certainly a very smart marketer. Surely he must know of the cons the program I spoke about above has, and yet he obviously recommends it and makes a commission off it.

I just question whether his priority is money making or offering people quality service. I’m almost certain he recommends this program to people who purchase his Blogging product. If you are one of these people, I would strongly advise AGAINST getting into that and any high ticket stuff in general.

But in spite of that, Blogging With Jon Chow in my opinion is pretty solid and rarely do I get to say that. So if you’re looking to get some legitimate advise on making money online, you can get it from Mr. Chow’s product, though I advise against his up-sells and other promotions he may offer you.

There is also the alternative program I recommend above and frankly, I 100% say you should try that one, because it has all the benefits of what Mr. Chow would teach you mixed together with a lot of legitimacy, help and tools.

If you’ve tried John’s Blogging product or have something you’d like to share in this review, feel free to leave a comment below!

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    • Unfortunately I’m used to up-sells. However, it’s his association with MOBE (My online business empire) which really stands out in a bad way. That program has way too many flaws with it and seeing John promote it made me lose a lot of respect for him.


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