Article Genie Review. An Expert Breakdown You Need to Read.

As an expert in SEO, I wish to say this right now: I would never recommend a program like Article Genie and in this review, you’ll learn why.

There are serious cons in using this type of program and my review is going to break them all down.

Whatever you may have heard from their sales page regarding how quickly it’ll help you write content and start an online business, whatever you may have read from other blogs and reviewers saying how awesome it is, let me assure you, in reality, using this kind of program will have more chances of ruining your online business than it will growing it. 

Quick review and report of Article Genie:

article genie review

Price: $15-$17.

How does it work? You input a keyword for a topic you wish to get content on, the Article Genie Software finds it, then rewrites it and you publish it as though it’s own, “unique” content.

This software also takes transcripts of any YouTube video you input in there and “lets you” use it as though it’s your own. 

How it claims it’ll help you: The main idea behind this program is that content is needed to grow a website’s rankings and that it takes a long time to see results from this because you have to write your own content for a LONG period of time and/or hire people for very expensive prices to write even 1 article. 

To cut down on this and to make that long process a short one, this program helps you produce content at a very fast pace and through the faster and easier content production, this will help you get high rankings a lot faster, hence why they say you can start an online business VERY fast.

THEORETICALLY it’s true, but hold on to your wallet because I will NOT be recommending this program.

My overall rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

I do NOT recommend this software for websites, at all!

article genie alternative

Pros and cons of Article Genie:


Cheap software.

Content production can really be done fast through it.

I only think that if you can use this spinner for your OWN content that you “may” get away with it.


This is straight up plagiarism. You CANNOT take other people’s content, even if you re-write it and pretend it’s yours.

Paraphrasing is one thing, but rewriting someone’s work is still plagiarism. And the owners don’t even hide that this is what the program does, they just don’t call it plagiarism (sorry, it still is…):

how does article genie work

This is also black hat marketing and this is known to have disastrous SEO ramifications on blogs. Google is better able to spot sites who use these types of programs than ever before so you’re playing a VERY risky game.

Content spinners like this have been around for many years and they are known to be dangerous to use for SEO. In fact, I have actual proof of this coming up and the proof comes right from Google’s own webmaster site where they CLEARLY explain that they don’t like this stuff.

Furthermore, very often the content that is re-written is hard to read. I’ve looked through the work this software produces and most of the time, I find it frustrating to understand. Re-writing words often makes the content more difficult to read.

This program aims to help you rank high on places like Google right? Well Google itself has made it VERY clear (proof coming up) that it does not consider programs or tactics of rewriting content (aka scraped content rewriting) to be good for ranking high.

In fact, here is the link to the Google page which says it, but here is a screenshot of it:

article genie seo

If not Article Genie, then what else?

I have been writing my own content for years and believe me, I totally understand how hard it is. There are numerous problems involved with it which I have to admit, Article Genie’s sales page does correctly point out (and I have mentioned it above, but I will say it again). The most common problems are:

Content production is hard to do on your own because you have to write 1,000-2,000 or more words PER article and ideally as often as you can. Here is help for what to blog about.

This is a VERY hard thing for 99% of people to do which is why they fail at it. 

And most people cannot afford to hire/outsource their work to content curators because the good ones charge a lot of money.

But their solution (their software) couldn’t be further from the right answer.

Here is the real solution to these problems:

-When starting an online site with the intent to write or blog (create content), you should always try to find a topic you like.

-Without a doubt, most of the ambition I have had from producing TONS of content has come from the fact that I liked or LOVED the topic I was writing on. It will make your content production slower than if you were to use something like Article Genie, but believe me, it would be:

A) White hat and…

B) You would produce REAL, high quality content and you would rank on Google faster than you think, trust me.

-Once the blog would start to make money (And it would if you follow it this way, trust me), then you can begin to invest the profits into hiring a legit freelance writer who would help you continue the trend of adding more high quality content to the blog. 

This is how you do it. It’s safe, it’s how ALL the big blogs and sites do it and it’s how you make a GREAT income online without worrying about Google punishing your blog/site for violating it’s SEO guidelines. 

But Vitaliy, there has to be a way to get away with using content spinners right?

I see this question again and again on forums, sites and blogs asking about the “best content spinner” to use. Guys you need to understand that all of this stuff is founded on illegitimate ways of producing content and that is literally stealing other people’s work. 

And as I’ve said every single time regarding these types of software programs: Google hates it when you use that.

The people who still push these things are those who don’t know about the facts I just gave you regarding content spinners or they are liars who believe they can make you think it’s still possible to rank high on Google using them. 

This is why I pisses me off to see the shameless bloggers out there promoting Article Genie, repeating the same nonsense it’s own sales page says and giving it high rating making you think that rating is legit or something. Be very careful with overly high rated programs that are reviewed on “legit sites”.

Even in my case, I have one main recommended program I advise people get to make an income online:

Wealthy Affiliate and yet even in the review I provide of it, I always advise people look for as many details as possible on that review so they can see it’s legit and to still be skeptical. The very short answer by the way regarding that program is that it teaches people legitimate ways to blog (the way I am doing on this site) and to make money through it:

In any case though folks, there’s many FAKE blogs out there which review anything that is on the market to make money, and very often the programs they review (like Article Genie) are absolutely horrible for helping people make actual money online.

I hope this review Article Genie and the proof I’ve given regarding my reasoning for the low rating has convinced you to stay away from programs like it. If you know of more like that or wish to ask me any questions regarding it or making money online in general, feel free to below, I make a full time income thanks to Wealthy Affiliate so I know the correct ways of reaching that point.

10 thoughts on “Article Genie Review. An Expert Breakdown You Need to Read.”

  1. This is a must read for anyone struggling with their blogs. Easy way out, is not always the easy way out. And to destroy your reputation for this, nope..thanks for the information, didn’t even know these things existed. Find your passion and write about it. You are so right, no need for plagiarism.

  2. Before today I had no idea that something like this even existed. To me it is somewhat cheating the process. Its kind of like plagiarism to me. Your site viewers deserve to have original content. I take great pride in my online content, and I could never see myself using this.

  3. With everyone talking about white hat SEO, it’s quite surprising that such product like Article Genie still exists. The last time I tried using an article spinner, just out of curiosity and it didn’t cost me a cent, my article came out reading weird.

    Of course I didn’t publish it, but it gave me a first taste experience of what low quality article could look like. That aside, I do notice that you publish fairly regularly on your blog.

    What tips do you have for speeding up your writing process? Thanks!

    • Hi Cathy, for me personally, the fact that I like the subject helps me brainstorm ideas very often, which I always write down or note in some way, then the fact that I’ve practiced this for so long has made it easier for me to produce content and it’s not just this site I do this on daily.

      As for specific tips, there are 2 guidelines I suggest people follow to get to the same point.

  4. Hey Vitaliy,

    Couldn’t agree more. All “article spinners” are pure nonsense and should be banned from online use. Why do I say this? 

    Because a while back I tried one. It’s called Article Chief. It was a total waste of time. I like how right out the gate you stated that you would NOT recommend Article Genie. Great post!

    Talk soon,


    • I’ll take a look at Article Chief now, thanks for mentioning it Howard, however I think it’s already clear the review of that will probably be the same as that of Article Genie! I’m guessing the content it produced was hardly readable right?

  5. Powerful article that is a must read for all in the online world. As an affiliate marketer you tend to come across these programs and you at first think wow I can write article after article with no work involved. As you stated it can destroy you in the end.

    If you can’t write content without the use of these programs then you should rethink your career. Thank so much for this eye opening review.


    • The funny thing is that MOST people are fully capable of writing their own content David, they just choose not to or second guess their skills. I’ve said many times that people need not be English professors to write content.


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