5 White Hat Techniques For Great SEO Results.

There are 3 classifications of online marketing techniques: Black, grey and white hat. Each of these carries their own benefits and cons. Having practiced all 3, I can tell you this, but in this article, I want to focus on the safest one and 5 ways you can utilize it.

What is white hat marketing?

It’s a form of marketing your site online through techniques which carry 0 risk in terms of penalties from search engines and quite the opposite, such as higher rankings and more organic traffic if it’s used correctly.

Search engines, like Google have their own rules for what they wish to see on websites to rank them high and the more you practice a this type of approach on your site, the more rewards you’ll get from Google itself.

In the end our goal with all of these marketing efforts is to achieve the highest organic rankings possible on Google and other places like it and this approach is once again, the safest way to go.

Pros of using this approach:

It is nearly nearly 100% likely you are Google punishment proof.

There’s a lot of bad things Google can do to your site if you’re not following it’s rules and/or participating in bad SEO techniques. They can de-index your site, black list it, have it lose it’s rankings and all of these scenarios are catastrophic for anyone engaging in SEO. I’ve experienced this from Google before and it’s not a good feeling.

But when you focus your site to engage in white hat techniques, you are ensuring that you’re not doing anything that Google wouldn’t like.

Typically, white hat marketing results in higher rankings and more success.

While there is a longer time frame to reach this result (this can be a con), on the flip side, you can get high rankings organically and attract 100% free traffic to your site and monetize it.

Cons of using this approach:

It takes a lot longer to see results from it.

One of the biggest reasons people engage in opposing marketing techniques (grey and black) is because it typically takes a lot of time for the website you’re aiming to get ranked high on Google, to actually get there, if you’re going about it the white hat way. 

It can take months in the average amount of cases for success to happen in SEO if you’re doing it the good way, but some people elect to take the risk of trying to cut down on that “wait time” and do things to give their site/s shortcuts in that department. 

Now while the other techniques do sometimes result in faster rankings that are higher, the long term consequences of using those methods is an eventual penalty slapped down on your site. In my opinion, this isn’t worth it.

5 ways you can utilize white hat marketing for great SEO results:

Let me pre-frame these 5 options by saying that there’s actually way more, but these 5 are a good, overall frame for success in my experience. If you wish to know more about using white hat techniques to it’s fullest, I’d suggest you try this free program.

It’ll teach you how to create a website which applies the same principals and ensure you get success without getting slapped by Google.

Method 1: Content creation.

It’s already been the trend and established by Google itself that content is what drives rankings which is why you see the sites which rank highest on it’s search engine have a lot of it. The best, and highest ranking sites are the ones which carry the authority badge as I like to call it, where they have a lot of content, pages and comments on their site.

And for content creation help, this is what will do it.

Method 2: Unique content.

As long as what you write is based of your own words, you’re fine. As long as you don’t reduplicate previous stuff you wrote, you’re fine. In other words, whatever content you publish, ensure that it’s based of your own words.

If you’re hiring a writer to do the content creation for you, ensure that they are also writing things in their own words.

Method 3: Sharing on social networks, getting likes and comments.

A very good way to see if a site is going to rank high is to get people to comment on it naturally. If what you write gets engagement from people, it increases the ranking of that post. Google very much judges a site based on the engagement it’s visitors give it. 

If they stay on the site longer, browse around more than just 1 page, leave a comment, share it, like it, those sorts of things, it’s a good signal to Google that you’re doing white hat stuff on it to get this feedback and it leads to higher ranking results.

Method 4: Natural backlinks.

I though about adding this technique in method 3, but the truth is that it’s actually very misunderstood and misused by SEO people. Natural backlinks are basically a method in which people who visit your site through their own free will share that with other people (like through email) and other sites.

This form of sharing creates a natural back link back to your website and thus gives Google the impression that it has good quality content worth sharing. And yes, this leads to better results in SEO. Also for more info on backlinking, which I highly recommend you check out, this is the post you need to read.

Method 5: Consistency.

Consistency in creating unique, good quality content that includes methods 3 and 4 in it is a sure way to keep your site growing it’s traffic base, getting more love from Google and getting better results. 

How do I know if what on my site I’m doing is white, grey or black hat SEO?  

This is a good question people may ask because sometimes you may not have the experience necessary to distinguish which method is safe or not. So let me give you a few examples of techniques utilized for SEO and explain which category they fall into:

  • Article spinners.
  • Copying/spinning other people’s content, whether yourself or through special programs.
  • Buying mass backlinks.

All of this is black hat. More info on that here.

  • Using private blog networks to artificially link back to your site and give it an SEO boost.
  • Guest posting (having other people post content on your site, but leaving a link back to theirs). Some would actually not classify this method in the grey category but I would because it’s subjective, because you don’t always know if the person posting on your site is linking back to a bad quality page or not.

This is an example of grey hat marketing.

  • Everything opposite of these things, which includes the above methods I talked about.

All of this is an example of white hat marketing. 

10 thoughts on “5 White Hat Techniques For Great SEO Results.”

  1. Hi Vitaliy, I must agree with you, white hat is the best approach and it does take longer but the long term benefits of building a successful long term business online is much higher when using this method. Sure there are short cuts and other ways of going about doing SEO but sometimes short cuts are not the answer to long term success, they are quick fixes, if you follow the rules you will be successful without a doubt. Thank you for the great article, I learned a few things from you.

  2. This is a great list of white hat techniques to get your site valued by Google and not penalized for wanting to use short-cuts i.e. black hat.

    The white hat strategy, I feel its just common sense. Work hard, produce good, informative content, SEO what you need to, and then give it some time. 

    Everyone is in such a hurry to get thousands of visitors, but the search engines have no idea who you are or what your site does. Why would they send you traffic? 

    They need to get to know you and only then recommend you to their browsers.

  3. Hello Vitaliy,

    I am on your side about white hat and black hat SEO. I think it becomes harder to do black hat SEO day by day with Google’s new algorithms and it is not worth the risk. On the other hand, investing in making quality content and social engagement will definitely pay off in the long run.

    Thanks for the great tips. I always found link building a bit difficult. Do you have any suggestions or tips on how to attract more quality links.

    Thank you,


  4. Hey there,

    I’ve spent a lot of time creating content and feel my website is of immense value but I have yet to get any organic traffic whatsoever. However, your suggestions rang a bell and I am carrying some content that I may have to rewrite with a non index setting as some of it is copied, and I have nothing for sale on these posts. You’ve given me a few ideas here which are much appreciated mate

    Thank you, 


    • Hi Paul, you said you’re having ranking and traffic issues, and then you mentioned having copied posts, but you did state that you have a “no index” setting on these. There’s a lot for me to figure out here, but if you can clarify the following questions, I think I may be able to help you figure out what’s up:

      1) You said you have copied content. Do you copy this content from other site or do you copy your own? 

      2) Do you make sure to “no index” your copied posts? Because if you don’t, Google will index, see it’s duplicated and penalize the site for it. This actually may be the cause of your lack of ranking happening.

  5. It seems like gaining natural backlinks is a chicken before the egg problem as first you need traffic to get interest in your site and have people start backlinking to it.

    As I keep posting quality content to my new site, I’ve only gotten like 4 clicks from Google so I’m getting a bit antsy to see my traffic start coming.

    I will be patient and keep posting quality articles and see what happens in the next month. I don’t have my affiliate offers in place yet anyway so I think it will all come together in a month or two.

    Thank you for the solid advice of using only white hat seo and no black or grey.

    • Hi Alexander, great analogy on the chicken/egg thing regarding backlinks, and you are right about the importance of getting the traffic to then create the backlinks to your site, that’s the white hat way to do it.

      Now in regards to you not seeing as much as traffic yet, if you could tell me more about your website, I’d love to examine how it’s doing and if the 1-2 month prediction you made will come true. Let me know how many articles you’ve written.

      I once set up a website that took about 7 months to prosper. I wrote about 20 articles at first and saw little headway in traffic, but now that same site generates close to 200 visitors a day. It takes time, it takes content creation, but it does break through eventually.


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