Is Online Team Builders a Scam? I Found Some Shocking Reviews.

Controversy surrounds Online Team Builders, which is why I looked into it, to see if it’s a scam and read the reviews, and what I found, is not good news.

I first heard about this company after getting 2 comments on it, on this very blog.

  • One of those comments asked me if the company was a scam.
  • While the other mentioned that they were called up by them, and explained their story, which was a pretty negative experience (I’ll post that shortly).

This led me to go out and research it and to find that it’s pretty popular (mostly in a negative way).

Naturally, this led me deeper into trying to see for myself what this company does and that is what I’d like to share with you in this review (as well as what I have found other people saying).

Let me say these 3 things regarding Online Team Builders:

online team builders alternative

Now with this said, let me continue this review.

Online Team Builders summarized (what I discovered):online team builders review screenshot

So the company seems to be very secretive from what I saw. Their official site is just a members log in page as you can see from this screenshot: 

There are no official home pages that describe what this program is.

There is no information on any creators, nothing of that sort and that’s a huge minus because legitimate work at home programs NEED to have this kind of stuff.

If they don’t, I tell people to avoid it. Personally, I’d never join a company which isn’t transparent, especially for online opportunities.

In fact, who honestly would want to if this BASIC info should be there?

Now based on the reviews, the way this program operates is that it:

  • Somehow gets people’s personal info, and has one of their reps call them up.
  • These reps talk about the opportunity, then send the person to a presentation that talks about the opportunity.
  • They also say how there’s about 1,000 or so people waiting to join this thing, to keep you hooked into not leaving.
  • At the end of the presentation (which I believe is online), there’s a cost to join which is about $30 a month.
  • This is what MOST of the reviews I found online say about this company, specifically this page. There’s a low rating.

And here is a screenshot as promised of what one of my commentators said regarding it:

online team builders reviews

Now the whole thing about this all being a pyramid scheme, is not something I agree with, but that comment is an example of the majority I’ve seen. They literally sound alike.

When I looked into Online Team Builders more in-depth, I figured out what was up:

One of the links on the Online Team Builders website led me to a company site called Essante Organics which appears to be legitimate and they sell health related products.

Now the interesting thing (where it starts to come together) is that they offer a promotional program where you as an individual can sell their products, but to join, you need to sign up for one of their 3 pricing packages:

One is about $30, one time (which is the same price as Online Team Builders pitches, but they say it’s a month, so something strange is going on and 2 others, one at about $200 and the other at about $500. These prices basically allow you to get and sell the products from Essante Organics.

  • The $30 buys you a promotional website to promote the products of Essante Organics.
  • The other price points let you officially start promoting their products from what I saw.

The idea is that this company lets you partner with them and start your own business via selling their health products.

Before I continue, let me share one quick thing:

online team builders alt

Based on all the info I found on OTB, here is what I concluded:

All of this is my personal opinion

1) I believe Online Team Builders (OTB) is affiliated (read about affiliate marketing) with Essante Organics.

I believe their presentation leads you into the opportunity of making money by joining them, which will put you into Essante Organics. I just wish that info was more obvious and not something I had to look for or filter through…

2) I believe that OTB tries to recruit people to join Essante Organics, but through themselves, so they can get credit and paid for the referral. If they do this in masses and a lot of referrals, they can make a lot of money.

And usually this is something I see happen, specifically with MLM programs, as in there are “teams” and groups of people who create their own learning platform to promote the MLM, amass recruits, and get paid for it. It sounds like this is what OTB is doing.

3) I do believe Essante Organics is a legitimate company BUT I don’t believe in Online Team Builders at all. They seem like a middleman in all of this stuff and if you wish to promote Essante Organic’s products, you can just join them directly and do that. And my alternative recommendation would teach you to do that, arguably better than OTB.

Would I consider Online Team Builders a good opportunity to make money from home?

It can potentially work, but based on the reviews of OTB, I did not like what I heard about how they promote themselves and a lack of information on the company, which I had to scrap from many sources and try and figure out on my own.

This kind of sales approach is something I do not like. 

But what about Essante Organics then. Is that a good opportunity?

Now as for Essante Organics, that will require it’s own review, which I may do in the future if enough people ask me to. But I know about these types of businesses from my own experience and usually here is what I suggest…

  • You have to understand that you have to put in several $100 to get started. And this can possibly rise as you continue.
  • If you are not experienced in sales and that includes online sales, or you can’t really invest a few $100, then I would not join this opportunity.

And if you were looking for work at home jobs, this isn’t something I’d classify as that. You are basically buying into a business opportunity, not a traditional job, so if you don’t see yourself making an online business, then this isn’t for you.

But if you do not fall under these 3 categories, then you can give this company a shot.

My alternative suggestion (which I have already mentioned):

My alternative is not a work at home job either (I have suggestions for that here if you’re interested), it is also a business opportunity, but one that has less risk and while I am a referrer for it, I am by no means recruiting you into some scheme. It’s not an MLM, and it certainly is in my opinion, in every way better than OTB.

This is legit stuff and here is how it works:

To conclude, while I am critical or Online Team Builders and not so much Essante Organics…

There are 3 things I can say about OTB and Essante Organics:

1) With OTB, the way they market themselves, is in my experience, not a good sign. 

2) Essante Organics has potential to make you money in my opinion, but without proper experience, that’s a hard thing to do.

Plus with the extra investments necessary, that is risky in my opinion. Another risk to consider is that if selling health products isn’t your thing, then in my opinion you should NOT force yourself to do it for the promise of potentially making money. 

Start a business selling things or services that you love and know a ton about. And doing that online is extremely cheap to do if you know how and this is what the Wealthy Affiliate program will teach you to do.

3) And this is what Wealthy Affiliate will teach you to do. And this itself offers a lot of flexibility and you WILL see that when you get started with their first lesson. I’ll be there to help too 🙂

Online Team Builders

$29.95 a month and up.

Online Team Builders Score



  • I could not spot any because this company is so hard to learn about.
  • Essante Organics seems legit.


  • This company has too many secretive ways it operates.
  • I think you can succeed with Essante Organics without OTB's help.

4 thoughts on “Is Online Team Builders a Scam? I Found Some Shocking Reviews.”

  1. You neglected to mention that before Online Team builders affiliated with Essante Organics, they were banned from promoting Isagenix who OTB was with at first.

    • Hi Geoffrey, I didn’t neglect it, I just didn’t know about this. Being that my research into OTB didn’t really mention any of this and I had to figure out the Essante Organics connection, I didn’t know about their history. But if this Isagenix ban you mentioned is true, then it adds to another reason I would be careful with OTB.

    • There’s a lady that called me from the company Team Builders and I forwarded the call (like I do with any other call that is not saved into my phone 🤣) and now the lady is texting me saying I have an interview tomorrow morning and I’m asking all the questions possible to see if this is really a Pyramid scheme like everyone is saying and the lady wants me to do the video interview and not sure if I feel comfortable doing it knowing what everyone is saying about it. What should I do??

      • Hi Ashonna, in my opinion, this “video interview” sounds like a filter/sales process that you’ll go through. You can certainly do the video interview but be careful if you hear things like “opportunity” and “act now” being used, because that is a common way pyramid schemes and network marketing “opportunities” get pitched. It’s your decision if you wish to listen to what they want to tell you about Online Team Builders.

        That is one option. Here is the other…

        You can try out the Wealthy Affiliate program I talked about here and I assure you that there will be no nonsense sales calls or questionable things going on.


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