Details on Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

WA certification coursesI’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for many years and went through all of their training. Although there are tons of learning modules and tutorials within the program, really the heart of all it’s training starts with it’s Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and that’s what I would like to explain in greater detail for those of you interested in trying it.

The Online Certification Course in a nutshell:

This is a course which takes you through process of setting up and running an online business from absolutely nothing. What essentially happens is you’ll be creating your own business based on a hobby/passion of yours. What you will then learn is to build out the business so it gets plenty of visitors and thus makes money in the process.


There are 4 levels to the Certification Course:

Level 1:  

WA certification course

This is an introduction into setting up your online business. Within level 1, there are 10 lessons which take you through foundations you need to have in place in order to be successful in making money online:

  • Understanding how the business of online marketing works.
  • Choosing YOUR niche.
  • Creating a website that is focused on the niche you chose (you actually get to build your own sites for free. Here is how it works).
  • The importance of content.
  • Setting up your site’s SEO by utilizing the proper plug-ins.
  • Finding content from keywords.
  • Creating a privacy policy page & other important pages to get noticed in Google & develop credibility within your niche.
  • And more…

The good news is that you can get training of level 1 for free through WA’s Starter Membership. I strongly recommend checking this out while it’s still being offered.

Level 2:

Wa certification course level 2

Level 2 deals with everything that involves using keywords and getting traffic to your website as well as building out authority with search engines so you get higher rankings.

If you’ve never done SEO, this is really where the meat & potatoes of it will be taught to you. Every website needs traffic (visitors). Without this, there is no money to be made. Well in level 2, you will go over what you need to do this.

You learn how to find profitable keywords through what they call low hanging fruit. This means keywords with low competition and high search volumes, aka people who type in search phrases often every month. 

It is through these search phrases that you will then write up content (articles, posts, pages) on your website which talk about these things. If done correctly, your content will then rank high on Google attracting visitors. 

Your job will then be to continue repeating this process:

  • Find keywords.
  • Write content based on these keywords (help people out).
  • Get more rankings/traffic from search engines
  • Rinse & repeat.

The more you do this, the more visitors your site will get. It’s all about continuing to build out content which is really the heart of your online business‘s success.

One thing that is very important to understand is that in level 2 and as you progress, that it really is a process. You can’t expect to get high traffic numbers within a few days or even weeks. But as you keep adding more and more content, what will build up is your site’s authority which is essential for success.

The higher authority you have with search engines, the higher rankings you will get so as you progress, the time you spend doing this will lessen. It’s just like any other business: You put in the effort and then it works for you.

Level 3:

WA certification course level 3

Level 3 is what people try to start with right off the bat since that’s what everyone wants to do: make money. But before you get to level 3, you need to set up all the foundations to make that happen within the first 2 levels: Your website & getting traffic!

But once you do that and level 3 stars, a whole new world of opportunities opens up. Within this level, you learn various ways to promote products/sell them through your website.

You can do what’s known as affiliate marketing where you promote other people’s products through various sources like Amazon & Clickbank. There’s literally MILLIONS of products to choose from and the key here is to promote something that deals with your website’s topic (niche).

There is also a lesson within this training module that shows you how to get other people to post ads on your site. It’s not as profitable as doing affiliate marketing or selling your own product, but it’s just another way to profit of your website and is certainly optional.

How much you earn depends on the types of products you promote. Some programs pay you up to even 100%. Most products however will pay anywhere from 1%-80%. Clickbank is a good place to start as they offer some of the highest commissions per sale I personally know of.

When you combine the fact that you can get a lot of traffic from level 2’s training with level 3’s of selling products, there is NO limit to the success of your online business. 

Level 4:

wa certification course level 4

Level 4 is the last section of the training, but is very important to understand. It deals with sharing your site through social networks and gaining even more authority. 

In the past, social networking wasn’t as big of a deal as it is now and neglecting to utilize this is like trying to build a house without a roof. In this training you basically learn to do things such as:

Learning which social networks are best to connect through and share your content with. Most of these places will be Facebook, Pinterest, G+, and even YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, you will be learning how to make videos as this is also a GREAT way to gain authority & social recognition. Video advertising is HUGE and only growing within the internet business. I personally make videos every now and then and link them to pages on my site. This helps me a lot with higher rankings and more recognition. 

But moving onto the bigger subject of social sharing, the process of sharing your content and then having others share it as well and so on and so forth creates a chain reaction of potential when it comes to traffic and success. This is what level 4 will go into great detail on showing you how to accomplish correctly. 

Personally what I do whenever I post new content on my site is share it with friends and networking buddies. I find this helps greatly 🙂

To summarize…

I said before in my overall review of Wealthy Affiliate that the certification course is really the A-Z of how to form an online business. If you are looking to take an idea to the online world, I would strongly recommend this training as it is probably the most in-depth I’ve ever come across.

There is also another program called Bootcamp which is very similar but deals with promoting through the make money online niche and how to succeed in it utilizing many of the things you find in this course, but goes into further detail. 

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