Are You Too Scared to Blog? How to Overcome This Fear And Start Making Money.

A few weeks ago, I started an open discussion on Wealthy Affiliate and basically asked the entire community if they had any questions whatsoever about this business that I could answer. I was curious to see if there would be the same types of questions asked from people and it turns out there were, one of which was a fear of blogging.

Now if you’re unfamiliar with Wealthy Affiliate, it is a gigantic community where people come to learn blogging and making money online and while all the tools are there and I completely endorse the program, people tend to still kind of invent their own problems, one of which we’re going to tackle in this post. Knowing this is one of the reasons I started that discussion.

Now in addition to that, I spotted other recurring topics which I will separately address, but for now, let’s start with the one where someone is too scared to blog. Although it was phrased differently in the discussion, the fact is, I saw more than a few people talk about being uncertain if their ideas would work, that they were worried about writing something wrong and so I categorized that as being scared to do it.

Now I don’t have to explain (well I will anyway) that a fear of something stops you from doing it and if your goal is to become a writer for your own website and more importantly one that earns money by doing it, obviously worrying about what you write and stopping yourself from doing so is certainly going to impede you. 

So how do you stop this fear and uncertainty if you have it? 

The answer is honestly to ignore the worries and do it.

The fact of the matter is that the people who most worry about this are those who have simply not been involved in internet marketing or have never written on a site before.

Because they are uncertain about this or perhaps shy that it will be public, even if you give them an entire blueprint on how to make a gigantic business from a this site, they will still invent their own problems and questions.

Questions are good, but inventing problems is not.

However, understand that unless you’ve gone through the process of starting a site, your first page, several of them and even to the point where it was making money, your worries are honestly nothing more than illusions. 

Understand that everyone who blogs, had to start from nothing. 

Particularly me. My first major internet marketing project was a book I wrote, that ended up failing miserably in sales. Then it was writing on article directories, which is technically blogging.

Then finally, I started this site and really dug into this. In short, I also started from nothing and I can attest to having worries when I did, especially with the book.

Do you know that writing on websites is actually normal nowadays? 

Yeah it really is. In the past, if someone were to label themselves a blogger, they would be laughed at because that was never taken as a serious occupation and I honestly think there’s a stigma about that which remains today, but if you honestly analyze the numbers, not only has the internet grown, but the amount of people who share their opinions and sites has grown too.

Now I still know that most people, at least my circles, don’t really take this business seriously, they just think it’s nothing more than you sharing your “empty” thoughts on a page no one will ever see which will lead to nothing, but my paychecks tell another story…

If you really want to stop being scared of this, close your eyes (metaphorically speaking), and write without any thought of ramifications.

Whatever you think may happen once you start writing is not something I would suggest occupying your mind with. You need to make the leap and understand how silly it is to worry about this stuff and you’re going to have to turn a blind eye on the paranoia you have about this. 

Make sure that if you write, it’s on a subject that you know a bit about.

Let’s say you’re speaking with friends about a topic where you know so much about it that you just shine when the conversation is going on. You have the confidence in believing in what you say and you know your words are influencing the people around you. Even if someone criticizes or questions you, that knowledge you have is enough to shut down their arguments. 

Now if you were to take that same knowledge from a conversation and put it into a blog form, would you have the same confidence? Surprisingly many people would say yes, but when the time would come, they wouldn’t. 

Believe it or not, there isn’t much of a difference in talking about something you know vs writing about it, it’s just a different arena where it’s being shared and in the case of blogs, if you know your subject well, why would you be afraid to share what you know about it? 

One of the things which drives the internet nowadays is that people who know their crafts and subjects, who make sites based on those things do well in attracting those who also seek information on the same topics. 

If you feel you don’t possess enough knowledge, you may want to rethink it a bit, because often times you may end up being an expert like in this case and still think you’re unqualified…

But if you are someone whose writing about something they don’t know…

Then you’ll either have to go back to the previous tip or start learning a ton about your new topic so you become experienced enough!

Are you using the right platform to create your site and the right training to market it? 

Being scared to write about what you know may also be connected with information you possess about it before hand. For example, if you know that what you’re going to write is going to get an X amount of visitors and comments, would you become more confident when writing it or more scared?

Contrarily, if you didn’t know if what you wrote would get any traffic, would you also be more confident and/or scared? 

I think in the latter situation, when you don’t know what’s going to happen when you start blogging is where you’re going to start inventing the problems I talked about earlier. 

However, if you follow a platform which recognizes how you should start blogging to reach success, you at least know that as long as you follow that, you’re going to get somewhere. 

Thus, I invite any person who is thinking of blogging and wanting to earn from it to join Wealthy Affiliate

My final thoughts: 

If you are truly scared about this topic, but at the same time want to know what can happen if you work hard at it, learn from me, someone who has been doing it for a long time and take my word for it when I say that it’s completely worth it and that MOST if not all the fears I’ve about it were for nothing.

If you are aiming at living a life where you can earn more and work more fulfilling, then blogging may be a possible solution for you and at the risk of having a better life, why would a a little worry stop you? Take the plunge as they say, more forward and use the platform I recommended to you.

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  1. Tyler McLendon

    I don’t think the truth in this page can be anymore well said. For a novice like myself in the industry it is relieving to see that I am not the only one who feels somewhat self conscious about his or her posts and it is also a relief to know websites like yours are there to ease the pain of the beginner’s journey to success. I’ll be following you on your journey to success as well as learning from it. thank you

  2. Nate

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic of blogging, I found it to be very enlightening. This isn’t a new fear, it’s rather an old fear that even writers have. They call it writer’s block and the only way to get around it is to just write. It’s like learning to ride a bike, the only way to learn is to just keep trying.

    Good job on this article, I know a lot of people who would benefit from your advice.

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