My Unhappy Review of Commission Cartel. Is it a Scam?

commission cartel review

After getting Commission Cartel, and finding out what was inside, I was very unhappy with my purchase and this review will reflect why that is.

Quick Report on Commission Cartel:

Creator: Michael Cheney.

Price: $16+. 2 usual up-sells and the same basic sign up funnel to a high ticket item.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars.

When I found this program the first time, I was REALLY hoping I would not see Michael Cheney as being the creator of it because after BUYING his other programs and seeing how they repeat themselves basically, I knew what I’d expect from any future programs he made and sadly, since Commission Cartel is made by him, I was right.

Commission Cartel in a nutshell:

For the most part, at least for the regular program, excluding the up-sells, you get a strategy on how to promote “hot items” from these places:


commission cartel alternativeThe 2 elements of “success” to Michael’s strategy:

You pick the hot item you want to sell, then use the traffic and sales strategy Michael provides. 

  • The traffic strategy is free and involves posting on Facebook. 
  • The second is a way to organize your sales page so when the people from Facebook land on it, they will be more likely to buy it.

I’ll show you the members area, but basically, the 2 highlighted boxes are where you learn about those 2 elements (yellow ones).

Much of the remaining area of the membership (red boxes) is locked areas which are only accessible to up-sell buyers:


Now these 2 basic elements have ALWAYS been present in every single one of Michael’s products, so much so that the video he has on Facebook is the SAME and the sales page strategy is written/explained in a similar manner over and over again.

For example:


But overall the strategy, if you take out the analogies is almost the same. This has been one of the MAIN problems I’ve spotted in all his programs.

In fact, you’re welcome to look at one of the reviews I already did of these other programs: For Commission Black Opr, here is the review.

Pointing out the 4 “holes” in Commission Cartel:


1) The Facebook idea idea is very flawed.

I’ve never criticized it until now because I never felt comfortable judging something I haven’t tried, but with all the time that has passed since I’ve seen Michael repeat this strategy over and over and examining his personal Facebook wall, I have not seen any indication that this works (well).

For one, let’s be honest:

Michael is a popular and successful online marketer (but here are more famous internet marketers), but I don’t believe it’s because of that strategy, I believe it’s for another reason I’ll point out shortly, but the point is that in all his posts he makes, what would indicate to me that his strategy works is if his posts have a lot of likes, comments and possibly screenshots of these things working.

Instead what I see is truly a number of likes and comments, but from people who know him. In other words, what I feel is happening is that his brand name and popularity is what’s driving the participation of people to comment and like his stuff.

Would YOU, the normal internet marketer (or most likely a beginner internet marketer) attempt to start posting about hot products in internet marketing in an attempt to sell them, I believe you would likely get unfriended/unfollowed, UNLESS you already had a following of people, like Michael does.

I personally have internet marketing friends who I sometimes see promoting their own programs. Most of the time, I find the stuff annoying to see, but I keep following them in case they ever provide new, valuable information to me for free. 

Now these are established guys. If I saw a friend who I know isn’t successful doing this, an immediate unfollow would occur with possibly a lost friend in the process. That’s at least how I would do it (and I have done it).

Because this element is missing, I feel that the strategy will not work as well for you as it MAY work for Michael. I’ve always had doubts about this strategy and I’ve never seen proof of it working.

2) The sales strategies work, but it hinders upon the traffic coming in.

Michael does know how to sell, but the problem is this:

If the FB strategy he points to being a means to get the traffic doesn’t work, what difference does a brilliantly converting sales page make? It’ll get no traffic, so it won’t matter.

I seriously want to ask if anyone reading this has EVER been able to successfully use the FB strategy because again, I have never seen evidence of it. The only person I have seen point to it is Michael, but again, I find his reasons for success to be more so based on his name than on the strategy.

I get my traffic through SEO and I find that to be WAY more dependable and in larger amounts despite the fact that I don’t really have a following on social media. But I don’t really care about that, SEO works for me and I advise it for anyone who seeks free traffic, but to do it the right way through a proven strategy:


3) I’m tired of seeing Michael’s product and re-reading basically the same idea:

This same…repeat formula keeps being presented to me. I’m tired of spending my money on this and I’m going to demand a refund for this. 

4) And then there’s #4 which I feel is the big picture of this whole formula:

  • Why is it that Michael keeps producing such similar products?
  • Why are they all so popular each time he starts selling them?
  • Why is he continually so successful with this? 

Well here’s my theory:

I feel like all that Michael is doing is re-using the same structure in one program and passing it off into to each new product he makes, then email blasting it to his affiliates which they then promote to their lists, pushing his “new” product up the ranks of JVZoo and making it popular.

Michael rakes in new sales as do his affiliates and he also makes more potential customers head over to the BIG promotion (the high ticket one). Because he continually hits the top spots of sales with this approach, he can consistently keep making more sales on his basic program and then the high priced one, for which each person can potentially be worth $100’s and even $1,000’s. 

It appears to be working very well for him, but when you factor in how the new products being produced are basically, in my opinion “refurbished versions” of the old, then you see where their may be a problem. If you don’t, you need to read my argument against Michael Cheney’s programs.

Final Rating: Commission Cartel

1 star

Red Flag

1 out of 10 starsDo I recommend you buy 1 of Michael’s products? At this point no. Do I recommend you buy them all? After purchasing a number of them, I also say no.

egfMy final thoughts:

After reading all this and hopefully the history of the other products I’ve had to review, you may think that all of Michael’s products are the same. But are they?

Well the only thing that’s always been the same is his video about Facebook traffic for the most part. His traffic and conversion strategy has been written differently, but in the end, it basically is the same picture. There are cases where between each program, there’s some unique new things being offered, but it does not overshadow the main 2 elements I talked about, thus to me, they aren’t as seriously pushed. 

I would say (in my opinion) that you get the same idea from the overall strategy to sell, taught in Commission Cartel as in any previous products by Michael and it is based on this that I am not a fan of his, nor recommending his products ever again until there’s actually something TRULY new being offered.

Commission Cartel


Commission Cartel Score



  • None.


  • I dislike buying multiple products from this creator that basically say the same thing (waste of money).
  • I don't like being pushed into buying a high ticket program.
  • I don't think the Facebook idea pitched works as well as it's said to.

2 thoughts on “My Unhappy Review of Commission Cartel. Is it a Scam?”

  1. You bring up an interesting point about Facebook, and possibly social media in general. If you have a bunch of friends on Facebook, it probably would get annoying to them if you kept promoting your money schemes to them. The thing is, though, I don’t use Facebook, so this method is not relevant to me anyway.

    You are right about SEO. The thing is, if you can show up in the search engines for relevant search terms, that’s the best targeted traffic you are going to get. If you can get people to your site who are directly searching for your information, that’s half the battle won, don’t you think?

    • It is Marcus, although I am still not discounting the possibilities with Facebook or social media in general, I would like to add that as an extra form of targeted traffic, but for now, sticking to SEO is what has consistently worked for me personally.


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