Turnkey Profit Machines Review. What I Find Risky About it.

Let me begin this review by saying that Turnkey Profit Machines is legitimate, but even the most legitimate systems come with risks, and this is what I will be explaining in this article for you.

Quick Report on Turnkey Profit Machines:

turnkey profit machines review

Creator: Stephan Ciancio, Greg Konenko and Simple Spencer. 

Price: Current price is at $27, but it may rise to $47. 

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10 stars.

This is one of the deepest marketing strategies I have studied and it is actually pretty fascinating. I like this idea, but it is not an idea that is risk free and I will explain that is.

Turnkey Profit Machines in a nutshell:

In essence, you:

  • Compile a list of niche markets, then find the highest selling products from the said niche/s markets on websites like AliExpress.com, Amazon.com and eBay.com
  • Then the goal is to create your own middleman store where you promote these products through drop shipping.
  • Then after the store is made, you funnel traffic through Facebook Ads via VERY distinct targeting methods. 

I have tried to come up with easier ways to explain the strategy, but this is so far the best one. It will make more sense as I explain the strategy more thoroughly I cover their training modules which outline this. 

To be honest, this is the third time I have heard about such a marketing, but within this program, it is the more thorough I have ever come across and frankly, I believe this strategy has the most chances of succeeding because it is so detailed. 

In short, you are making an eCommerce page selling already popular products. The only thing really left to do is finding the buyers who are almost guaranteed to purchase these hot items when they see them.

And I do like this idea, but if you are a beginner, I would advise applying the same concept of using popular niche markets and popular niche products and promoting them through making YouTube videos. It would be free.

turnkey profit machines alternative

How does Turnkey Profit Machines teach you to make money?

Either through drop shipping or you buying the popular items at a lower price, then selling it higher. If you are drop shipping, your eCommerce store collects the orders and then you buy the products at a retailer (one of those 3 major sites above) for the lower price.

Let’s examine the marketing strategy closer: Inside Turnkey Profit Machines:

turnkey profit machines inside look

As you can see there are 4 modules. Each of them covers a different aspect and really SET UP of the strategy. 

Module 1:

Is basically an introduction to the strategy I mentioned. Here they give you a few videos including a summary of the idea. 

Mainly though, the important part about module 1 is helping you find a niche topic, then seeing if the niche topic has products which sell in high quantities. 

This is where niche research into the big 3 websites I mentioned above are covered. The way the videos show it, you can see how many items are sold within a given niche to identify it’s popularity.

One tip I would like to share that I learned from this is a website called WatchCount.com, a page which identifies how many items on eBay are sold based on a category you list. If you write something like watches, it will give you the highest sellers of clothing of which brand.

In fact, when I actually wrote watches, I saw that a specific men’s brand of watches had made nearly 30,000 sales on eBay alone. For niche ideas, this can help me figure out that perhaps the topic of men’s watches may be worth checking out.

Module 2:

In this module, you will build your store. Now they offer 2 options: Shopify and Woo Commerce. Another good one which isn’t on that list is Oberlo.

Shopify basically lets you build an eCommerce page pretty quickly and provide links to any source to buy the products you’re going to sell while Woo commerce is a plug in you’ll need to have a personal website for. I do believe Woo Commerce is free to install though. 

Either way, this module helps you handle how to set up the store/s, how to put up the item you’re selling, it’s image and what to write. 

Now another set up they offer optionally is the ability to add an autoresponder. By setting this up an collecting emails, you can offer people incentives (discounts) to buy as well as future benefits these sign ups can have should you choose to sell a new item OR even take your eCommerce page into an SEO direction by doing articles on some popular items and having your list be informed about it to leave comments and boost the ranking of the article on search engines to get free traffic potentially.

Module 3:

Now we get into the marketing set up. This is where “risk” can happen because you’re going to be marketing through Facebook and paying for clicks and traffic.

Now out of the many Facebook ad strategies I have seen, this one was one of the most defined. Usually Facebook marketing is an enigma for me and I generally stick to the more traditional routes (Bing Ads).

They really run through the start of setting up your ad, how to find the SPECIFIC audiences (laser targeted) which will be more relevant to buying from you, liking your page and basically making you more money.

In other words, if my selected niche was about men’s watches and I set up a Facebook page promoting my shop that SELLS men’s watches, I would target pages on Facebook which correlate with this niche. 

Module 4:

The first 3 modules really were all about setup. This last module is more about what to do if the campaign is working or not, how to increase profits, define which products are selling and which aren’t so you save money and other strategies to help improve upon your profit margins. 

Then there is also a case study they provide on how this strategy was able to help someone generate a lot of money. Basically the person in the video showing this case study was showing their eCommerce store they build, how they set up their ads according to the modules and so on.

The question is would anyone be able to do this? Well the modules are clearly laid out to create everything. The problem would come from after you started running the ads and would look to see if you were losing money.

This is where you would need a lot of time to refine the ads and see which products were selling and they do warn about this within the modules, especially in the module 4 videos where they show you how to analyze the data and results you get to make smarter marketing decisions to lead to higher ROI.

Final Rating: Turnkey Profit Machines

5 stars

Green Flag

5 out of 10 stars. This is a very detailed and dense marketing strategy I feel will work better for more advanced marketers. I personally love this idea, but you need to understand that you will have to risk spending money to possibly “turn” a quicker profit. 

My final thoughts:

I have never really built any eCommerce pages before, my main source of income came from SEO and affiliate marketing. In many ways there are similarities between the strategy Turnkey Profit Machines explains and what I do, but I believe mine is far more newbie friendlier and far less financially risky. 


Would I recommend the Turnkey Profit Machine’s approach to anyone?

No, not anyone, but someone who has tested out Facebook marketing before and has done some kind of eCommerce page. For other people, I believe my route is better suited because there are more options presented and it’s less risky.

8 thoughts on “Turnkey Profit Machines Review. What I Find Risky About it.”

  1. This has been a fantastic help to me as I am currently setting up an Online Pet Shop with a FB page.

    I do worry that the Facebook advertising is not doing as it says it is and reaching the market that I need.

    I find it too high risk a strategy for me to use at present and have very little faith or indeed trust that Facebook will do what I pay them to do.

    • In that case, make your site get SEO traffic instead David and if that converts, you can try to set a budget for FB ads to see if it boosts revenue.

  2. Hey there,

    I have some experience with using FBs marketing platform.

    It has some pretty good tools to target and reach a huge amount of people like their post boosting also their lead ad forms can be useful.

    Also it’s one of the best ways to build your fanbase as long as you put in the dedication to interacting with followers.

    I haven’t used Google or Bing yet for advertising, but plan too in the near future.

    • Nice Charlie, what did you think of the idea Turnkey Profits presents in correlation with what you already know regarding FB ads?

  3. The problem with a high-risk strategy like this is that beginners could really screw it up and lose a lot of money on adverts. This is why a low-risk strategy like blogging is possibly better for beginners. But the problem is most people when they first start looking for ways to make money online, want to make money quickly. Unfortunately, most of the quick ways to earn money involve the risk of spending money.

    • Which is why I also tell the beginners NOT to try this, start with a safer approach then take the risk further in the future in trying these advertisement approaches Marcus.

  4. Hi,

    You mentioned that they recommend promoting your site/shop by advertising on Facebook. To be quite honest, this would put me off.

    I actually think Facebook has become less popular recently and isn’t being populated like it was before.

    Do you know if it is expensive to advertise with Facebook or Bing Ads? Which one is the most expensive?

    – Craig

    • I’ve always personally thought Facebook was much more expensive in advertising than Bing or even Google because you can’t select keywords, you target a demographic/niche crowd. But I haven’t used FB ads enough to fully know.

      Regarding the idea, I’ve begun seeing more examples of the one provided by this program where selling niche specific items to the audience with FB ads may work.


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