Why I Believe My Top Tier Business (MTTB) is a Scam.

MTTB reviewBefore I discovered My Top Tier Business (MTTB) by Matt Loyd, I had reviewed another one of his programs called MOBE.

I gave that program the worst rating possible because I felt it was an absolute scam in spite of it having potential.

With MTTB, I believe it is the same story and will explain why I recommend you avoid it. I want to point out that everything I write here is my opinion, but I know I’m going to get a lot of backlash from those who love this program. So be it. 

2018 update: Yes it’s been proven to be a scam, and shut down by the FTC.

When I first discovered this program in 2014, I had more than enough reason to stay away. 4 years later, this place has been taken down (MOBE included) due to it being a major scheme that surpassed $100 million. Read more here about MOBE and the FTC.

This program was also embroiled in a war with my top program recommendation called Wealthy Affiliate and in the end, my option won out because it was and IS a legitimate program.

From this point on, I will continue with the old review of this system in case you are interested to know why I personally though and still think it’s a scheme. But again, all the updates and links have been placed above so you know what went down and where to find legitimate options.

Anyway, I’ll leave it there:

mttb alternative

Continuing the review: My Top Tier Business (MTTB) in a nutshell:

This part of the review is OUTDATED and was written when MTTB was still around (before the FTC did what it did). So if you wish to continue reading, just keep this in mind:

It’s a 21 step program designed to help you promote Matt Loyd’s main product: MOBE which stands for My Online Business Empire. The MTTB program is designed for beginners and takes them through the process of becoming successful as a MOBE affiliate.

Once you purchase entry into MTTB and start going through the steps, you will learn how to promote not just MTTB itself, but MOBE and it’s products to others.

Why I am not going to be recommending MTTB:

1) The up-sells.

One thing MOBE was really good at was pitching some crazy expensive up-sells. How expensive? Well if you purchased everything, it would end up costing you $20,000+ with monthly charges too. 

In MTTB’s case, as you go through the 21 step course, eventually you will hit a point where you will be “asked” to buy an up-sell of $1,997. Now I’m not sure if you need to buy this to go further within the 21 step course, but it is required to buy IF you want to earn higher commissions as well as promote the same $1,997 offer.

This is why I say they are good at pitching these offers. Even though it is optional and you can make smaller commissions of just referring people into the regular MOBE/MTTB program, the fact that you can make so much more money through purchasing the high priced products is the main reason people go for it. 

This is something that is VERY uncommon in the affiliate marketing world as you can promote most products online from places like Clickbank, Amazon, ect… for free…

I am strongly opposed to the approach MTTB is taking to get people to buy their products. I find it disingenuous and wrong because you aren’t told about these up-sells until you join for the low cost. And it’s something I see happen quite often with programs like these & most notably MLMs. 

2) The MOBE connection:

I didn’t give this program a favorable score when I reviewed it. Frankly it is my opinion that it is a pyramid scheme and to promote such a program to other people is wrong.

Therefore in my opinion MTTB and the fact that it’s connected to MOBE is already a major red flag in my book. Oh and by the way, if you haven’t already checked out why I am so critical of MOBE besides the pyramid scheme and EXPENSIVE up-sells, here’s a full review of MOBE. To date, I have never seen a program charge so much.

Is the training worth it? I don’t think so. You can absolutely find excellent training for far less in legitimate places like Wealthy Affiliate.

But what about the money? If your main goal is to make money online, regardless of the price, then MTTB may be for you. As for me, I can’t find it ethical to promote a company I have so many problems with to other people. 

I would rather promote a company that pays me less but makes my customers happy than promote a company which gives me a lot of money and has a lot of angry customers. Which leads me to my last point point…

3) Issues with refunds?

This one is a bit confusing. Technically on the MTTB sales page, Matt says if you don’t make a sale within the first 30 days of trying the 21 step program, he’ll give you $500. And if you don’t believe me, here is the actual screenshot from his page:

MTTB site Matt Loyd's claim

Pretty strong claim no? But I’ve been looking through places like the Warrior Forum and saw some people claim that they’ve had issues with refunds for different reasons. Matt Loyd also posts in this forum and said that if you can prove that you followed the steps, that a refund would be issued.

His main reason for this policy was because he didn’t want people “abusing” the $500 claim, which technically makes sense to me. Ok Matt, I’ll give you credit there.

But there is the other side of the coin no? This other side being that as you go through the steps, you are likely going to be investing the initial $49 + the $1,997 up-sell. 

Can the MTTB system make you money?

If it was still around, I’d say yes, but what happens if I don’t want to buy the $1,997 up-sell and I don’t end up making money or I do make a little and it wasn’t what I expected.

How do I prove that I followed the 21 steps? The answer is I can’t and odds are I’ll likely have refund issues here. This is my assumption and I could be wrong, which if is the case, please correct me.


  • You can technically make a lot of money with MTTB & MOBE.
  • Very high commission potential (consider you purchase the products!)
  • Some decent training within the members area, but I still feel there’s better alternatives with Wealthy Affiliate.


  • I believe MOBE is a massive pyramid scheme and MTTB is connected to it. 
  • You aren’t told about the high priced up-sells until you enter the members area.
  • Membership initially is not free and you need to pay $49. 
  • In order to make the high commission #’s, you need to purchase them first.

Final Rating: My Top Tier Business

1 star

Red Flag (Scam)

0 out of 10 stars. I do not recommend it. I find many of it’s tactics wrong and believe MOBE is a pyramid scheme. And in hindsight, I was right since this program got exposed for being a total scam.

So where can you go from here?

There is a program called Wealthy Affiliate which provides a real platform for building a business and doesn’t do it via ripping people off. If you’re still considering getting involved with online marketing, I’d recommend it because of that, plus these BIG reasons:

My final thoughts:

While the potential to make a lot of money through MTTB & MOBE is possible, I question the legitimacy of these programs for a number of reasons, including the ones I mentioned above. It is because I don’t believe them to good ways to help people make money online that I ultimately do not recommend them.

Most if not all of the training within MTTB & MOBE revolves around showing you how to make money with these programs by promoting them. And once you learn how to do it, you are going to get others into the same system, who will then have to repeat the same things you did.

At some point in time, someone, somewhere is probably going to invest a lot of money into this program and come up empty handed. And while it is true that in most business ventures, a small minority end up being successful, in this case, the business is based on a model I consider to be a scam and therefore would NEVER recommend it to anyone.

Whenever I promote a program/product to people, more importantly than how much it pays me is the belief that it will bring people satisfaction. I just don’t feel this is the case with MTTB or MOBE. 

If you think I am right/wrong on this review of MTTB, I’d be more than happy to hear your thoughts. 

74 thoughts on “Why I Believe My Top Tier Business (MTTB) is a Scam.”

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing of your review on MTTB program and the MOBE program. If it is required to pay $1,449 to attend training to earn more online, I would rather spend it on WA. I heard about the MOBE program when they come Singapore to promote the course. But I am not convinced with the method they use for affiliate marketing.

    • Hi Tan, I agree with you on the time better spent elsewhere, though this nearly $1,500 price you listed is new to me, is this some sort of seminar price charged by MOBE/MTTB to attend it physically? I only know of the first and main price point of $2,000 (well close to that).

  2. Thank you for the thorough review of MTTB. I had seen this program before and was turned off by the high cost and what I perceived as unrealistic claims. I am not a fan of MLMs or pyramid marketing of any sort, though I have had some success with them years ago. I just dislike feeling the need to mislead people to make money.

    • I agree there Christopher. There is a better way to make money in this business and I honestly believe just promoting people stuff that helps them and doesn’t empty their wallets is better.

  3. Everything I’ve read about MOBE scares me. So whenever I come across another ‘system’ with Matt Lloyds name on it, I’m sorry, but I just can’t even consider it.

    Once I realised MTTB is just a promotion for MOBE well, goodbye, I’m not interested or willing to suffer like some of his followers. There is too much fall out from his other mission to take this seriously.

    Thanks for the warning. J

  4. It is truly terrible what people get away with especially by hiding behind their sleazy internet sites. I like what you have mentioned about Wealthy Affiliate, but I wonder, do you have some tips on how you might determine whether a site is a scam? I have scoured the internet for years trying to find reputable work from home opportunities and many of them have either led to dead ends or scams.

    • Well Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best, legit place you’ll ever find Alison, but for browsing purposes or if you ever stumble onto a program that interests you but don’t know if it’s a scam, you can usually tell if there’s something wrong going on if you follow these types of tips.

  5. This is a really great post. I have actually used MTTB before and was easily led along up until the $1,997 upsell came. I could tell it was an MLM gone sour. It is seriously wrong to conceal such a huge upsell from people from the start, but from personal experience I can say that it is partly the fault of people that join it.

    • Perhaps you’re right on the second part Garth, but let’s face it, how obviously was the $1,997 up-sell revealed on the homepage? From what I saw and read from others, not that well…and I am the type of person who doesn’t easily take the side of the consumer or business until I see it myself.

  6. Great article, I personally had never heard of MTTB or MOBE until just recently.

    I can’t believe the cost of the up-sells! Who in their right mind would pay this for what they get?

    I never really understood this concept, as like you said, there are tons of places you can refer people and earn commissions without spending a penny.

    I agree with you about preferring not to promote a program such as this. I does not sit well with me either, I prefer to help people get the training for the best value around.

    About the $500 cash – wow, what a joke, I don’t suppose anybody ever received this did they? Another tactic used by black hat online marketers to get people to join.

    It reminds me of a similar scam I exposed once, and which I got a lot of hate online for. I find it very difficult to understand how so many people fall for these blatant pyramid scams. But then again, with the world the way it is – promises of “easy” money online are tempting.

    Keep up the good work!


  7. This posts confirms one of my sorry thoughts on internet marketing…..that most of these so called gurus are the ones that make the most money in this game. They prey on the people who think there is an easy and fast way to make a lot of money on the net. A little more of the pie for another upsell, and on, and on. There are many, such as WA that will do the right thing, however, many people will get fooled before finding the good guys, It took me awhile. Good post. Keep them coming!

  8. Hi Vitaliy. Thank you for your assessment of MTTB. It does sound a bit shady. However, and I’m not a proponent for MTTB, I am very cautious about using the term “scam” on a business. It’s very damaging. A lot of what you talked about is assumptive, but there is no physical proof to show that MTTB is running a “scam.”

    Yes, they can have high upsells, which they can justify by providing value, but upselling is a legit business practice and if someone doesn’t find the “value” in the product, then they shouldn’t buy it.

    I’m not disagreeing that their upsells are ridiculous and I likely wouldn’t buy into (one because I’m not familiar enough with it. And two, because I haven’t found the value in it.) But to outright call a company a “scam” can be damaging. If you’re going to review products and companies, what are your exact and fair criteria for ranking these products? Again, not in disagreement of the product, but I’d respect your assessment more if it wasn’t as assumptive.

    • Hi Mark, very fair questions and believe me, I don’t just throw out scam labels out of nowhere. In MTTB’s case, there is literally no justification in my opinion to charge THIS MUCH for online business training.

      Now sure, the whole thing about pricing is subjective and the price itself is not enough to call something a scam, but consider the $500 guarantee without the mention of buying the $2,000 upsell first and how that upsell in particular isn’t easy to spot until you come to step 6.

      Most people including me do not expect that up-sell until it hits and say what you will about upsells being a good business practice, but I am of the belief that they are generally grey in the area of ethics.

      Up-sells are rarely justified and to promote a program that promises so much, then give a little and say the big secrets and possibilities are in an up-sell is just downright wrong in my opinion.

      So it isn’t just the price I am basing my decision on, it’s the wording, the lack of transparency in my opinion and the MLM aspect of things that gets me riled up about this program and about the MLM part…

      When you have a digital product that in my opinion is far too pricey (considering you already have an example of GREAT training for a LOW price at Wealthy Affiliate or something as simple as getting free information from Google on the topic of making money online), we have 2 polar opposites and also the argument I brought about the MLM being a pyramid scheme.

      Again this my opinion, but like I said before, I never throw out labels without proper research. I fully understand the impact a business can have when there’s negative opinions on it.

      Not to mention the fact that a large majority if not ALL comments on this article have been agreeing with me, including MANY people who have gone through the MTTB program and up-sell.

  9. Hey V, a very informative review. Thanks for the heads up on this one. Is it legal to leave out the upsells? I thought transparency was essential when attempting to sell these types of products.

    I was considering this product but after reading your comments and research I will leave it well alone. Wealthy Affiliate seems a better avenue to follow.

    • Upsells are a grey area James. Technically, a disclaimer is supposed to be present on a site and inform people of the costs and “hidden” costs surrounding a product. I have to relook at the MTTB site to see if it’s there, but either way, when I last looked at the page, I didn’t see any information about the $2,000+ upsell and it came as a surprise to me and many others who have left a comment on this site about their experiences with MTTB.

  10. Hello Vitaliy. This is another well written, straight to the point review of what is most likely a scam website. You are fair and balanced, in my opinion, because you state that maybe someone could make money with these programs if they were willing to buy into the upsells. What I really appreciated was the fact that you made it clear that there was a tie-in between MOBE and MTTB, because the average reader may not have known about this connection.

  11. HI

    If I have bought into MTTB recently and I want to get out rather sooner then later.

    What do you recommend should I do?

    Do you think I WILL get my money back?

    How can I get my money back?

    What do you suggest I do now?

    Thank your for this very helpful site, it it wasn’t for your site I would have lost a lot of money?

    Kind Regards


    • HI Agnes, I don’t remember the return policy of MTTB but you need to read it on their site. In the worst cases, should you change your mind and leave them and want your money back, you will likely have to go through your own payment channels, not MTTB in my opinion. For that, you may want to read this just in case if it happens…

  12. What does the purchase entry into MTTB cost? Do people actually fall for the upsells and pay $20,000 and pay monthly charges? Who would benefit from MTTB & MOBE more than Matt the owner? Or, the members in MTTB & MOBE? Jimmy Kim’s email marketing has the same kind of upsells that I almost got involved with, until I joined for $49 then he hit me with an upsell package of $400 then another upsell from there higher $’s.

    I’m with WA now, better choice.

    • The entry into MTTB is also $49 Larry, then the first upsell is the near $2,000 one. Believe it or not people do buy stuff for those prices. It’s the potential commission return I think which really gets them to do this.

  13. I’m so sick of these programs you know.

    I’ve been trying to find a way to either earn more money or completely go self employed and there are loads supposed opportunities, and things like this one are so numerous, so I’m glad you debunked this one.

    I’m trading forex, and there are scams there too. 🙁

  14. Thank you Vitaliy for exposing this program, I hope it saves expiring folks who are trying to make a living on the net from making a huge mistake.

    One should never pay to advertise as an affiliate. And this sounds way out of control with the upsells you describe. I am sure it will fold in a bit and open up under yet another name pawning the same thing off to poor folks hoping to make a living on the internet.

    What are they peddling for sale with the upsell packages for that kind of money? I am just curious but not enough to shell out cash to find out for myself.

    Excellent report and again thank you for exposing these folks.


    • In my opinion, they’re likely selling even more education packages on making money on the internet. Many big programs like to say they keep their “big secrets” in their more expensive packages where they do things like interviews with rich entrepreneurs who share their keys to making money and so on.

      Now I am not saying what they offer there is bad, it’s just that price man…

      I know people who FREELY interview and share the stories of successful people in different industries as well as freely providing great training and advice on making money, for free. I give out this info on this site.

      And what you said about being renamed, I have actually come across a bunch of other programs which underneath their promotions and upsells were actually promoting MTTB so you are right about this type of trend.

  15. Thank you for that awesome amount of information and for the great warning against MTTB.

    Personally I have rarely ventured into paying for the how to make money online sites, mostly because I think the majority of them are a scam as you described. In some way a form of pyramid scheme disguised as multi level marketing.

    I have dabbled in 1 or 2 over the past 15 years just to see what they were talking about but found out right away they were scams.

    In my past I have attempted a handful of websites, all designed for the same purpose, to make money online. Usually I would read about the subject from doing searches based on what I was looking for like, “How to get traffic to your website” or “How to use keywords in your blog”. After a few years, I damn near gave up on it. That’s when I found Wealthy Affiliate. This site is by far the best I have ever seen, just for the amount of education they give you. I would have joined WA just for the this fact alone. There are numerous other benefits as you mention above, but I am currently just enjoying the education modules themselves.

    Thank you for the advice and good luck to you!

  16. Thanks Vitaliy for the read, lots of great information. I hadn’t heard of this company until now but can relate it to Company’s such as Inbox Blueprint , which seems to do a good job of getting to to pay large sums of money before you even tryout the program. Like many areas of life it is important to do your homework, ask around and ultimately trust your gut. I recently started at Wealthy Affiliate and am extremely happy with the setup. It is extremely well structured.

  17. It amazes me that this is actually still a thing. I had to check the date on this post because I can’t believe that businesses like this still exist.
    I understand people’s desire to build their own sustainable income but for anyone to prey on that with these schemes is just wrong.
    Unfortunately, the online realm is vast and there’s plenty of space for these companies to crop up somewhere new, am I right? Here’s hoping people wisen up.

  18. I agree with your final thoughts 100%. While I am sure it can make money for some, I am thinking that for most it will be a total waste of money. Making money by promoting things to make you money, seems pretty scammy to me. In good conscience I could not even try to promote something that they promote to someone else. The comparison with WA says it all.

  19. Hi Vitaliy,

    I’m with you on this review, although I hadn’t heard of either MTTB or MOBE, I wouldn’t go near them after reading your review.

    There is on thing I really detest about some offers online and that is up-sells and MTTB seem to have a doosey. In fact every program I have ever joined that offers up-sells, I head straight over and ask for a refund.

    Thank heavens for people like you writting honest reviews like this to help people steer clear of these scams.

    Like you, I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate, where they will never try and up-sell you once you are a member.

    Keep up the great work.

    Kerry Bramham

  20. I had read good reviews about MOBE in the past. But the fact that you mention that with this program you have to pay to promote things, sounds ridiculous. I mean, as you said, you can promote things from Amazon and Clickbank for free.

    I have actually tried Wealthy Affiliate, and I am not willing to try another product which promises me to make me some money online.

    • Well this is my opinion, but I believe the best opinions on MOBE are by those who promote MOBE and MTTB is PART of the MOBE program. I would honestly try to look at reviews of people who aren’t linking to it in order to get a better opinion.

  21. OMG – and are there really people paying those USD 20000? I am in shock about such a schemes and this seems to be very wise one… as you said they refund you USD 500 if you don’t make any comission and fulfill all the steps, and at the same time one of those steps is paying them nearly USD 2000 – so anyway they are in a profit at the end.

  22. …aaaand there it goes: It’s 21 step program – MTTB is exactly the same as MOBE

    There IS NO real product NOR business building in MTTB. You simply have to buy the glorified upsells in order to “qualify” to sell these products.

    Qualifying to sell these products has absolutely nothing to do with actual earnings yet – You simply get access to “qualified members area”

    Did I say NO PRODUCT?

    Having a “basic internet marketing course” in it isn’t a product – You can get it on internet for FREE, not for $20000. Rip-off? Yes or yes?

    It’s a golden excuse & get-away-ticket for such scammers: “But we have a product don’t we!?”

    In a nutshell it’s a vicious cycle – You join MTTB & you will instantly generate a massive debt – to get yourself out of that debt you must pitch those “non-existent products” to the next person..

    This is already a known tactic among these scammers – The “program” remains the same meanwhile they keep re-labeling & re-cycling their “products” name to operate under different name year in, year out.

    Yeah, it’s MLM scam – Ironically, it also has absolutely NOTHING to do with affiliate marketing

    It’s unfortunate how people get brainwashed over this, even some of the people in this comment section.

    In my opinion, that $500 guarantee bonus offer should be highlighted even more to warn people.

    IT’S A BROKEN OFFER! You qualify for that $500 ONLY if you follow ALL the steps they give you. If you miss 1 step you get nothing.

    As we guessed, yeah, one of those steps is buying licence for $2000.

    Simple math: $2000-$500=$1500

    Even if they pay you that $500, you will be in clear debt for $1500

    How is that a guarantee? How is that a bonus? It’s a cruel joke.

    Matt Lloyd should already be in jail for this to say least.

    I hope my comment is helpful for folks out there & I also recommend for everyone to stay away from MTTB.

    It’s a “dream card” designed to steal your money.

  23. I have ran into this program in the past when searching for the right opportunity for me. I didn’t have to look into it to much to realize that I needed to avoid it at all costs. I had no idea how much you could end up spending on it though! That is completely nuts to drop that kind of dough on something were the odds of succeeding are heavily stacked against you!

  24. It is so sad there are people like you that post hideous, untrue, biased remarks that belittle other very successful companies when you have no idea. Then on your page you promote your own programs/ads probably being an affiliate yourself.

    MTTB is actually a great company. Those who DO NOT complete the 21 steps outlined for them, don’t talk, write or interface with their coach, don’t have a game plan or desire are simply to lazy to do the work then call MTTB a scam. It is far from it.

    If you don’t understand what is before you they have hundreds of videos, webinars, countless emails to you and so much more. The information they give is almost unheard of on the internet. Most people want a program where they can make thousands of dollars in a short time with no investment and no work.

    Matt Lloyd and his associates explain it all very clear in various ways if one would listen. It is an investment opportunity. Yes it cost money. TOP TIER means high end products and sales.

    The $49.00 is to find those who are serious. If you can’t pay $49 to learn how to start a business you need to find another area to earn, and the $49 is refundable.

    Those who sell ideas of not needing money to start earning in a affiliate type business is a lie. If you are on the internet and start a affiliate business it will cost you. Website, advertising, SEO, leads, auto responder, etc – these things can cost thousands.

    If you pay the $49 then choose to become a Licensed Rights partner and pay the fee, I think it is about $2,500, you now have the lifetime rights to about a dozen products. Buying the license rights to products that are not your can cost you $5k, 10k or more for each product. AND each licensed product comes with an extensive course. It educates you to help grow your business.

    MTTB is a high end TOP TIER company. When you calculate how much it would cost you to educate yourself in every aspect of internet marketing to become a master at selling on the internet it would cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

    Matt gives you all of this with your INVESTMENT. And you earn 90% commission while doing it. Think of it as going to school, you take a course, learn then implement it. Think of it like a franchise – you are given a tried and proven system.

    Invest and follow the system step by step and you can lose. Again, those who what something for nothing, are to lazy to work, have no drive or ambition, no game plan going into any affiliate marketing business will struggle, probably quit.

    Please. If you don’t know about something you don’t need to dis someone else for your benefit. If what you have to offer is that good, you can find hundreds probably thousands of testimonials from people all around the world that give MTTB top ratings. Do your homework and research it, you will find them AND your chart should read 7 out of 8 you don’t need a website so no need for web hosting.

    • Hi Robert, by the way you write this, although it seems honest, tells me a lot of things. In my opinion the first is that you probably did put in a lot of money into MTTB and are convincing yourself that it’s good.

      Maybe you did make sales, maybe not, but you clearly have not read my background or that I HAVE checked out MTTB, at least until the part where they asked me to put in $2,000 for the license (see my review of Online Success Plan, also known as “Automatic Edge” which promotes MTTB).

      I have a lot of years of experience with MLM programs. I also have experience with ones I consider to be good programs so I can distinguish it. When it comes to MTTB, I have a lot of problems with it:

      I don’t believe ANYONE should ever have to pay $49 to test out a 6 step system like this. In my opinion the 6 steps they walk you through are just hype and nothing else. All you basically get told is the potential behind having an MLM business and how much money it’ll make you (hype), then you are told to buy the rest for $2,500 (the number you said it is now).

      When you’re around these types of programs long enough, you develop an overall view and mine is that you shouldn’t pay $49 for hype and then several more thousand for a “license” to re-sell that to someone else. And this thing you said about making a business and how Matt gives it to you can be sort of true, but come on, you do NOT need to throw down this much money on it. I have seen better and CHEAPER.

      Not to mention that there are free affiliate programs where you can promote very expensive products (for a smaller affiliate price), but still won’t have to pay to be an affiliate and make money of it. You just haven’t seen other things which is why you think I’m only saying this to push my own stuff. If you had, I think you’d side with me on MTTB.

      2 things you were however right about are this:

      1. Yes I do “push” a program, Wealthy Affiliate, but it’s free, not $49 and then so much more. It also teaches you a lot more in my opinion and I would ask that you put your opinion of me aside and check it out. I guarantee that in the 10 or more lessons they teach there (free) you will get more value out of it than the 6 MTTB does ($49).

      It’s wrong to ask someone whose new to spend a lot of money on a gamble which is what in my opinion MTTB is. They should not make that type of decision until they are more experienced and understand what they’re buying.

      2. Yes there are ALWAYS people who are lazy and want money, but you just can’t generalize those who don’t want to risk $1,000’s on MTTB and say they are lazy. It’s unfair to label them like this. I think there’s plenty of smart people who don’t act quickly and think about their decisions.

    • I got suckered for 97 dollars for the 21 steps. When I got to step Six, that’s when they wanted $2497 for “licensing rights”. Whome, but a wealthy person, has $2497 lying around? Not me. Beware. It is a scam that makes Matt Lloyd rich.

      • A lot of people don’t have that money Bill, but because MTTB does a great job at making you think you’ll make it all back, it makes people take that risk.

  25. I fell for the hype. I got started with MOBE after going through the first 21 steps which all give you the same information. I did not have $2497 up front so I got in by doing the payment plan. Well after 30 days I did not make a dime and they said that if you did not make any money in your first 30 days they will pay you $500. They also say that they have a guarantee and will refund your money for whatever reason I don’t remember. Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I asked for a refund because the links they gave me quit working and this company is barred from posting anything on facebook, they came back and said that they will not refund my money because I was on a payment plan. Well I quickly stopped future payments with this company and let them know that I would be posting this. DO NOT BUY this program. STAY AWAY FROM MOBE.

  26. The cost of being licensed to sell MTTB products has gone up to $2,500, which I can’t afford. I have read all the comments, and am very grateful for them.
    Thanks to all of you!

    • Wow, $2,500. As if it weren’t already too much to pay into a pyramid scheme. Is it possible the price went up because they are getting less customers?

  27. Thank you everyone on the comments on MOBE. I almost became a victim. I paid the $49.99 and have just completed lesson 5, now they are asking for money and I didn’t feel good about it, I’ve wondered why my trainer and other MOBE people have been sending me daily emails as they will receive a commission from me buying their training materials. Right then I knew it was a scam as in any MLM companies no commission is ever given for people signing up, that’s totally illegal. I can deal with losing the $49.99 dollars and I’m glad I’ve read all of these comments and it’s really sickening that any company would take advantage of people especially poor people like me. So I’m done with MOBE I never could figure out how you earned money to get paid.

    • Yeah usually by step 6, they hit you with that “license” purchase for around $2,000 or else they won’t let you go further. Although it’s not illegal to make commissions of referrals, they are doing things in the pyramid scheme realm that I am totally against!

      Don’t let this stop you Eileen! Just about everyone runs into one scam or another before they stumble onto something that works. Have you looked at Wealthy Affiliate? That’s the good one.

  28. That´s exactly, what happened! My email was turn around the world. This mails come from five countries, the U.S.A, UK, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. A daily 20 from a small town, NSW-Australia, which is exactly the same content and different first female names. A dentist from Singapore wrote me, he get a motor-yacht from Matt, when he have done a great job and asked my about my goal. How silly is that? I didn´t answer this mail.

    Well, a university masters degree and a academic title is no guarantee to be really smart! Probably they receive all from farmer-guru Matt a daily brain- wash until that time, they believe it sells.

    Yesterday I changed the game, I picked six from that bunch of mails out that was promoting them in a answer-mail the truth, how the system really works and also the FBI and Scottland Yard. Now is game over and since this morning my mailbox is clean again. I had my very bad experience with an MLM company in Germany already now ten years ago. Since that time I can smell the bad guys and what´s behind the curtains.

  29. Thanks for the Review! I have seen MTTB and Mobe the first time already now thee weeks ago and I was subscribed at Matt Lloyds Newsletter. One hour later he was floated my mailbox with a bunch of newsletters. Also the two days after. So I unsubscribed from his newsletter. Fact is: since that time I recieve daily a 100 newsletters from MTTB people, that I never ever was subscribed to. Also I receive since that time daily another 100 newsletters from marketers to subscribe to some more MTTB people! I unsubscribed from them all and I still receive it! MTTB cost me since three weeks a daily one hour for mess up my mailbox!
    My belly- feeling was in the first moment, that is a MLM scheme and a scam!
    Guys like Matt Lloyd coming and going in the gobal market all the time! Usually this programs run for 2-3 years and then its game over!
    From the newsletter I received, I realized, most of that people don´t know what MTTB really is or they don´t want know about it. They see only the big incentives! How stupid is that?

    • It’s how the marketing game works for many of these people Christine. I believe when you signed up to Matt Lloyd’s newsletter that perhaps your email was caught by a few other marketers who just seeking to get you onto their newsletter, promote MTTB and other programs like crazy and also share your email with other people to sell you more and more.

      And it is true that many marketers don’t even know what they are promoting. They just see how much they’ll make if they refer you and that’s all they need to hear. They are willing to sell you anything as long as they get paid. These are not people I would ever trust to give me advice.

  30. I’m glad someone is being honest. The video is really good. I payed the $49 today but had a queasy feeling about it. it’s possible that it is a scam. I stupidly took it though. I’m in my early twenties, very broke, have some debts, and may be getting married soon. Sounded good at the time. How do I get out of it???

    • Don’t be down on yourself Liz, it’s happened to me as well and many other people. It’s hard not to get scammed in this world. It’s going to be difficult to get a refund through them directly. Let your bank or CC company know about this.

  31. I am a standard member of MTTB. I think your idea is right and I regret joining MTTB. It’s hard to reach a coach.
    The system wants you to upgrade to earn the higher commission but nothing is guaranteed that you can earn that high commission.

    • Thank you for backing up my points Trang. The only thing I hate to say but need to is that in any program, you can never guarantee success because there’s far too many factors that go into that.

  32. I paid the $49 a day or two ago ..what happened was when I went to login you know the standard Google search came up with a scam report that I read.Someone had mentioned how effective Mobe’s sales tactics are and that’s true they are extremely good at selling things they make the offer appear to be a no brainer;they Guarantee you’ll make a $1000,$3000 or a $5000 commission within 30 days on a $49 investment or they will pay you $500 do the math you cant lose!The only catch is in order to collect the $500 you have to prove you followed each and every step in order a n d step 6 requires you to purchase some sorta license for $1997 to sell the big ticket items and receive the large commissions.What happens if you don’t have $1997?I asked for a refund of the $49 I haven’t heard anything back yet. In any case that is how I found the article by Vitaliy and where I found out about Wealthy Affiliate which so far has been the best thing yet for anyone who wants to learn how to earn money online and get started doing it.

    • Yeah that bold claim of making money or getting $500 back is ridiculous as I mentioned since I have no idea what criteria they have for you proving you went through all the steps. BUT that’s not what bothers me, it’s the price of joining a program you really know little about and putting so much money into it. Even though you potentially lost $50 James, it could have been worse and I thank you for taking my advice on WA.

      • I paid the $49 did the 21 steps, went through the 30 traffic, paid $67 for pay per click sight they suggested to me, with in a month I did not make anything, they gave me the $49 refund, but they did not pay the $500 that is a lie.

        • Yeah the $500 is more of a way they try to get you in than something they can actually make happen Matthew. They are in control of their terms and they can really reinforce their argument in a way that makes the $500 claim go out the window.

  33. I’m glad I found this page! I just watched the video yesterday and it really does sound convincing. It really sucks because I have been looking for a way to make money online only because I’m a stay at home dad with a handicapped child. My wife is our only source of income in our house of a family of four. I guess what I’m trying to get to is there really a place online where you can make money from home that is legit?

    • Yes there is Bill! Wealthy Affiliate is the most legit program in my opinion. I am glad you were able to avoid MTTB. Nobody should ever have to spend $1,000’s on that kind of training and I know what you mean about them making it sound convincing. It’s all marketing and not much else.

  34. I actually started this last week and paid the $49. I had a feeling it would be a pyramid scheme but I felt like I could do it. I’ve got to step 5 and am considering stopping. I think you can make money but you’d have to have a lot up front and I don’t. I’ve asked my “coach” if I need lots of money or my own product. He never answers me directly all he says is Make sure you get to step 6 as fast as possible!! Now that I know that step wants me to spend $2k I know why they are in such a rush. I’m disappointed a little in myself for spending the money even though I had a feeling about it. I’m going to email my coach asking him about what I read here and if its true I’m stopping. As far as Proving what steps you did, one told me they can track who watched what steps. They said most never finish the 21 steps or even start. Ill add more info if I find out more after I email them. They are Really good at selling though!!

    • Thanks for commenting Samantha. I just wanted to say that the reason he isn’t directly responding to your question is because he wants you to get into the step where you pay, because that represents a big payday for him. To many of these affiliates, it’s never about helping people. It’s only about money, money, money.

      I would personally recommend not moving further within MTTB because I feel like it’s going down a hole. Instead follow a system that really has you build something that helps people, like Wealthy Affiliate.

      Most people don’t make it to step 21 because they can’t pay $2k to move forward and it’s actually a good thing in hindsight. Also it could have been a lot worse as there are those who pay into the program and then are unable to break even. Thankfully this isn’t the situation for you.

    • The first up sell after the $49 is now $2497………..MOBE License Rights Program.

      I have been searching for a good work from home program and I was seriously considering getting involved with MOBE / MTTB.

      I have been burned before for significant amounts of money by a couple of online scammers so I have learned to proceed with extreme caution.

      Thanks for your review…….you are not the only one to raise the RED FLAG on Matt Lloyd’s MOBE / MTTB.

      I am very disappointed in what I have read in numerous reviews !!

      Like Samantha below, I paid the $49 anticipating at some point that they would ask for more money…..step 6 is where the pitch is made to buy the License for now $2497. Steps 9 & 10 introduce you to more programs. I completed step 10 and my Coach opened steps 11 & 12 to me under the pretense that I was going to sign up and pay the $2497 one day next week (I told the Coach this to give me the time to do just what I am doing now…..checking out Reviews by others who may have gotten sucked in).

      • So you were able to get out before paying the $2,497 right? Just making sure. I’m glad you were careful too Robert and we sadly only learn these lessons when we have enough bad experiences. Try the WA program. I know it may not be what you want to hear right now, but you’ll see that not all programs are scams after that one.

  35. I wish I had of read this back in March of last year. I invested the 1,997 into MTTB and I have yet to make a dime from the company. Now I’m trying to find out how to get a refund. I’m in the military so if they refuse to give me a refund or I just can’t get in contact with anyone from MTTB then I’ll go to a layer on base and see of anything can be done.

    • Sorry to hear about this experience Saiquan. This is one of the things which makes MTTB and any high priced MLM difficult to sell. Sure you purchased the package and can sell it now, but who will actually buy it for that price?

      I don’t believe they have a refund policy, but it never hurts to try. Fight this thing to the end. And if you’re still aiming to try this business out, start with this.

    • Hi I paid my 49$ I’m wanting to ask about how to get a refund man the video is brainwashing they said something about sending a support ticket which I don’t really get please someone help out ?

      • Support tickets are emails you send out with a question. If there is a support option in MTTB, you need to click on it, ask your question and submit it. Usually if it’s a ticket, it’ll open up a page which you can save and re-visit in the future to see if it has been responded to.

        If you see that your ticket has not had a response within a few days or the reply is undesirable (they don’t refund), call your bank.

    • Hey so I’m just trying to understand something Saiquan, so you paid your $49-97 dollars to start then to get to the next step you paid $1,997 dollars, completed all 21 steps, tried to sell the product and never made any money? How long was this whole process I’m just curious, because I’m thinking about paying money to complete all the steps but if it’s pointless then I’ll stop now.

  36. You are dam right. I was inside watching the videos after aying the 49$, they are good to appear a bit mor honest but when you arrive to STEP 6, video number 6, they start to introduce the 2.000 $ licence fee as a franchise licence you shall buy. You are not allowed to move to next videos unless your , so called, coach is clearing you. The program is a step by step brain wash but since I was scammed with Bring the Fresh I was able to recognize it and look for a real information like those in this web-page. God bless you because I was close to fall in the cat mouse.

    • Thanks Melis and thank you for proving my point. I am happy that you got away and you’re right, it really is a brainwashing funnel. All this talk about clearing and other things they mention is just code word for selling.

  37. I like how you really go into detail? I’ve never heard of this product before. People that give there honest opinions is the ones I like to listen to.

    Why do people, who hate people for sharing their own personal experiences is beyond me?

    It shows trust. Love it and you write well. 🙂



  38. The $500 refund sounds like the cleverest part of the whole scam. Think about it.

    He can offer people the best incentive ever (wow, even if I don’t make money he will pay me $500! I can’t lose), yet he can get out of it by saying “You must prove you’ve followed the steps”, and one of the steps is going to cost you nearly $2,000. So basically, it’s him who can’t lose.

    Now if he would just give a 60 day no questions asked refund like real companies do, he might get more respect (and refunds).

    • I have heard from certain places that the $1,997 is required for one of the steps in order to continue. Whether or not this is true is pretty irrelevant and you’re right on the money here Dom.

      Having people PAY to be affiliates?

      Not talking about up-sells until you join?

      Just 2 of the many examples of shady marketing which reflect how business is done in MTTB.


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